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Lorne Shields Historical Photograph Collection United States Portraits
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California and Utah album

Leather edged cover, detached binding. Contains photographs and pressed flowers. Lengthy notations in black ink. More of a journal with photographs. Vast majority of pages are blank.

Themes of photographs include early trains and railways, portraits, scenic views.

Includes some loose photographs and pressed flowers; also includes printed photographic reproductions from journals adhered to pages;
Sites include: Catalina Isl, Mualon Bay.

Portrait of William von Wedelstaedt Haskell

Item consists of a grey card with white paper border around photograph of a young boy, 10 years old, wearing a suit jacket, high white collar, striped bowtie and a chain and kerchief in his pocket. At the bottom of the card, embossed in silver, "J A Brush/ MINNEAPOLIS". On verso, handwritten in black ink, "William von Wedelstaedt Haskell/ Ten yrs old".

Brush, J.A.

Portrait of Jamie(?) Hoyt Stoughton

Item is a white card with gold letterpress at bottom edge. On the left, a design with a green shiled and the letters "L" and "S" intertwined. On the right, "Leavy's Art Gallery/ NEW CASTLE, PA." Photograph is a vignetted portrait of a woman with large puffed sleeves and a wide necktie in a tartan pattern. On verso, handwritten in pencil, "Jamie(?) Hoyt Stoughton" and in blue ink, "Aunt Jamie(?)/ Sister of/ Clara Stoughton Ellis".

Leavy's Art Gallery

Portrait of Wiliam(sic) Stoughton

Item is a pink cabinet card with brown letterpress at bottom edge. On the left, "Phipps" and on the right "NEW CASTLE, PA." In the centre, a design with the letters "A" "W" and "P" intertwined. Photograph is a vignetted portrait of an old man with a long white beard in a wool sack coat and matching waistcoat. On verso, interlace border lithographed in brown ink, and another intertwined letter design, the same as on the recto. This graphic is followed by the text "ARTISTIC/ Photographer/ A. W. Phipps/ 72 1/2 WASHINGTON ST./ NEW CASTLE,/ PA." Handwritten in blue ink at the top edge, "Wiliam(sic) Stoughton/ My Mother's father/ Clara W. Soughton Ellis".


Portrait of a newsboy

Item consists of a cream card with embossed text at bottom edge, "DINGELDEY'S/ 780 JEFFERSON ST./ BUFFALO, N.Y." Photograph shows a boy with loose dress shirt and cropped pants holding a newspaper and wearing a beaten hat which looks to be fashioned out of newspaper.


[Portrait of two women both seated]

Item is in a cream coloured card-frame embossed opening, with embossed letters "Potter's Patent March 7 1865." Which is how we dated the tintype. Photograph is a studio portrait of two women, both seated, arms resting on the one armrest with fringes. Woman on right is dressed all in black, with black hat and veil - perhaps mourning wear. The woman on the left is in full skirt with black trim and black top, white collar and black hat. Both have pink tinted cheeks.

Portrait of a man

Item consists of a brown card with oval photograph surrounded by an embossed oval frame. At bottom right, embossed, "Sl--?/ NIAGARA/ FALLS N.Y." Photograph shows a man wiht high collar, ascot tie and kerchief in his suit jacket.

Portrait of Mr and Mrs. Ralph E. Johnston

Item consists of a grey folded card card with dark grey border and embossed floral decorations at top and bottom right corners, and an oval decoration with flower at upper left. Inside, photograph of a man and woman both dressed in dark colours and seated against a studio backdrop showing foliage. At bottom centre, embossed in black, "La Roche/ SEDRO VALLEY, WN."

Portrait of a woman in oval frame, with striped dress

Item consists of a grey card with oval photograph of a woman with a light coloured dress with dark vertical stripes and a frilled collar. The photograph is bordered by embossed floral design. At the base of the card, embossed in black ink, "LAMSON/ STUDIO." in a decorative border, and next to that mark, "F. C. Dando./ 313 1/2 S. SPRING ST./ L. A. CAL." On verso, handwritten in pencil, "4-".

Portrait of a young man with white tie

Item is a portrait photograph on a post card backing, with the back delineated for text and address: "POST CARD/ CORRESPONDENCE" and "ADDRESS ONLY". Along left side, printed sideways, "Post Cards made from any Photo by STANTON PHOTO NOVELTY CO./ Springfield, Ohio". Photograph fills entire front of card, with image printed in oval shape. Very dark suit and background make the white tie and the sitter's face stand out.

Stanton Photo Novelty Co.

Portrait of a young man in tartan tie

Item consists of a black card with embossed oval decoration and a photograph inset of a young man with high collar, tartan tie and flower in the lapel of his jacket. At bottom right, embossed, "Johonson Bros./ INDIAN HEAD". And on verso, handwritten in pencil, "with Love to Florence".

Johnson Brothers

Portrait of Thomas M. Wade(?) Jr., age 2 years, 3 months

Item consists of a cream cabinet card with bronze embossed border and text at bottom, "Blanks & Co./ CLAY ST./ VICKSBURGH, MISS." At the centre of the text, a design with the letters "B" "&" "C" intertwined. Photograph of a young boy seated on a stone bench in white belted dress with wide collar and a straw hat at his side. On verso, artist's stamp with decoration of a paint palette, eye with sun's rays, and camera. Text reads "Blanks & Co./ PORTRAITS/ VICKSBURGH,/ MISS./ Clay Street." At top edge, handwritten in black ink, "To Lutie(?), from/ Thos. M. Wade(?) Jr./ age 2 years/ 3 months".

Blanks & Co.

Portrait of a man seated on the edge of a desk

Item consists of a photograph of a man in suit and tie, possibly a velvet jacket with striped pant. He is seated on the edge of a desk, with a studio backdrop of trees behind him. The photo is mounted on a postcard backing with the text "POST CARD" and a line delineating space for correspondence and address. At the upper right, a diamond design with the word "DEFENDER" printed twice designates the space for the stamp. At the very bottom, "Printed in U.S.A."

Portrait of a man in tassled oval frame

Item is a cream card with lithographed drawing of an ornate wooden frame in gold with blue tassles. Inside frame, photograph of a man holding the lapel of his jacket open with this left hand. On verso, a U.S. Revenue stamp meant for playing cards cancelled Jan 5, 186(5?).

[Portrait of two women]

Item has a cream card-frame embossed opening, with embossed letters "Potter's Patent March 7 1865." Which is how we dated the tintype. Photograph is a studio portrait of two women, both standing, side by side. Both women wear hats. One on left wears a dark shirtwaist, with a striped full skirt with hair tied neatly back and little bow at the neck. Woman on right has a dark dress, buttons down the front with a small white collar, in fashion in the 1860s. Her hair is shoulder lenght ringlets, also in fashion in the 1860s. Both have pink tinted cheeks.

Portrait of Maria

Item consists of a cream card with light blue embossed oval at centre with photograph of a woman in black dress with pleats down the front and a small, high white lace collar inset. At bottom, embossed design of a young woman in bonnet with flowers and scroll banner. To right of image, also embossed, "FLAGG & PLUMMER/ LEWISTON, MAINE." Card is glued onto a darker piece of cardboard. On verso, handwritten in pencil upside down, "Maria".

Flagg & Plummer

Portrait of a man in patterned suit

Item consists of a gold edged card with a light pink base, and text in gold letterpress at the bottom edge, "A.I. Witter, Pecatonica, Ill." A long, narrow photograph gives a full length portrait of a man in a 3 piece suit all done in the same white flecked wool fabric. The coat is a little overlarge, probably a late 1860s style, and is buttoned at the top button only. He wears a striped ascot, and leans against a chair in front of a painted studio backdrop depicting a window and mantel. On the verso, a long text handwritten in pencil that indicates the sender (probably the man pictured in the card) could not come for New Year's as he had other obligations with a family called the Bowlys(?). He signs his initials "A.H." At the top left, in a different hand, "805/ 12.-".

Portrait of two women in lace blouses

Item consists of a cream card with yellow embossed oval. Photograph inset of two women, vignetted. The woman on the right looks towards the camera and the one on the left looks towards the right. Both wear high-collared lace blouses in the Edwardian fashion. At bottom right, embossed, "Solean(?)/ SO. SIDE/ KIRKSVILLE, MO."

Portrait of a woman with checkered skirt

Item consists of a photograph printed with a large white border, mounted flush with a post card backing. Photograph depicts a woman seated sideways on a stool, with her hands on her knees. She wears a white blouse, checkered skirt and thick black leather watch. There is a piece of a mantel with flowers and leaves on the painted backdrop. On verso, the words "POST CARD" are printed sideways with a dividing line for address and correspondence. A small design at upper right indicates where to place postage.

Portrait of a woman, tinted

Painted photograph showing a woman in dark dress with broach affixed to white lace collar. Image is oval in shape on a rectangular card mount. Tears at all four corners show were cover mount would have been adhered. On verso, light blue stamp reads "Universal Copying Co./ MANUFACTURERS OF/ India Ink, Berlin Finish, Crayon, Pastel and Oil Portraits,/ also, Cabinets and Cartes de Visites./ All orders promptly attended to:/ Jeffers, Wells & Kipps, Proprietors./ Office 1436 & 1438 Market St., between 8th and 9th,/ SAN FRANCISCO, CAL."

Universal Copying Company

Two men beneath palm trees

Item is a photograph of two men standing under some palm trees. Inscription on verso reads, 'June 4th 1950 Hialeah Race Course, Miami, Florida A.T.O & Baldy the Pretzel? (Bent over like one) better still it is a good snapshot of the 'Royal Palms''

Portrait of woman

Item is a white card with gold border and in gold letterpress at bottom, "Wilber" and decorative initials "W" and "C" intertwined, followed by "CHARDON/ OHIO". Photograph shows a woman in black high-collar dress. Photograph is a cabinet card set inside card page from cabinet card album.

Portrait of Dr. Jim (or John?) Wallace

Item is a beige cabinet card with gold scalloped edges and brown letterpress at bottom edge, "A. W. Phipps, NEW CASTLE, PA." Photograph is a portrait of a man in suit with high collar. On verso, a design with flowers, brushes, and the text "INSTANTAENOUS/ PORTRAITS/ OF CHILDREN/ A SUCCESSFUL/ SPECIALITY./ ARTISTIC/ PHOTOGRAPHY/ A. W. Phipps,/ 6 1/2 Washington Street,/ NEW CASTLE, PA./ DUPLICATES CAN BE/ PROCURED/ AT ANY TIME." Handwritten in blue ink at the top edge, "Dr. Jim or ? John Wallace/ Louise Miller's Grandfather".


Portrait of an infant with necklace

Item consists of a beige card with light grey embossed text at lower right, "Biles Art Shop/ 113 E. WASHINGTON ST./ NEW CASTLE, PA." Photograph is a portrait of an infant seated on a dark fabric with very little background visible. The infant wears a white dress with necklace, and is shaking his/her right hand so that it is blurred in the image.

Portrait of two young men in parlour, with photograph of a girl

Item consists of a white card with scalloped edges and silver embossed text along the right side, "Dunham/ PORTRAITS/ BELMOND,/ IOWA." The word 'portraits' is encircled by a graphic showing an artist's brushes and palettes. Photograph shows two young men seated in a parlour (painted backdrop). The man on the left leans over the chair of the man seated on the right who holds a card photograph in his hand of a woman. On verso, handwritten in ink "Patsy Burke" and "3".

Portrait of an old man

Item is a black cabinet card with gold border and gold letterpress at bottom edge, "Wynne S. Smith, Painesville, Ohio." Photograph is a blurred portrait of a man with mismatched trousers and jacket and holding a walking stick. He is seated on steps.

Wynne S. Smith

[Portrait of a girl]

Item is a small silver gelatin portrait print. Yellow and brown in colour, image is of a young girl with long brown hair, tied up on the side with a barrette. Background is a studio setting with a pillar or column. Inscription on recto "Florence" handwritten in black ink, across bottom of image. Inscription on verso "Tel. Main .3877 A. E. Otis Photographer Open Sundays & Holidays 457-59 Fulton St., B'klyn" in red ink stamp.