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Various manuals without an associated camera/accessory:

  • 2 Polaroid Land Camera Model 20 (The Swinger)
  • Electronic Flash 2351 (For use with Polaroid Model 1000 and OneStep Land Cameras)
  • Polaroid Sonar Autofocus (4 digit number; illegible)
  • Image SX 55 Electronic Flash Unit (For use with Polaroid SX70 and Pronto! Cameras)
  • Polaroid Land Camera Model 110A
  • 2 manuals for Polaroid 230 Land Camera
  • Polaroid 104 Land Camera
  • Kodak EK4 Instant Camera
  • Pleaser Instant Camera
  • Pleaser II Instant Camera

Library manuals

Series consists of 2 library manuals - one circa 1990 and the other circa 1996.

Library manual

Manual contains operational, policy, and procedural information.

Library manual

Manual contains operational, policy, and procedural information.

I.T.U. Lessons in printing - a series of practical printing texts for shop, home, and school

Series consists of courses entitled I.T.U. Lessons in Printing by the International Typographical Union in Indianapolis, Indiana. Contains 8 units of learning that appear to be from 2 different course sections, one in general printing and the other is newspaper printing. Used by the Training and Re-establishment Institute of Toronto, some of the booklets have their crest on the front.
Topics include elements of composition, display composition, job composition, english for printers, imposition and lock up, newspaper advertising, and newspaper practice.

International Typographical Union