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Office of the President General Files
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F. C. Jorgenson documentation files

File contains F. C. Jorgenson's documentation files. It includes memorandums, correspondence, a curriculum vitae, convocation documents from 1967 to 1969, policies, open letters, reports, the Ryerson Philosophy, drafts, programs, and a photograph.

A. Wilkinson documentation files

File contains the A. Wilkinson's documentation files as the Acting President. It includes correspondence, proposals, reports, memorandums, and schedules.

National Survival Institute files

File contains records related to the National Survival Institute. It includes newsletters, meeting minutes, agendas, correspondence, proposals, notices, brochures, publications, plans, reports, surveys, and a poster.

Personnel department files

File contains the personnel department documentation. It includes correspondence, vacancy notices, drafts, a questionnaire, and turnover statistics.

Physical Plant Matters, Equipment, Purchases

File contains documentation on Physical Plant Matters, Equipment, and Purchases. It includes correspondence, policies, quotations, a listing of band instruments, plans, and a list of long distance telephone calls.

President's Committees documentation files

File contains documentation files from various President's Committees:

  • President's Advisory Committee on Women
  • Presidential Review Committee
  • President's Committee on Education Television
  • President's Committee on Library Development
  • President's Committee on the Trimester System
  • President's Advisory Committee on Priorities
  • President's Advisory Committee on Student Life
  • President's Liaison Committee
  • President's Working Group on Distance Education
  • Principal's Committee on Development of Teaching Competence

Pre-School Education files

File contains Pre-School education materials. It includes proposals, purchase requisitions, correspondence, memorandums, and an annual report by the Atkinson Charitable Foundation.

User Committee files

File contains User Committee files including correspondence and the report "Phase One of the Western Extension Plans".

Student Services files

File contains Student Services department files. It includes correspondence, agendas, memorandums, "Roomers: The Lost Race of Society", exchange program materials, committee descriptions and listings, and Student Services department listings and flow charts.

Summer Employment files

File contains the summer employment files. It includes clippings, correspondence, meeting minutes, and reports.

Public Health Inspectors files

File contains the Public Health Inspectors program files. It includes reports, correspondence, meeting minutes, proposals, memorandums, and course outlines.

General files

File contains general files. It includes correspondence, the history of the Ryerson and future projections, summaries, the address "Why Students Rebel", reports, and "The Real Egerton Ryerson" by Howard Adams.

President's office purchasing files

File contains the President's office purchasing files. It includes invoices, correspondence, purchase orders, purchase requisitions, rental orders, delivery slips, and memorandums.

Social Event files

File contains records on social events. It includes correspondence, memorandums, a photograph, invitations, schedules, clippings, a guest list, and brochures.

Information Services department files

File contains Information Services' department files. It includes correspondence, publications, a directory, clippings, event programmes, and meeting minutes.

Nursing department files

File contains the Nursing Department's files. It includes correspondence, listings, publications, brochures, and special certificate course information.

Student Union files

File contains Student Union files. It includes job descriptions, constitutions, correspondence, reports, financial statements, budgets, member listings, agendas, newsletter clippings, and a copy of the student handbook.

Physical Plant files

File contains the Physical Plant files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, summaries, proposals, material from the project diary for the master plan for Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, reports, notices, and petitions.

College of Heralds files

File contains the College of Heralds' files. It includes correspondence,"Heraldry", "College of Arms - The Heralds and their Functions", and "Wording on Letters Patent".

Ryerson Systems Institute files

File contains Ryerson Systems Institute files. It includes correspondence, a press release, proposals, "Profit Through Computer Education" seminar materials, meeting minutes, budgets and expenditures, salaries, finances, reports, and course evaluations.

Campus Planning files

File contains campus planning files. It includes correspondence, plans, clippings, recommended policies, briefs, notes, proposals, memorandums, an organization manual, and reports.

Walter Pitman documentation files

File contains Walter Pitman's documentation files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, greeting cards, a list of the Ryerson media library motion picture and videotape holdings, proposals, position papers, programs, statements, agreements, publications, zero-base budgeting manuals, brochures, and a certificate. Also, there is specific correspondence related to the Standing Administration of Justice Committee, the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, and the Council of Ontario Universities.

Terry Grier documentation files

File contains Terry Grier's documentation files. It includes notices to the Ryerson Community, vacancy notices, flyers, a presidential budget statement, and a copy of a Ryerson insert that appeared in an issue of Maclean's magazine.

Technology Division files

File contains the Technology Division files. It includes correspondence, reports, memorandums, a copy of the Operating Engineers Act of 1965, programs, meeting minutes, publications, a sample certificate, a directory, and a program syllabus.

Information Services and Institute open houses

File contains Information Services and Institute open house materials. It includes correspondence, a guide to Ryerson, newsletters, reports, brochures, meeting minutes, and a daily abstract-index.

Ryerson Centre files

File contains the Ryerson Centre and Ryerson Union files. It includes correspondence, reports, memorandums, by-laws, a copy of the pre-programme study, proposals, and financial statements.

Student Clubs and Organizations files

File contains student clubs and organization files. It includes invitations, correspondence, budgets, newsletter clippings, tickets, invitation lists, member lists, and schedules.

Overseas Students and Work Permit Regulations

File contains the overseas students and work permit regulations records. It includes an academic research paper, tables, outlines for new procedures, correspondence, newsletters, and letters.

Nursing department files

File contains the Nursing department's files. It includes correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, budgets, agendas, membership lists, memorandums, proposals, and agreements.

Director of Student Affairs files

File contains the Director of Student Affairs' files. It includes correspondence, complaints, a copy of the "THINK" magazine from 1965, briefs, job descriptions, a brochure, event plans, and reports.

Accounting files

File contains account files including correspondence, blank salary schedules and financial statistics, proposals, travel expenses, and an investment schedule.

Placement Office files

File contains Placement Office documents. It includes correspondence, brochures, statistics, memorandums, reports, proposals, a questionnaire, and a student placement handbook.

Registrar's Office files

File contains the Registrar's Office files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, reports, withdrawals, statistics, schedules, newsletters, and meeting minutes.

Special Event files

File contain the special events files. It includes an address on the dedication of Jorgenson Hall, correspondence, notes, and an aide memoire to President Mordell.

Dr. Donald Mordell documentation files

File contains Dr. Donald Mordell's documentation files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, workshop information, proposals, speeches, statements, greeting cards, notes, drafts, reports, and a publication.

Dr. George Korey documentation files

File contains Dr. George Korey's documentation files as Acting President. It includes correspondence, invitations, memorandums, a menu, an attendance list, and greeting cards.

Dr. Brian Segal documentation files

File contains Dr. Brian Segal's documentation files. It includes vacancy notices, clippings, correspondence, closing remarks, plans, a memorandum of internal control, a curriculum vitae, and a management report.

Geodetic sciences program files

File contains records related to the Geodetic sciences program. It includes correspondence, programmes, memorandums, copies of the Surveyors Act, brochures, and meeting minutes.

Electrical Technology files

File contains the Electrical and Electronics Technology Department files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, proposals, and reports.

Student Union financial matters files

File contains the files on Student Union financial matters. It includes financial statements, a copy of the students' union constitution, estimates, petitions, correspondence, budgets, and recommendations.

Timetabling files

File contains the timetabling records. It includes correspondence, memorandums, meeting minutes, timetables, reports, diagrams, and floor plans.

Home Economics files

File contains the Home Economics department's records. It includes correspondence, staff lists, reports, projections, notices, proposals, clippings, advertisements, photographs, and program descriptions.

Certification files

File contains certification files including summary descriptions, correspondence, and an application form.

Counselling Services files

File contains Counselling Services' files. It includes correspondence, apprentice selection tests, reports, clippings, proposals, programme materials, brochures, and published materials.

Security Services files

File contains Security Services files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, insurance requirements, tenders for insurance, notes on regulation changes, and an outline specification for security services.

Health Sciences Division files

File contains the Health Sciences Division files. It includes correspondence, reports, a summary report, proposals, meeting minutes, "Guiding Principles for the Regulation and the Education of the Health Disciplines" presented by the Minister of Health, a transcription of a telephone conversation, and clippings.