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[Dog portrait]

Silver gelatin print that has been adhered to the centre of a matt board. Matt board is grey. Image is a portrait of a bulldog, standing on all fours on a step of a porch outside a house, door in background. Dog is facing camera but is turned slightly sideways, looking to its right. Inscription on verso "$15/4."

Carte de visite and tintype album

Brown leather cover and metal clasp; back cover's part of the clasp is missing. Front cover detached; missing spine; binding broken in several places. White pages with two window openings on each side, with gold borders. Pages have gilded edges. Several tintypes have hand colouring.

Photographs consist of portraits. Many photographs missing.

Photo studios include: Richardson in Brooklyn, E.D.; Chas Weiffle Photographer, N.J.

[portrait of man on ship]

green-grey cardboard mount, captions recto and verso: "Authorized Ansco Color Finisher; Insist on Ariston Color Prints." Depicts man in trench coat and glasses, carrying a camera case (possibly sx-70?). He is on the deck of a ship, with lifeboat and water visible behind him.

Canada, Captain's Portrait

Four images on either side of cardboard mount. Two photomechanical images of mountain views in Canada. One photomechanical image of seals on rocks and one albumen portrait of an unidentified captain. Inscription in blue ink reads, 'Canada'. Inscription in pencil reads, 'SITA $100' and 'Notman'

A.T. Orr

Item features two portraits side by side of same man in different outfits. Black text below photographs reads, 'A.T. Orr c/o Jerry Lodge Associates Ltd. 105 Carlton St, Toronto, 2, Ont. 363-0022'

Portrait of woman

Item is a cabinet card portrait of woman in lace shawl. Black text below photograph reads, 'Kirkland Cheyenne, Wyo.' Brown text on back of card reads, 'Kirkland's Studio Cheyenne Wyo. Finest Appointed in the west Portraits in crayon, ink and colors. Fine large work a specialty. Duplicates from this picture can be had at any time.'

Kirkland's Studio

Portrait of man with moustache

Item is a cream coloured cabinet card featuring a vignetted portrait of man. Text below photograph reads, 'Wm. Notman & Son - Montreal'. Text on back of photograph reads, 'W. Notman, also at Toronto, Halifax, Ottawa, & St. John, N.B.'

William Notman & Son

Group portrait of women on the steps of a building

Item consists of a beige card and overmat with darker beige border, with photograph of a group of women on the steps to a building. They all wear white or light coloured low-waisted dresses and bobbed hair, except for two women in a darker colour in the back row and one gentleman standing on a bannister at the far left. At the top of the image, a British flag is visible.

Group portrait of children

Item consists of a beige card with photograph pasted on slightly smaller than the area designed for it. The photograph shows a group of 5 children, 2 girls and 3 boys. The girl at the left wears dark, high collared dress with bishop sleeves and ringlets in her short hair. The older girl in the centre wears a more dated sleeve style, fitted as in the 1880s, with a loose bodice and lace neckline and sleeve caps. The boys wear fitted sack coats buttoned at the top button only. The youngest in the picture wears what is probably a Fauntleroy suit, consisting of a velvet jacket, wide lace collar and ruffle down the front of his shirt. On verso, handwritten in ink, "Mrs Hyram Shelton".

106th Wolf Cubs

Item consists of a photograph mounted on light grey may with two dark grey borders. Image is of a group of boys seated out on a lawn in front of a building, with a row of adults standing behind them. They are in Scouts Canada uniforms and hold a banner at the front that reads "106th/ WOLF CUBS/ DO YOUR BEST".

Portrait of three children with toys

Item is a pink cabinet card with red backing. In gold letterpress at bottom, "Peppiatt FERGUS." Image is of three children with toys. The youngest is seated in the centre holding a doll in her lap. On the left, a child in striped dress sits on a rocking horse, and to the right, a boy stands holding the reins to a wooden horse head lying on the floor. On verso, in pencil, "1.00".


Portrait of three men in suits

Item is a brown card with embossed decoration of a lion in shield at upper left. Again, lion at bottom right, picked out with tan ink, with the text "I.D. JACKSON CO./ DETROIT". Right flap is decoratively frayed. Inside photograph of three young men in suits and ties.

Portrait of four women

Item is a photograph of four young women mounted on a postcard backing. The image is a full-length portrait, wiht three women in white blouses and dark, plain wrap-style skirts (the one at the far right has buttons decorating the seam) and the youngest in a sailor style dress. On verso, in black ink, "POST CARD/ BRITISH MADE" and a line dividing two sections for "Correspondence" and "Address". At the far left, printed sideways, "Kestin Photographer Skipton".

Kestin Photographer

Group portrait of a family

Item is a cream coloured card with brown letterpress at bottom edge, "P. Doebereiner/ Caledonia". Photograph is a portrait of a woman (standing) with man in centre, seated and a young boy seated on a wicker chair on the left. The man wears a checker patterned vest. On verso, photographer's stamp with floral border and two cherubs holding up the text "P. DOEBEREINER/ Photographer/ CALEDONIA/ Ont." At the bottom edge, "Copies may be had at any time."

Doebereiner, P.

Portrait of Seth Stoughton, Jane Stoughton Cobble, and William Stoughton

Item is a white card with gold letterpress at bottom edge. On the left, a design with a green shield and the letters "L" and "S" intertwined. On the right, "Leavy's Art Gallery/ NEW CASTLE, PA." Photograph is a portrait of a woman with large puffed sleeves seated in a wicker chair, with an older man with beard standing on either side of her. On verso, handwritten in blue ink, "Seth Stoughton/ Jane Stoughton Cobble/ William Stoughton/ Grandfather of Jean Ellis Douglass".

Leavy's Art Gallery

Family portrait with women and baby

Item is a grey textured card with photograph of three women and a baby. An old woman sits in a rocking chair holding the infant, while a younger woman sits beside her and another stands behind. Outdoor setting, with a black cloth draped behind them.

[Group portrait of four women]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of four women. Two are sitting, and two stand between the seated ones. All cheeks have been tinted pink. They are wearing fitted dresses with skirts looping in front, narrow sleeves and high collars, most wear a brooch at the throat. Style is suggestive of 1880s fashion. Hair is up, with curled bangs. All four corners of tintype are angled off.

[Portrait of three men outside]

Item is a cased tintype. Has a metal loop at side which suggests it's not a closed case, but more a frame. No front cover. Image has a brass mat, a cover glass and a soft brass preserver. Image is of three seated men leaning against a wall of a house, with wood siding. One on left wears a top hat and dark suit, with a long beard and mustach. The one in the middle has on a suit with jacket, vest and a chain watch and a hat. He has a cigarette in his mouth and a cane leaning against his legs. The one on the right wears a bowler hat, with suit jacket, vest and tie and holds a cane in his hands. He has a long mustach.

[Three men in suits]

Item is a snapshot cyanotype image featuring a portrait of three men, two are standing and one is sitting, inside a library of a house or an office space. All three are turned to the camera, all are wearing suit jackets,vests and ties. The two men standing have beards.

Family group sitting in studio car prop

Item consists of a brown coloured cabinet with a cream coloured verso. Adhered to the recto is an image of a man, woman, and two young girls sitting in a cardboard prop of a late nineteenth-century automobile. An older woman leans against the hood of the vehicle. All are wearing hats. The backdrop to this studio setting features a landscape. Recto reads: "W. Lees / PHOTOGRAPHER (left) / 23 BATH ST. / PORTOBELLO. (right)" and the verso has "7.00" inscribed with graphite.

William Lees

[Group portrait of four men]

Item is an unmounted group portrait, outdoors but with studio backdrop set up, two men sitting on the grass and two in chairs. In front of the men, is an 'x' made of wood used to hold up a rifle. All men wear vests, hats and sport mustaches. Man on right, on grass, is holding a pipe. Man on right, sitting on backwards chair, has a chain watch. Top and bottom left corners are cut at an angle.

[Group portrait of five men]

Item is an unmounted studio group portrait of five men, three seated and two standing. All men are wearing suits with jackets, white shirts and ties. They all have mustaches and beards. Background of house and trees.

[Portrait of Vic Damone]

Item is a studio headshot of man with curly hair, wearing jacket, sweater vest and tie. Verso ink stamps: "Vic Damone," "This portrait through courtesy of A. Gilbert Studios, Toronto."

A. Gilbert Studios

Portrait of Jamie(?) Hoyt Stoughton

Item is a white card with gold letterpress at bottom edge. On the left, a design with a green shiled and the letters "L" and "S" intertwined. On the right, "Leavy's Art Gallery/ NEW CASTLE, PA." Photograph is a vignetted portrait of a woman with large puffed sleeves and a wide necktie in a tartan pattern. On verso, handwritten in pencil, "Jamie(?) Hoyt Stoughton" and in blue ink, "Aunt Jamie(?)/ Sister of/ Clara Stoughton Ellis".

Leavy's Art Gallery

Portrait of a newsboy

Item consists of a cream card with embossed text at bottom edge, "DINGELDEY'S/ 780 JEFFERSON ST./ BUFFALO, N.Y." Photograph shows a boy with loose dress shirt and cropped pants holding a newspaper and wearing a beaten hat which looks to be fashioned out of newspaper.


Portrait of Lee Alderson

Item is a green, textured card with photograph of a boy standing in front of a floral wallpaper with a striped ottoman at the side. Boy wears a jacked and cap. On verso, in pencil, "Lee Alderson" and a sticker at top right, "5.00".

Portrait of a young girl

Item is a grey folded card card with embossed art nouveau style decorative flower at the top left and text at the bottom centre, "Portrait by Bayer, Charlottetown, P.E.I." Inside, full body photograph of a young girl with a severe bobbed haircut a flowing, ruffled dress. Photograph on white artist's paper.

Bayer, J. A. S.

Portrait of a young boy

Item is a brown bi-fold card with rose and vine decoration embossed at top left. Inside, full body photograph of a young boy in white shirt with large lapels and short trousers held up by suspenders. Embossed in brown at bottom right, "Lynde/ West Toronto".

Lynde, Robert J.

Portrait of Mr and Mrs. Ralph E. Johnston

Item consists of a grey folded card card with dark grey border and embossed floral decorations at top and bottom right corners, and an oval decoration with flower at upper left. Inside, photograph of a man and woman both dressed in dark colours and seated against a studio backdrop showing foliage. At bottom centre, embossed in black, "La Roche/ SEDRO VALLEY, WN."

Portrait of old couple, outdoors

Item consists of a black card with photograph of a old man and woman seated outdoors, with a barn or other wooden structure in the background. They are seated in rocking chairs, a shawl draped over the back of the woman's chair. The man wears a plain sack suit with only the top botton fastened and the woman wears a light dress with small pattern and puffed sleeves and a wide bow at the collar. She holds a book in her hands.

Portrait of a woman in oval frame, with striped dress

Item consists of a grey card with oval photograph of a woman with a light coloured dress with dark vertical stripes and a frilled collar. The photograph is bordered by embossed floral design. At the base of the card, embossed in black ink, "LAMSON/ STUDIO." in a decorative border, and next to that mark, "F. C. Dando./ 313 1/2 S. SPRING ST./ L. A. CAL." On verso, handwritten in pencil, "4-".

Portrait of a woman with large bustled dress

Item is a cream cabinet card with gold letterpress at bottom edge. On the left, "Thompson & Son" followed by a design with the letters "T" and "S" intertwined. On the right, "75 KING ST. EAST/ TORONTO". Photograph is a portrait of a woman seated by a table, holding a folded piece of paper in her right hand. Her dark dress is gathered into a large bustle at the back, the fabric draping down at her side.

Thompson & Son

Portrait of William von Wedelstaedt Haskell

Item consists of a grey card with white paper border around photograph of a young boy, 10 years old, wearing a suit jacket, high white collar, striped bowtie and a chain and kerchief in his pocket. At the bottom of the card, embossed in silver, "J A Brush/ MINNEAPOLIS". On verso, handwritten in black ink, "William von Wedelstaedt Haskell/ Ten yrs old".

Brush, J.A.

California album

No cover, no binding. Black pages. Edges of pages flaking, torn and falling apart. Handle with care. Photographs mounted using black photo corners. Some loose photographs. Many photographs missing. No notations, no dates. Some photographs fading; some photographs show signs of damage - looks as if something spilled on them.

Locations include: Ocean Park, California
Sites include: Sons of England memorial (city location unknown).

Themes include: portraits, scenic views and landscapes, animals.

Cabinet card album

Brown padded leather cover with embossed diamond pattern. Missing spine. Front cover detached. Grey/silver pages with gilded edges. Window openings with border. Metal clasp and fabric binding.

Photographs consist of portraits, mostly studio portraiture.

[Portrait of two women both seated]

Item is in a cream coloured card-frame embossed opening, with embossed letters "Potter's Patent March 7 1865." Which is how we dated the tintype. Photograph is a studio portrait of two women, both seated, arms resting on the one armrest with fringes. Woman on right is dressed all in black, with black hat and veil - perhaps mourning wear. The woman on the left is in full skirt with black trim and black top, white collar and black hat. Both have pink tinted cheeks.

[Portrait of two boys]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of one young boy and one adolescant boy. The older one sits in a chair, while the younger perches on the armrest. The younger boy is wearing a suit with vest and jacket, top two buttons done only. The older boy has no jacket, but wears a vest with a tie. He is leaning his arm against opposite armrest, with legs crossed. Casual pose.

[Portrait of a woman with hat]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of a woman in a black dress standing against a plain background. She has a pin at her throat, and a white collar is visible under her black coat. Same woman as in 2008.001.1825 but now she is wearing a hat, with feathers, flowers and a bow. The hat is in keeping with the fashion of the 1880s. In this photograph is mostly head and shoulders.

[Portrait of one man]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of a man sitting with his right arm resting on the armrest. His left hand is onl his lap. He looks directly at the camera, he is centred in the image. No background. He wears a dark suit with jacket and vest, with a chain watch. He wears a white shirt and his tie is loosely knotted in style with the 1890s slipknot tie with the ends hanging. His hair is slick and parted.

[Portrait of a woman in hat]

Item has a pink card-frame with gold details around opening. Back of card-frame is pink with gold details with space to write name or photographer's name? Tintype is a portrait of a woman from waist up, wearing a hat, hair in ringlets, with a dress buttoned down the front, with a big white lace collar. Her head is turned away from the camera. Her cheeks are tinted pink. Image is slightly blurry due to movement during exposure. Faint studio backdrop is visible in background.

[Portrait of a young girl]

Item is an unmounted, small tintype, not gem, but maybe cut smaller. Portrait of a little girl, sitting on a studio chair, left hand on armrest. She looks at camera. Hair is short and parted down the middle. She wears a polka dot dress. Very simple. Her cheeks are tinted pink.

[Portrait of two little girls]

Item is a black hinged, with a cloth binding, case with tintype inside, held in with a brass mat and cover glass. Closes with a metal clasp. The inside cover is fitted with a cushion of red velvet paper. The image side is framed in red also. The tintype is a portrait of two little girls, one standing and the other sitting. Both look at the camera.

[Portrait of a woman]

Item is a black hinged case with daguerreotype inside, held in with a brass mat, cover glass and soft brass preserver. Closes with a metal clasp, but binding is no longer holding both covers together. The inside cover has the image, and back cover has a decorated red (faded) velvet cloth cushion. The image is of a young woman in a dress and jewellery which has been painted gold.

[Portrait of a woman holding a book]

Item is a daguerreotype framed in gold with a cover glass but no case. Image is of a woman holding a book, looking right at camera. She wears a dark dress with big white lace collar. Looks as though it has been removed from its case, but still in cover glass and brass preserver.

[Five portraits of a boy]

Item consists of a black mat with five oval openings and a portrait in each. All five portraits are of the same young boy, in different hats, but same suit. The last image is one of him, with no hat. He wears a cowboy hat, a military cap or fez hat, a top hat and a boater hat. The black matt has flower details around each opening. On verso, sticker with "$3.50 sw."

[Five portraits of a woman]

Item consists of a black matt with five oval openings and a portrait in each. All five portraits are of the same woman, in different poses. In two of the portraits there is a parasol behind the woman, in one she is holding a top hat, in two others she is looking away from the camera. The black matt has flower details around each opening. On verso, sticker with "$3.50 sw." Same design as 2008.001.1891.

man holding silver plate

unmounted DOP depicting a man with jacket and bowler hat holding an engraved silver plate. He stands in front of a white fence, crowd of people, and grandstand. Recto printed label "Phillips Ward-Price Ltd. No. 185." verso ink stamp "This photograph was made by Pringle & Booth, 181 George St. Toronto, duplicates can be had at any time."

honorary president at racetrack

unmounted DOP depicting a waist-up shot of two men in from of crowd in grandstand. One wears fedora, the other wears captain's hat and ribbon reading "E.A.A. field day 1910. Hon. President." Verso ink stamp: "This photograph was made by Pringle & Booth, 181 George St. Toronto, duplicates can be had at any time."

Portrait of a man

Item consists of a black card with oval photograph surrounded by an embossed floral border. At the bottom right embossed in silver, "C.A. Lee/ LISTOWEL,/ Canada." The photograph is a portrait of a young man in suit and tie.

Lee, Charles A.

Portrait of a man in aureole card

Item consists of a photograph of a man, from the side, wearing a dark jacket, white dress shirt and white tie. The round photograph is set inside a square mount with scalloped edges and embossed vine motifs. On verso, in red letterpress, " 'AUREOLE' CARDS/ PATENT APPLIED FOR".

Portrait of Wiliam(sic) Stoughton

Item is a pink cabinet card with brown letterpress at bottom edge. On the left, "Phipps" and on the right "NEW CASTLE, PA." In the centre, a design with the letters "A" "W" and "P" intertwined. Photograph is a vignetted portrait of an old man with a long white beard in a wool sack coat and matching waistcoat. On verso, interlace border lithographed in brown ink, and another intertwined letter design, the same as on the recto. This graphic is followed by the text "ARTISTIC/ Photographer/ A. W. Phipps/ 72 1/2 WASHINGTON ST./ NEW CASTLE,/ PA." Handwritten in blue ink at the top edge, "Wiliam(sic) Stoughton/ My Mother's father/ Clara W. Soughton Ellis".


[Two men in top hats]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of two young men, dressed in black suit jackets, with top hats. They are sitting side by side, one on right is holding an umbrella, and one on left a can. Dressed in gentleman's attire. Two top corners are angled off.

[Portrait of a seated man with framed photograph and hat on table]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of a seated man, his right arm resting on a table, his legs crossed. On the table is his hat, and a framed photograph of a woman standing, though unrecognizable (possibly mourning portrait). Table is quite ornate, as is the armoir in the background. Carpet is flowered. He is well dressed in a dark frock coat, with a white high-collared shirt and tie. He has a mustach and his cheeks are tinted pink. The hat is perhaps a boater hat, straw with a wide black band and trim. Due to frock coat and hat dated after 1870s. All four corners are rouned off.

Mr and Mrs Neil Gardiner

Item has a yellow cardboard frame with tintype held in by three black photo corners. Handwritten in black ink on the yellow cardboards is "Mr and Mrs Neil Gardiner "Sister of Geo. Kimber." Tintype is a studio portrait of a couple, potentially Mr and Mrs Neil Gardiner. The man is sitting with arm on armrest, the other in his lap. The woman is standing beside him. He is wearing a suit jacket with vest and watch chain and bowler hat. She is wearing a coat, buttoned up and a hat with an ostrich feather. The tintype is rounded at the top and bottom edges. Both style hats suggest the image was taken in the 1880s.

Alfred Thorburn Orr

Item is a professional portrait of Alfred Thorburn Orr. Inscriptions on verso read, 'I certify this to be a true photograph of: Alfred Thorburn Orr Jun. 22 1966. Hodgkiss Studios 3 Adelaide St. E. Toronto, Ont. EM 6-5342'.

Hodgskiss Studios

man in the shade

unmounted DOP of man in formal dress, white hat, cane, holding his gloves in outdoor setting. Verso inscription "Mr. I N George (?)" Verso partial ink stamp "[…]graph was made[…] and is not […] d permanent […] e & Booth […] Toronto"

California and Utah album

Leather edged cover, detached binding. Contains photographs and pressed flowers. Lengthy notations in black ink. More of a journal with photographs. Vast majority of pages are blank.

Themes of photographs include early trains and railways, portraits, scenic views.

Includes some loose photographs and pressed flowers; also includes printed photographic reproductions from journals adhered to pages;
Sites include: Catalina Isl, Mualon Bay.

Portrait of a young couple (bride and groom?)

Item consists of a grey marbled bi-fold card, opens top to bottom, with embossed geometric design at centre for bottom flap to insert and close the card. There is another slit at the base of the upper flap. Inside, photograph (textured) of a young man and woman. The woman wears a short, finger-waved bob with a low-waisted white dress and pearls. She holds a bouquet of flowers and the man wears a boutonniere on his lapel, with a short patterned tie, striped shirt and dark suit. Probably a bride and groom.

Portrait of Reginald Bruce Johnson at 1 year old

Item consists of a grey folded card card with embossed oval decoration on front at centre. Inside, a piece of glassine tissue covers a photograph of a child standing up on a bench and holding the side for support, mounted in a cream coloured card. On back of cream card, in pencil, "Reginald Bruce Johnson/ age 1 year".

Portrait of Thomas M. Wade(?) Jr., age 2 years, 3 months

Item consists of a cream cabinet card with bronze embossed border and text at bottom, "Blanks & Co./ CLAY ST./ VICKSBURGH, MISS." At the centre of the text, a design with the letters "B" "&" "C" intertwined. Photograph of a young boy seated on a stone bench in white belted dress with wide collar and a straw hat at his side. On verso, artist's stamp with decoration of a paint palette, eye with sun's rays, and camera. Text reads "Blanks & Co./ PORTRAITS/ VICKSBURGH,/ MISS./ Clay Street." At top edge, handwritten in black ink, "To Lutie(?), from/ Thos. M. Wade(?) Jr./ age 2 years/ 3 months".

Blanks & Co.

Portrait of a woman

Item consists of a photograph of a woman in a very plain wide-collared blouse with large buttons up the front. The image is vignetted against a dark background. The photograph is mounted flush with a postcard backing. On verso, the text "POST CARD" is followed by a line delineating space for "CORREPSONDENCE" on the right and "ADDRESS ONLY" on the left.

Portrait of Harriet Ritchie

Item consists of a photograph featuring a portrait of an older woman seated by a small table, holding a book in her lap. She wears a long dark lace scarf over her plain dress with lace collar. On verso, two sets of stamped gold borders and a third of a floral pattern surround the text "THOMPSON/ & SON/ Photographers/ 75 King St. E./ TORONTO, ONT./ DUPLICATES CAN BE HAD AT ANY TIME/ BY SENDING NAME IN FULL." Handwritten in black ink at top left, "Aunt Harriet/ Mrs. Dave Ritchie".

Thompson & Son

Portrait of young boy in bonnet

Item is a white cabinet card with gold embossed text at bottom edge, "F. Lupson & Co./ 27, HERTFORD ST/ COVENTRY." Photograph shows a young boy in a dress and bonnet reclining against a stone column and holding a basket in his right hand.

F. Lupson & Co.

People and boats album

No cover. Item consists of the insidess of an album, spine in poor condition but in tact. Photographs are inserted under cut-out windows on the page. Many photographs missing. Very little handwritten notations; some on back of loose photographs.

Majority of photographs are portraits; a few photographs of boats. Some loose tintypes and photographs mounted on cards.

Dates include May 20th, 1902; 1908. Photo studios include Fredericks Art Photography, Brooklyn, N.Y. and Richard S. Baxter, N.Y.C.

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