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Sub-sub-series Kodak Canada Ltd.
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Records pertaining to corporate events

File contains records related to Kodak Canada corporate events from 1953 to 1956. Includes: a program for the ninth annual Comptrollers' Conference, held at Kodak Heights, September 1953; records related to the 1954 George Eastman Centennial celebration for Kodak dealers; and an annotated photocopied image from the GTA Mayors' meeting, held at Kodak Heights on November 15, 1996. Records related to the centennial include the July 1954 commemorative issue of Rochester Commerce (vol. 41, no. 7).

Kodak Canada Inc.

Promotional material for Kodak dealers

Sub-sub-series consists of promotional materials targeted toward Kodak dealers and retailers from 1922 to ca. 2001. Includes cuts, mats, and complete advertisements offered free of charge to Kodak dealers for use in newspapers, pamphlets; a Kodak TV commercial schedule; and a brochure advertising Kodak e-stores.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak company profiles and histories

Sub-sub-series consists of materials produced between 1919 and 1999 promoting Eastman Kodak and its subsidiaries as a corporate entitity. Includes: profiles of the company and its business divisions, environmental policies, manufacturing capabilites, and facilities; histories of various aspects of the company; biographies of Kodak's founder, George Eastman, and more.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Corporate history notes

Sub-sub-series contains notes compiled between 1908 and 1984 on an ongoing basis by Kodak Canada historians. Company history notes consist of detailed day-to-day accounts of all aspects of the company's life. File includes of 3.5 cm of loose-leaf textual records, 1 3-ring binder, and two half-bound notebooks.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Community engagement and corporate sponsorship

Sub-sub-series contains records related to Kodak Canada's community and corporate sponsorship activities from the mid-1980s until the early-2000s. This includes: awards and certificates received by Kodak Canada; records related to Kodak's involvement in the Creative Artists in the Schools program; a Kodak School Programs "Focus on Education" package; records related to the Kodak Chair in Photography at Ryerson; proceedings from "Education and Work: the International Conference Linking Research and Practice", sponsored by Kodak; a document from A Year in Motion soliciting Kodak sponsorship; records related to the Photographic Historical Society of Canada; and a flyer for a retrospective exhibition for PhotoSensitive, a photographic artist collective sponsored by Kodak.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Communications reference material

Sub-sub-series contains documents used as reference material for Kodak Canada's Corporate Communications department and also potentially by the Kodak Canada Heritage Collection and Museum between approximately 1970 to 2005. Sub-sub-series contains articles photocopied from various publications or printed from websites, including articles published by Kodak--such as articles from Kodak magazine--and articles published externally. Sub-sub-series also includes: mission statements, organizational charts and other strategic documents for both Kodak Canada Inc. and Eastman Kodak Co.; print-outs and photocopies of Kodak Customer Service pamphlets; and reproduced advertisements and photographic images. Because the Corporate Communicatons department was closely associated with the Kodak Heritage Collection and Museum, a similar file of Museum Reference Material was likely also consulted by employees of Corporate Communications.

Kodak Canada Inc.