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Office of University Advancement Special Events
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Alumni Expo (Graduate Fair)

The first Graduate Fair was held in the upper floor of the Hub cafeteria on March 4, 2009 for graduands going to graduate in 2009. The purpose was to enhance services to new graduates and improvement relations between the university and grads. The first fair was entitled, "Grads of '09 What are you doing after school?". In 2011 the name was changed to Alumni Expo.

Convocation records

Records consists of convocation programmes, transcripts of speeches/addresses, press kits, photographs, invitations, cassette tapes, some videocassettes and related documentation.

In December 1996, the name of the Office of Development, Alumni and Community Relations was changed to University Advancement Office and, thus, responsible for Convocation and ceremonies until 2008 with the creation of a separate department, the Office of Convocation and Awards.

See also:

RG 4.04 - Information Services - 1950 to 1986
RG 122.02 - Community Relations - 1987 - 1994
RG 395.12.01 - University Advancement - 1995 to 2007
RG 928.01 - Convocation and Awards - 2008 to present

Installation of President Claude Lajeunesse

File contains installation invitations, programs, program/calendar of events, curriculum vitae, press kit, RSVP list, name badges, cassette recordings (Installation of Pres. Lajeunesse CA 12-9 and "New Initiatives Forum", CA 12-11/12, received through various sources.

Memorial Service: Stan Heath: Videocassette, Slides

A DVCPRO master cassette and a VHS cassette of the memorial service for Stan Heath, Dean/Faculty of Business, who died suddenly on Septebmer 7, 1999. A collection of slides presenting a brief insight into the life of Stan Heath were shown at the memorial service.

50th Anniversary Celebration materials

Collection includes: Notices, invitations, artifacts, speech, Christmas card, Ryerson wall calendars and slides of calendar photographs, A History of Ryerson, Guest Book, etc. received through internal mailings and accessions

Sheldon Levy installation

This file contains 3 copies of Program for Installation of the President and Vice-Chancellor, list of representatives of the university and community colleges joined the academic procession for Installation ceremony, 3 invitations, 3 posters, 1 ticket to the ceremony, and ceremony reservation reply card.