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Stereo Transparencies in metal container

Item consists of 174 Kodachrome and Anscochrome stereo colour transparencies in a grey metal box. Images are of boating, boat docks, families, swimming, waterskiing, sports, canoeing, fishing, travelling (Jamaica), landscapes, logging, Western Canada, etc.

Ansco Company

Stereographs, Fishing

File contains stereographs depicting people fishing and preparing fish using different methods.

5 Stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Co.
2 Stereoscopic photographs by Canada View Co.
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Kilburn Brothers, in association with James M. Davis
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Underwood & Underwood
1 Stereoscopic photograph by International Stereoscopic View Co.
5 Stereoscopic photographs by unidentified publishers

Assorted Lantern Slides

Items depict scenes from along the Canadian Pacific Railway, people, locations, animal, the sun, tombs, ships, indigenous Peoples, cities and trails. Wooden box has the word Songs on it.

UK and Canada album

Item is an album containing photographs of Canada and the UK. Item has a black cloth cover bound with red string. Notations are handwritten in ink and pencil.
Canadian locations include: Lake Manitoba, Lake Champlain, St. Lawrence river, Port Stanley, Quebec. UK locations include: Manchester Ship Canal, Liverpool, New Brighton, Chester, Wallasey, Bidston.
Two photographs dated 1905.
Themes include: ships, boats, sailing, fishing, S.S. Dominion, Campania, family photographs, mountainous landscapes, trains, early motorcycle, horses as transportation.

Shields, Lorne

Port Cunnington Album

Green cover album bound by white by white braided string. Black pages, photos held inwith clear photo corners. Handwritten notations in white pencil. Interleaving with spider web design between each page.

Six men holding string of fish

Item is a photograph of six men standing in a row outside holding a string of fish. Inscription on verso reads, 'Raymond C. Franklin Phila. W. H. McElwee Phila. D.J. Gilwour Quebec. A.E.Orr, G.A. Moutain, Ottawa. Lawson, Ottawa. Kennybunck Beach, ME. 19th August 1915'.

Peche Interromptue

albumen print mounted on cabinet card with gold border. Depicts a painting of two men and drowned boy in rowboat. Recto caption, top "E. Chigot," bottom: "salon de 1887, Peche Interromptue, A Block, Edit., Paris." Verso caption: "Cette photographie est faite en grande format 24/30c."

Kodak promotional images of bullfighting, fishing, football and nature

File contains promotional images of various sporting and nature activities, including fishing, bull fighting, a deer in a sunset, baby birds in a nest, a white dove, a dog looking through a hole in a fence, a deer and fawn, and football. Most images are of bull fighting. One caption included with a bull fighting image reads: "When a camera incorporates a motor drive as the new Kodak's 300MD does, it only seems right to explore the potential in a series of pictures."

Kodak Canada Inc.

[rock ledge with waterfalls]

white cardboard mount with grey spiderwed pattern, red stripes. Recto captions in red: "Ansco Color." Verso captions: "date; made in canada." Depicts rock ledges with small waterfalls. Man and boy are at water's edge at bottom. Small structure along river at top.

[Three Men Fishing in a Canoe]

Item consists of a sepiatoned black and white photograph of some men fishing in a light coloured canoe. The canoe is in a lake, and behind the canoe in the background are many trees. There are three men in the boat. The young man on the left side of the frame is wearing a cardigan and holding a pair of binoculars. The two other men are older, wearing suits and hats, and holding fishing rods. All three men are looking at the camera. There is a 0.4 cm white border around the image. On the back of the photograph, stamped in blue is " 1 433".


Item consists of a black and white photograph of two boys standing, holding a string with fish on it between them. The boy on the left is wearing a shirt and black pants with a belt, and is holding one end of the string. The boy on the right is wearing a suit and a hat, and holding the other end of the string. On the string hangs 5-6 medium sized fish. Both boys are standing in front of a house and looking at the camera. There is an uneven white border around the image and below the image is handwritten "PALS". On the back of the photograph, stamped in blue is "New Crystal Finish, Reg U.S Patent, THE OWL DRUG CO., Lewison, Idaho", and on the bottom right "13". The Owl Dug Co. was created at 1128 Market Street in San Francisco in 1892. It branched out across the United States, until the Rexall Drug Co. bought out the chain in the 1930s.

[Man, 19 Fish, Woman]

Item consists of a sepia toned black and white photograph of a man and woman standing beside 19 large fish hung on a wooden shed. The man is wearing a tie and suspenders and the woman is wearing a long black dress with white lace jabot. They are both holding fishing rods.