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Office of University Advancement General Files
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Charitable Campaigns

This file contains promotional material to fund raise for charities, primarily the United Way, but also Cancer Society, Ryerson awards, bursaries, and scholarships.

BOG Elections/Referenda

Four binders (probably maintained by the Chief Returning Officer) containing preparation/procedure documentation for the BOG elections and any referendum during the periods 1986/87, 1988/89 (RESS Referendum), 1990/91 and 1992/93 (CKLN Referendum).

Ryerson chair - drawings and photographs

Drawings and digital (cd) images of Ryerson's official "Chair". The cd documents the various stages of the production of the chair, designed by Interior Design student Agata Jaworski. This chair was the winner in a competition among Ryerson's Interior Design students. The chair serves as a gift to major benefactors to the University. An image (chair and designer) has been printed from the cd and placed inside the file folder.

Business Plan

1997/98 Office of University Advancement "Business Plan". Part of a presentation to the Ryerson Board of Governors, March 1997. This document pre-dates the "Invest In Futures" fundraising campaign.