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Unidad documental compuesta Kodak Canada Ltd.
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Reproductions of employment contracts for John G. Palmer and Eben J. Quigley

File contains reproductions of 3 employee contracts. The first, originally dated August 9, 1899, details the employment contract between John G. Palmer and Eastman Kodak Company. John G. Palmer became the treasurer of Canadian Kodak Co., Ltd., in ...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Contracts and correspondence between Canadian Kodak Co., Ltd. and Canadian Kodak Sales Limited

File includes original contracts, dated December 28, 1938, and correspondence (1940-1964) between Canadian Kodak Co., Ltd. and Canadian Kodak Sales Limited. Contracts pertain to the sale and transfer of vending rights of Kodak products from Canadi...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Commercial portraits or children

File contains commercial images of children attending birthday parties, wearing costumes, at weddings and with family. Some have captions enclosed, such as an image of children wearing fake moustaches with a caption that reads "If you want pi...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Fling 35 promotional images

File contains a variety of promotional images, including beauty portraits, city landscapes, desert landscapes, Kodak cameras, sand dune shorelines, and goats. Many include captions, such as a print of a group of girls at a picnic table "If yo...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak S Series promotional images

File contains promotional images of people riding bicycles in the rain, trees with narrow trunks, graduation ceremonies, and sculptures. All include captions, such as a close up of leaves: "Just about all of the new Kodak S Series cameras pro...

Kodak Canada Inc.

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