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The Nussbaum Tray

Item is a clear glass tray for developing photographic prints. A removable glass dowel holds the paper down so it remains inmmersed in the chemical solutions. Sold by the E. & H.T. Anthony company in New York.

Kodak Canada Inc.

No. 1 Kodak Enlarging Camera

Item is a camera for making enlargements up to 16.5 x 21.6 cm (6.5 x 8.5 inches), using daylight. The product was marketed to amateur photographers as there was no need for a darkroom setup to produce the images. The No. 1 Enlarging Camera sold for $15.00 in 1904.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Glass-graduated burette for titrations of photographic solutions

Item is a glass tube with a scale etched on the outside, used in chemical analysis. This object was used in the Kodak Canada plant to determine the strength of silver halide solutions in photographic chemistry. It was last used in the Kodak plant on November 1st, 1967.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Petite camera (blue)

Item is a promotional model of the Kodak Vest Pocket Model B, manufactured in 5 colours: blue, green, grey, lavender and pink. This version also includes an art deco pattern on the camera body, a particularly rare model. Marketed to young women, it was promoted as easy to use and small enough to fit in a lady's hand. Some models included a vanity carrying case, lined with sating and housign a lipstick, powder, rouge, clutch and mirror. Produced 4.5 x 6 cm exposures on 127 film.

Canadian Kodak Co., Limited

No. 4 Kodak Panoram, Model D

Item is a Kodak Panoram No. 4, model D. It is a large box camera in black leather casing that features a swivel lens that rotates as the camera box remains stationary to make a panoramic exposure of up to approximately 110 degrees.

Eastman Kodak Company

Solio paper : [empty sleeve]

Item consists of a sleeve for two dozen 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch Eastman Kodak Co. Solio Paper for export. A sticker on the front of the envelope reads "Cochran / Photo Supplies. / Hamilton, Ont." and stamped on the verso (extremely faded) reads: "This paper will not be [illegible] for / any fault of manufacture after / APR 27 1900 / EMULSION NO. 18758 / PACKED BY NO. 26".

Kodak Canada Inc.

First Kodak camera

Item is a print featuring an image with the caption: The first Kodak camera, introduced in 1888, sold for $25, loaded with enough Eastman film for 100 exposures. It produced a 2 1/2 inch diameter negative.

Kodak Canada Inc.


Item is a transparent sheet printed with an Eastman Kodak Gammeter, a set of indexed graph lines. Gammeters were designed to aid in the dye transfer process by allowing the easy calculation of gammas (colour contrasts) from plotted curves.

Eastman reference manual for salesmen / Eastman Kodak Company

Item is a binder with printed reference material for Kodak salesmen to refer to when discussing Kodak products and equipment with customers. The preface page states: "This manual is provided to help the saleman answer the technical questions asked by his customers. These questions cover a wide field both in the theory and practice of photography. Photographic knowledge has become so vast that it is impossible to carry all the pertinent information in one's mind, so this manual is now provided as a ready reference. It may be used in the presence of the customer." Organized by tabs, the subjects include: 1 - Still Cameras; 2 - Negative Materials; 3 - Color Filters; 4 - Miniature Camera Technique; 5 - Photographic Papers; 6 - Development; 7 - Formulas; 8 - Exposure; 9 - Negative Print Faults; 10 - Cine Kodak; 11 - Color Photography; 12 - Darkroom. Item was designed to be added to over time. Includes correspondence related to the Eastman Photographic Course for Salesmen, as well as two letter from John W. McFarlane, Eastman Kodak editor of the reference manual. Item likely belonged to W.H. Davis, before being passed onto W. Bruce Poldon.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Various Kodak equipment

Item consists of a colour landscape format, board poster, featuring an image of a Kodak Ektabound 140 lying on a table beside a book, a stopwatch, a framed portrait of a woman, a Kodak projector, and other various Kodak devices.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak gifts say open me first!

Item consists of a portrait format poster that reads "Kodak Gifts Say / Open me first! / When you open your Kodak camera outfit first, you can save all the fun of Christmas-and the years to come-in pictures" Beneath the text are images, prices, and brief descriptions of the Brownie Starflash Outfit camera, the Brownie Hawkeye Flash Outfit camera, the Kodak Pony IV Camera Outfit, and the Brownie Movie Camera Kit.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Camera with supplies

Item consists of a landscape format, colour, board poster that features an image of a folding camera surrounded by other photographic Kodak supplies, including Kodak Film, Kodak Acid Fixing Powder and a darkroom lamp.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Long Focus Premo

Item is a medium format studio camera. It resembles the Premo Sr., but features an extra long bellows that extends out the back of the camera. It is made of wood and polished laquered brass, and the body is covered with fine black leather. It is fitted with a Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter and a Kodak Anastigmat f7.7/170 mm lens.

Kodakchrome 40 Sound Color Movie Film Type A

Item consists of a 15 metre Super 8 Sound cartridge of Kodachrome 40 Sound Colour Movie Film Type A in original packaging. Develop before date is April 1981. Inscribed in blue ink on verso reads the name "Fritz Siess" followed by an address in Willowdale, Ontario. It was mailed to the Kodak Canada Inc. processing laboratory in Brampton, Ontario.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Patent [#22351] for improvements in roll holders, for exposing flexible sensitive photographic films

Item is the original patent (#22351) granted on September 2, 1885 by the Commissioner of Patents, Dominion of Canada, to George Eastman and William Hall Walker of Rochester, NY, for "improvements in roll holders, for exposing flexible sensitive photographic films." Item includes textual specifications and diagrams of the proposed improvements. Prior to patenting the innovation in Canada, Eastman and Walker were granted a similar patent (#317049) by the United States patent office on May 5, 1885.

Kodak Canada Inc.

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