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Vastokas, Ron Item Portrait sculpture, Russian
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plaque with Lenin profile

wooden plaque with metal folding stand. Wood is topped with layers of red plastic and metal, with a silver coloured relief portrait of Lenin. Covered with a clear plastic lid.

Centennial statue with silver profile of Lenin

Black, shiny, crystal-shaped plastic statue with applied silver relief image of Lenin's profile, as well as gold inscription of his signature and centennial birth years: I. Ulyanov (Lenin) 1870-1970. (one housed in red plastic case with clear lid)

Relief portrait of Lenin behind red resin

relief portrait of Lenin from collar up, displayed behind a red disc of transparent resin. Stands upright on black triangular plastic base. At the bottom it reads in Ukrainian: Rostovnid. (That is perhaps the name if the manufacturer.)

Lenin profiles on stone

Triangular prism shaped stones, partly polished and partly rough, with applied copper coloured profile portraits of Lenin in their upper right hand corners. One of three has an applied printed label in Russian on verso.

Miniature relief carving of Lenin

Three transparent plastic blacks mounted on black plastic base. Each block has a relief carving in the back, depicting Lenin or a statue of Lenin, a locomotive, and a submarine. Adhesive sticker on bottom.

Metal relief of Lenin in profile

Gold-coloured profile portrait of Lenin pressed in relief from a sheet of metal. The portrait has metal clips soldered to the back, as if it was made to be attached to a larger object.

Clay sculpture of Lenin

light brown clay sculpture of Lenin from the waist up, including one are with fist clenched and coat collar. Very roughly sculpted or not finished. Unfinished clay on back, tool marks visible on surface.

Statue of Lenin, seated and holding a rolled paper

Small statue, composed of a metal alloy, shows the figure of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin seated on what appears to be a tree stump. He holds a rolled paper in his left hand. A piece of paper, probably the manufacturer's stamp, is adhered to the bottom of one of the statues. The second statue has glue residue in the same location, indicating a similar paper was adhered but removed. The cast was created in 1986. It cost 17 rubles.

L. Torich

Profile portrait of Lenin

Metal alloy sculpture in low-relief of side profile of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's face. Hollow on verso, with a screw for hanging. Small sticker adhered on verso at the top, with inscription.