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Chinese Delegation visits Ryerson, video.

34-1.1: Film/Videocassette - A 5-minute black and white film dubbed by technician Geoff Bottomley, School of Image Arts, into a VHS videocassette. Scenes include the arrival of a delegation of Chinese visitors to Ryerson greeted by Image Arts staff and the Dean Of Applied Arts, Paul Nowack, outside the Image Arts Bldg., and a tour of the Image Arts Bldg. There is no audio and the quality is very poor.

The Ryerson Capital Campaign

RG 26.14.01 The Ryerson Guide To Canvassing.Produced by Ryerson Alumni Crew -- Office Of Development/Alumni through Applied Arts TV Production Facility, 1988
RG 26.14.02 The Ryerson Campaign - With Pride And Purpose.Produced by Office of Community Relations through Applied Arts TV Production Facility
RG 26.14.03 Ryerson Campaign announcement plaques

Energy Centre Projects: audio visual

Items on videotape include:

  1. This is Ryerson,
  2. Wind Turbine Project,
  3. Energy Conservation Project,
  4. Solar Cooking in Developing Countries, and
  5. Festival of Energy. (Duplication of RG 104-55).

TARA Awards 2013 - DVD, Poster, and signed Card

File contains TARA Awards material donated by the 2013 RTA graduates in acknowledgment of the assistance provided by the Archives for the creation of their graduate video footage aired during the the TARA Awards ceremony.

Go For It! (Resource Kit on videotape)

A 20-minute promotional rock video produced as a project aimed at encouraging 9 to 14-year old to consider post-secondary education. The project targeting children from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the post-secondary population: minority and ethnic groups, First Nations Peoples, the disabled, the poor, and Francophones, features celebrities Kashtin, Julie Masse and the Dream Warriors, singing, rapping and in discussion with children. In addition to encouraging students to consider college and university, the video also urges them to make course selection in high school that don't preclude them from pursuing higher education. The video features interviews with people across Ontario talking about and demonstrating their different careers and the opportunities available to everyone.The video produced by the Office of Employment & Education Equity (executive producer, Janet Mays) through the Video Production Facility, Rogers Communication, was conceived by Minister of Colleges and Universities, Richard Allen.There are three language versions of the video: English, French and Ojicree, having slight variations to each.

Films/Videotape: Ryerson Centre/Farm/Campus Buildings

RG 457.12.1: Film - Ryerson Centre Farm, Millbrook, Ontario (near Peterborough) - winter activities, outdoors/indoors (sound distorted), approximately 5-8 minutes/colour.
RG 457.12.2: Film - Segment 1: First 5 minutes: Ryerson Campus Buildings - no sound (scenes of many of the campus buildings, campus scenes, Ryerson Statue, and Nathan Philips Square.Segment 2: Last 3-5 minutes: Ryerson Centre Farm (summer scenes) - no sound
RG 457.12.3: Film - Ryerson Centre Farm (summer scenes)...duplicate of 457-12.2 (segment 2)This film was transferred to a larger reel - original was too tight causing the film to rub against the sides of the reel which could eventually cause film breakage.
RG 457.12.4: VHS - Segment 1: Ryerson Centre Farm - winter activities (duplicates film version -- 457-12.1)Segment 2: Ryerson Centre Farm - summer scenes (duplicates film versions 457-12.2/3)Approx. 8-10 minutes

Ryersonian / Professor of the Year awards

The files contain nominations and award winners for Ryersonian of the Year and Professor of the Year.
A VHS cassette tape, Women, Food and Families, 1999, 67 mins., by Judy Paisley and Jennifer Welsh.

Digital Media Projects productions

  • RG 76.16
  • Série organique
  • ca. 1996 -
  • Fait partie de Media Centre

This series consists of textual, graphic and audiovisual materials produced by the Digital Media Projects Office.

Digital Media Projects (DMP) Office

A fine line

This file contains a 37:49 minute video about the homeless in Toronto, titiled "A Fine Line", produced, directed, and edited by former Film and Photography faculty member Ben Caza. It also includes clippings and a poster related to the video

Student Production/Filming Practices

Three VHS videotapes showing students practicing film production set-ups and shoots:626-4.1/2: 1985-1987: 1st year production/filming practices in Rm 304626-4.3: January 17/1986: 1st year film shoot using a moving dolly May/1986: Night school students filming in quadrangle

Ryerson Athletic Centre construction videocassette

A 60-minute colour video, with commentary, documenting the on-going construction of the athletics centre from July 1986 to August 1987. The Athletics Director, Bob Fullerton, appears in the new facility at approximately the 52:35 segment of the tape.

"Peter Pan" ROW production

The file consists of the original 16 mm film re. the 1969 ROW production of 'Peter Pan'. The film rolls were screened on equipment available in the School of Image Arts technical department.

For identification purposes the film cans were labelled A and B. Based on the technician’s evaluation and expertise, only the A film was transferred onto two videocassettes. The B film requires more specialized equipment not available in the School of Image Arts.

Two videocassettes, copies of the 16 mm film, can A.

1 of 2 : A 15 minute video made by the faculty and students of RPI Photographic Arts and RTA departments recording segments of the 1969 ROW production, "Peter Pan".
The scenes include :

  • Rehearsal
  • Behind the scenes/preparations
  • Production performance scenes
  • Audience.

2 of 2 : A 15 minute video similar to #1 above with a different introduction.
Scenes include :

  • Rehearsal
  • Behind the scenes/preparations
  • Jack McAllister
  • Production performance scenes.

Both cassettes have the occasional black (blank) segments.

Employment Equity What it is and Could Be - panel discussion videos

uMatic videocassettes documenting the panel "Employment Equity What it is and Could Be" held February 27-28 1986 as part of Women's Week.

Tape 1 (2 copies) Mary Bruce (city of Toronto), Wendy Cuthbertson
Tape 2 (2 copies) Wendy Cuthbertson, Gail Posen, Jen Ranker,
Tape 3 (2 copies) Rhoda Beecher, Paul Scott, Questions.
Tape 4 - Gail Posen
Tape 5 - Jim Rankin manager Westinghouse Consulting and Development Group
Women Week Employment Equity Camera Two #1
Women Week Employment Equity Camera 2 #2

Various CDs related to the Office of University Advancement

File contains various CDs related to the Office of University Advancement. Included are CDs containing photographs from the 2010 Gould Street Park Festival and photographs from the 2008 Press conference on the Government of Ontario investing in the Student Learning Centre. There is also a CD of the television coverage of when Peter Gilgan visited the athletic centre at the Gardens in 2011.

Video: R.T.A. Circus

R.T.A. students present a dramatized, amusing look at what is offered in the Radio and Television Arts program. 30 minutes, colour.

RIOT Productions videotapes

  • RG 215.05
  • Dossier
  • 1988-1995
  • Fait partie de RIOT

Videorecordings of Ryerson RIOT shows, interviews and a RIOT reunion show

Rosemary Garry retirement file

File consists of a handwritten thank you speech delivered by Rosemary Garry at her retirement party in the the Library staff lounge on December 9, 2008. See RG 5.260 for photographs.

Videotapes: RCC Open House (Mark Bishop)

Videocassette No. 1: 17-minute video compiled using some resources from the Archives for the Rogers Communications Centre's Open House as part of Ryerson's 50th Anniversary Homecoming/Open House event, October 24, 1998.The video was done in six segments covering the RCC, School of Computer Science, Journalism and RTA. Separate videos were then run in the individual areas. Segment one was an audio/visual history of the Rogers Communications Centre. Segments 2-6 were without audio. They ran simultaneously in a monitor wall display. The journalism segments were in a display in the Ryersonian lab where other events were going on. The RTA segments were part of a display where there was another main monitor with audio (a live television day broadcast).VHS Format.Videocassette

No. 2: Segment A:A one hour video documenting a behind-the-scenes operation of the Rogers Communications Centre during Ryerson's Open House event on October 24, 1998, hosted by students Heather Loughran and Francis D'Souza. Video includes interviews with Ryerson students, faculty, RTA and Journalism alumni (including such grads as John Downing, Alison Smith, Lori Belanger and Valerie Pringle). Throughout the video historical film footage shows scenes of the construction and opening of the RCC and a visit to Ryerson, during the late 1960s, by well-known comedians, Wayne and Shuster. Scenes also include live entertainment at the RCC during the one day event.Segment B:CITY-TV Breakfast Television Show: (approx. 20 mins) edited segments of live coverage from RCC, October 19, 1998. See "Index Card" prepared for unedited taped version of the Breakfast Television Show.VHS Format

Videotapes: RCC Open House/Ryerson's 50th Anniversary

Eleven VHS videocassettes dubbed from betacam format (3 "Ryerson Anniversary", 7 "Broadcast", 1 untitled (events of the days).The originals were 3/4" tapes, but because machines became unavailable to video viewing, they were transferred onto betacam and copies were dubbed onto VHS. The 3/4" tapes were disposed."Ryerson Anniversary". With little information available, the assumption is that these three videos containing a variety of raw footage may have been put together using various resources (including material from the Archives) for the purpose of extracting clips for possible inclusion in the 'news report segments' during the Rogers Communication Centre's "live broadast day" open house on October 24, 1998. This event was part of Homecoming and Ryerson's 50th Anniversary celebration.The following is a brief point-form outline of each tape:
RG 657.14.1:--RRC sod turning ceremony--RRC construction--plaque unveiling--Terry Grier
RG 657.14.2:--CITY-TV Before Breakfast TV--Career College Film (with Lloyd Bochner)--clippings from Archives--Film "The Ryerson Story"--Rogers Communicatin Centre--Interviews with alumnus--Tara Awards Segments--RCC
RG 657.14.3:--still shots: RCC sod-turning, construction--RCC interior--roving reporter interviews--film clip: Wayne & Shuster Look At Technical in Canada!!!An final edited videotape has been arranged under Collection Record: 657-4. A description is also available.
RG 657.14.4 - 657-14.10 Seven videos covering the six-hour live broadcast from the Rogers Communications Centre during Ryerson's Open House event on October 24, 1998, hosted by students Heather Loughran and Francis D'Souza. Segments include a behind-the-scenes operation of Rogers Communications Centre, interviews with Ryerson faculty, the president, students, visitors and well-known alumnus, live news reports, live entertainment, historical clips, including scenes of the construction of the Rogers Communications Centre.!!! An edited one-hour highlight video of the live broadcast event has been arranged under Collection Record: 657-4. A description is available."Events Of The Day" (Tape untitled) A 20-minute video filmed in RCC during the day of October 24. Scenes include :--individuals setting up information desks--sound checks for TV new reports--control room panel checks--various areas in RCC (computer room, lobby, lecture hall, etc.)--Lajuenesse interview--people touing RCC--address by Brian Demude, Image Arts--shots of Ryerson faculty, staff, students, alumni***See File Folder for rough point-form notes made by Archives staff while reviewing each video.

Film: "Ryerson"

A colour film depicting various Ryerson, city and other scenes. Examples are: student parade, ferry crossing and island picnic; Ryerson statue, Howard Kerr Hall; demolition of O'Keefe brewery; "Daisy" computer system; class and lab scenes such metallurgy, home, economics, fashion (shows), photography; Howard Kerr Hall quadrangle; library; class scenes; "Great Hall" cafeteria (Howard Kerr Hall); basketball game (Ryerson/York); Toronto scenes/Nathan Phillips Square; Don Gillies in class; Secretarial Science class; RTA studio (Show: Interview with Elwy Yost), RTA students/TV cameras/consoles; Library; Exams in gymnasium; Convocation: Procession/Lamp of Learning/ Howard Kerr Hall Quadrange fountain/cermonies/Fred Jorgenson/Eggy the Ram. Approximately 30 minutes in length. The sound quality is poor. This description has been placed inside the film can. Film produced by Darryl Williams, probably during his student years before graduating from Photograph Arts, who later became a Ryerson faculty member. Faculty member Ben Caza was the production manager.

Filmbuilding.99 - video cassettes

This file contains 8 videocassettes: Filmbuilding - Contemporary Case Studies ; Design/Film Practice ; Technology as Technology ; Sunrise ; Deutelbaum/Broken Lance Excerpt ; Historical Case Studies ; End/Q&A Historical Cases - Stylistics in Cinema Design ; Stylistics in Film Design (contd.) - Planning for Next year.

October Crisis and Miscellaneous Short Production films

A short film done in 16mm (two separate rees - film and sound) by a third year RTA student for instructor Bob Scott's Media Applications course. The date of submission of this project is likely March 12, 1971, as indicated on the film can. The film consists of scenes filmed in Ottawa during the October Crisis in the Fall of 1970. While a protester addresses a crowd on Parliament Hill, various scenes are shown: views of the War Monument; views of the police and the army; views of streets and houses; and views of the residence of the Governor-General. The National Anthem and a "Repeal the Act" (i.e. the War Measures Act) chant are heard. The film's duration is 5 minutes and 40 seconds.
On the same reel, several other short student productions also appear, although it is not determined if these were created by the same student. They appear to be unrelated to the October Crisis segment. The total time of these productions is 15:23.3. A videotape copy of these films was made through the School of Image Arts (G. Bottomley - Motion Picture Lab) for reference purposes.

Reel-To-Reel recordings - ROW

File contains reel to reel audio recordings related to the Ryerson Opera Workshop:

  1. "The Wizard Of Oz", performed Nov. 23-25. (A black and white photograph of Ron Taber, conducting the orchestra, has been pasted on the front of the tape case.)
  2. The Boys From Syracuse Record
  3. The Boys From Syracuse Part 1
  4. The Sound of Storowski and Wagner - Side 2 (complete) Tannhauser: Overture + Venusberg Music - Symphony of the Air
    and Chorus
  5. Once Upon A Mattress

Oral History Interviews

File contains 36 LIFE Institute Oral History Interviews totaling 14.6 hours of interviews. The interviews were conducted by Fran Gruber and Geoff Arnold.
Also included are 9 cassettes containing programs related to Senior citizen education and social issues.

President Sheldon Levy Installation dvd

A DVD of the installation ceremony of President Sheldon Levy on November 2, 2005. The original master was produced by the School of Radio and Television Arts. This transfer to DVD was created by the Digital Media Projects Office (John Hajdu). See the accession documentation for further details.

Envelope 4

Envelope contains correspondence, a proposal, 2 vhs tapes, and two dvds relating to the International Communications Group (ICG). The group was later re-named the Development Communication Group (DCG).
Included are letters notifying various people at Ryerson of the years first meeting of the ICG for 1996; a professional profile for DCG's co-ordinator; correspondence, a vhs cassette and a dvd relating to IST 909 - Participatory Communications; a letter requesting SRC funding for the DCG; a DCG position paper "Communication and Social Change - an environment for new thinking"; and a dvd of a film "At the Still Point" sponsored by Global Television Consortium and Worldview International and produced by member of the DCG. There is a dvd from a joint Red Cross Society - DCG workshop "Participatory Communication for Social Change held August 24-28, 1998. Also included is a vhs tape of "Street Kids North and South - Beat the Street", one of three films that were part of the DCG presentation "Thinking Globally, Acting Locally" International Development week, February 1-5, 1999.

School of Nutrition - miscellaneous videocassettes

A collection of videotapes reviewed and documented by Jennifer Welsh, Director, School of Nutrition. The tapes are of miscellaneous events and interviews involving the faculty, retired faculty, staff and alumni from the School of Nutrition.

Videotapes: Ryewitness News

A collection, on videotape, of 15-minute annual compilations of scenes of Broadcast Journalism students at work. Includes mainly bloopers, brief interviews with students and faculty and general shots of the Ryerson Campus.

Class Assignments on video : Class Of '83

2 copies of Umatic videocassette prepared in Journalism Broadcast Lab by students in Journalism 038, 1982-83, (3rd year students). All material is from actual in class assignments.

Women and Politics conference videocassettes

6 uMatic (Fuji Beridox) videocassettes containing recordings of the proceedings of the Women and Politics conference.

Program 1 - Political Women Tell What it Takes
Program 2 - Political Women Tell What it Takes
Program 3 - Sex and Politics/Influence and Power
Program 4 - Can you be a Feminist in Politics?
Program 5 - Running and Winning
Program 6 - Mobilizing around Issues/Dealing with the Press

Nursing Honour Society Induction Ceremony

File contains materials from the Ryerson School of Nursing Honour Society. Sigma Theta Tau International is the Nursing Honour Society. Included in the file is a VHS tape and programme from the inaugural ceremony, and programmes from the 1997 and 2000 ceremonies.

RIOT Retrospect

  • RG 215.14
  • Dossier
  • 1995
  • Fait partie de RIOT

A 7:15 minute video produced for the 1995 RIOT reunion/homecoming event.

Ryerson comes of age videocassette

A 30-minute video for OECA (Ontario Educational Communications Authority) Program "Focus". Host Jane Lommel interviews Donald Mordell and Howard Kerr with segments on first degree-granting convocation (William Davis) and Open College. Taped in RTA Studios March 16, 1973 and aired April 10, 1973.

Film: "Expansion": Jorgenson Hall Construction

"EXPANSION"A 16mm black and white narrated film, approximately 7 minutes, produced by an RTA student. The film on the early stages of the construction of Jorgenson Hall. Several interviews with staff, faculty and students about their thoughts on the changes and expansion of the Ryerson campus were interspersed throughout the construction scenes.

Video and Audio of Press Related to Ryerson CATE October 1983

1 Umatic videocassette and 1 audio cassette containing footage of 2 media items related to the Centre for Advanced Technology Education (CATE):

The Umatic video contains two segments: 1. "Ryerson Grant - Mr. J Roberts" CFTO-TV Toronto World Beat News item October 3, 1983. 2 Ryerson Press conference with John Roberts - October 3, 1983.l

The audio cassette contains : Press conference October 3, 1983 Centre for Advanced Technology Education.

Open College Promotional Film

  • RG 76.01.161
  • Dossier
  • 1972-1974
  • Fait partie de Media Centre

This file consists of film elements and prints related to a promotional film on Open College. There are two versions of the film. Open College Promo #1 features a man getting ready in the morning, having coffee, taking the subway and rushing to class. Open College Promo #2 shows a child playing with a plastic truck in a photography studio. The camera zooms out to reveal the infant's mother and grandfather.

Convocation Films

  • RG 76.01.164
  • Dossier
  • 1972-1973
  • Fait partie de Media Centre

This file consists of film reels and audiotapes recordings taken during the 1972 and 1973 convocation ceremonies.

1972 Convocation

Contains one 16 mm reel of original reversal Kodak Ektachrome film stick. The film shows students students attending an outdoor convocation ceremony location in the Kerr Hall Quadrangle. It include shots of speakers at the podium, families around the water fountain, and seated students during the ceremony.

Pneumatics Film

This file consists of four film reels related to the production of Pneumatic. This includes the original reversal A and B rolls, the narration optical track and a cutting copy.

Price & Knott Film

  • RG 76.01.167
  • Dossier
  • 1974-1975
  • Fait partie de Media Centre

This file consists of three film reels related to the production of Price & Knott. This includes a cutting copy and two reels of original film footage that have shots of a miniature mechanical valve and a Price & Knott box packing machine.

Closing credits in RG In cooperation with Price and Knott Ltd. Wainbee Ltd. Produced by Ryerson Polytechnical Institute © 1975

TARA Awards: Miscellanea

1992 Awards Video: (approximately 40:00 minutes) Audio: inaudible. Visual: poor This may be because this video is a Super VHS and the Archives does not have a compatible machine to view tape.

1994 Award: 4 photographs

1998 Awards: Press Release and Program and poster; video: edited (approximately 46:52 minutes, commercial-free) version provided by Mark Bishop, Producer of the TARA Awards production April 16, 1998. Credit to the Ryerson Archives for archival footage used for this production, not appearing on the taped televised version (2 hrs) aired July 25, 1998 on CFMT, was added to the edited version.

1999 Video: 1 hour show, including commercials, aired June 19, 1999 on CFMT. This copy was taped by Archives staff.

2001: Mounted Poster:

2002: Program, posters

2003: Program, poster

2004: Videotape, poster, photographs

2005: Program

2006: Program, photographs on CD-R

2011: Program

Videotapes: Student Television Lab Productions

Videotape productions written, acted and produced by 2nd and 3rd year RTA students as part of their course assignments. The collection includes three VHS videotapes and four 3/4" tapes. In some cases duplicates were made. Information about the productions is included with each video.

Northern Studies Summer Project Northwest Territories 1985

File contains photographic slides and a videocassette related to the 1985 School of Nutrition summer project in the Northwest Territories. The photographic slides include shots of outdoor scenes, indigenous housing, people, classes and other miscellaneous scenes. It has not been determined whether any of the slides contain shots of any of the students participating in the project. The 30 minute videocassette with Jennifer Welsh, a faculty member and three students from the Nutrition, Consumer and Family Studies program talking about the students' experiences during their 1985 summer project. As part of a Northern Scientific Training Grant Program, five students spent the summer in the Northwest Territories interacting with the indigenous population about health, nutrition and family matters.

Hockey game recordings

File consists of a reel-to-reel videotape that is believed to be a recording from a Ryerson Rams hockey game from the late 1960s or early 1970s.

Videotape: Ryerson Honours David Crombie: Chancellor

A brief (7:40 minutes) retrospect of David Crombie's life and career at Ryerson, presented at a farewell reception, celebrating the end of Crombie's term as Ryerson's first Chancellor. Terry Grier, Al Wargo, Lynda Friendly and Claude Lajuenesse gave brief personal comments about the individual, David Crombie.

Sheard/Augustine/McKay Interview

Audio and video copies of interviews with Sheard/Augustine Foundation principals. The foundation was established to support Aboriginal Student Services.

Fast Forward, Episode 2 - Toward the Ultimate System

Fast Forward was a 26 episode series on TV Ontario originally airing 1978-1979. The series examined the electronic revolution. Episode 2 - Towards the Ultimate System focused on a variety of total information systems including television, telephones, and computers. The episode originally aired on April 2, 1979.

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