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Photography--Information resources
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Exhibitions, United Kingdom, 2007

Sub-series contains pamphlets, invitations, and publications for photographic exhibitions produced by museums, galleries, festivals, publishers and universities in the United Kingdom during 2007. Venues include:

Art at LSE, London School of Economics
Farley Farm House, England
Ffotogallery, Cardiff
Hackelbury Fine Art Limited, London
Japan Society, London
Magnum, London
National Portrait Gallery
Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norfolk, England

Nordström, Alison

Exhibitions, United Kingdom, 2008

Sub-series contains pamphlets, invitations, and publications for photographic exhibitions produced by museums, galleries, festivals, publishers and universities in the United Kingdom during 2008. Venues include:

Arts Institute at Bournemouth
Asian Art in London
Brighton Photo Biennial
National Portrait Gallery, London
Peter Lav Photo Gallery,
The Photographers' Gallery, London
Rhubarb-Rhubarb, Birmingham
Serpentine Gallery, London
SOAS, University of London
Tate Modern, London
Tate Britain, London

Nordström, Alison

Exhibitions, United Kingdom, 2011

Sub-series contains pamphlets, invitations, and publications for photographic exhibitions produced by museums, galleries, festivals, publishers and universities in the United Kingdom during 2011. Venues include:

Autograph Gallery, London
Chris Beetles Fine Photographs, London
Flowers, London

Nordström, Alison

Kodak Publication E: General colour photography

File part contains Kodak publications on colour photography. Topics include Kodak professional films; photographing outdoors; using filters, flash, and long exposures in colour photography; processing and developing; retouching; evaluating negative; removing stains from prints and negatives; and photo-posterization.

Eastman Kodak Company

Handheld photographic field guides / Chimifoto Ornano ; Eastman Kodak Company ; Kodak AG ; Radiant

File consists of 8 handheld guides designed for use while operating photographic and projection equipment. Includes the Kodak Print-Exposure Computer (in envelope), Kodak Indoor Exposure Guide (2 copies), Snapshot Kodaguide, Kodak Development/Enlarging Dial, Kodak Projection Calculator, Chimifoto Ornano Optical Test Target, and Radiant Screen Finder. The five former items, all published by Eastman Kodak or its subsidiary, Kodak AG, contain rotating volvelles intended to guide users in the choice of film, shutter speed, and f-number for a variety of subjects and lighting situations, to help with photographic enlarging and development, and to aid in determining projection distance.

Kodak Canada Inc.


File contains users guides and information on photographic equipment produced by Folmer & Schwing Manufacturing Co., Folmer & Schwing Division of Eastman Kodak, Folmer Graflex Corp., Grafelx Inc., Grafelx Inc. Division of the General Precision Equipment and Graflex Inc. Division of the Singer Coprortaion.

Photograph & Film Technology Collection

  • 2005.005
  • Collection
  • 1880 - 2008

This collection consists of photographic films, papers and chemicals used by various individuals for amateur or professional purposes. The collection also includes camera accessories, flash equipment, various lenses, exposure meters (light meters) and equpiment used for darkroom processing and printing. This is a growing collection, created to help preserve the materials used for analogue photographic developing, printing and enlarging.

Kodak Reference Handbooks and Technical Data

Sub-sub-series contains publications produced by Kodak for the consumer between 1940 and about 1995. Publications are pamphlets ranging from 1 to over 50 pages and intended to be stored in a series of specialized binders. The information pamphlets were published in series with an alpha numeric code, which form the sub series in this collection. Customers subscribed to receive updates based on their specific interest. Early publications, from the 1940's, were simply titled "Kodak Photographic Handbook" and later versions included: Kodak Reference Handbook, Kodak Industrial Handbook, Kodak Color Handbook, Kodak Graphic Arts Handbook, Kodak Professional and Industrial Data, and Kodak Scientific and Technical Data.

Each pamphlet has a unique, alpha-numeric Pamphlet Number, following classification scheme devised by Kodak to make ordering and subscription easy for clients. Schema is as follows:
A - Amateur Photography (also under KW)
AV - Audiovisual Programs from Kodak
B - Filters
C - Arctic Photography
CC - Publications about Kodak
D - Microfilming and Reprography Materials (also under P); Dental Radiography
E - Color Photography
F - Black and White Film
G - Black and White Papers, Industrial Photography, and Instrumentation
H - Motion Picture, TV Applications (also under D and S)
J - Chemicals, Processing, Silver Recovery, and Waste Disposal
JJ - Kodak Laboratory Chemicals
K - Darkroom Design and Construction
KW - Amateur Photography )see section A also)
L - Index
LC - Library of Creative Photography
M - Aerial, Applied, and Medical Photography
N - Medical and Scientific Photography
O - Professional Studio Photography
P - Instrumentation and Industrial Photography (see section G also)
Q - Graphic Arts
R - Exposure and Processing Guides
S - Audiovisual Applications (also under T and V)
T - Audiovisual, Education, and Professional Video Tape Products (also under AV, and V)
TD - Graphic Arts (see sections G, P, and Q also)
U - Optical Materials
V - Audiovisual (also under AV, S, and T)
W - Industrial Radiography, Chemistry
X - International Publications
Y - Processing and Equipment Record Forms
Z - Processing Monitoring Systems, Self-Instruction Materials, Literature Library Collections

Kodak Publication B: Filters

File contains published instructional and information booklets for Kodak lenses and filters. Topics include: lens, shutter & filter catalogues; coated lenses; Portra lenses; pola screens and wrattan filters; close-up photography; filters for black-and-white and colour photograhpy.

Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak Publication P: Instrumentation and Industrial Photography (see section G also)

File contains information and instructional booklets relating to industrial photographic practices and Kodak industrial products. Topics include microscopic photography, underwater photography, microfilm and reproduction films and papers (RAR film, Pan film, Ektaline paper, and Linograph paper), geophysical recording, instrumentation films, spectrum analysis, schlieren photography, and darkroom construction for industrial use. Also included is the "Kodak Job Sheet Packet", which outlines techniques for handling problems that arise in industrial photography.

Eastman Kodak Company

Museum reference material

File includes records used as reference materials for the Kodak Canada Heritage Collection and Museum and potentially by Corporate Communications. Includes photocopies of camera catalogues and inventories; articles on the history of York; timelines of photographic history; order forms for and information on photography reference books; and information on George Eastman House, Rochester. Because the Museum was closely associated with the Corporate Communications department, a similar file of Communication Reference Material was likely also consulted by employees of the Museum.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak customer service pamphlets

File contains originals and photocopies of Kodak Customer Service Pamphlets and order forms, published between 1977 and 1997. These pamphlets were available for purchase and provided technical advice and information on various aspects of photography. Topics include: photograms; camera lenses; and the history of Kodak cameras.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Announcing--a new era of decision-free Kodak disc photography

Item is a 3-ring binder containing product information on Kodak disc photography. Includes press releases, promotional photographs, diagrams, and general instructions. Binder is divided into the following sections: announcement news releases; photofinishing systems; marketing and dealer support; picture-taking feature; science and technology. An index to contents has been created and laid into front.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Exhibitions, Canada, 2007

Sub-series contains pamphlets, press releases, invitations, and publications for photographic exhibitions produced by Canadian museums and galleries during 2007. Venues include:

Gallery 44, Toronto
Vancouver Art Gallery
Vox, Montreal

Nordström, Alison

Exhibitions, Europe, 2007

Sub-series contains pamphlets, press releases, invitations, and publications for photographic exhibitions produced by European museums, galleries, festivals, publishers and universities during 2007. Venues include:

Magnum Gallery, Paris
Musee du quai Branly, Paris
Paris Photo
Piasa, Paris

Art Space, Stuttgart
Berlinische Galerie, Berlin
Deutsche Guggenheim
Galerie Kasten, Mannheim
Judisches Museum Berlin
Museum Ludwig, Cologne
Uno Art Space, Stuttgard

Brandts Museet fur fotokunst, Odense
Gallerie Image, Aarhus

Clarveau Cite de l'Image
Musee d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean (Mudam)
Musee national d'histoire et d'art

Foam Fotografiemuseum, Amsterdam
Parkhuis de Zwiger, Amsterdam
Rijks Museum, Amsterdam
Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands

Mesiac Fotografie, Bratislava

Anton Podbevsek Teater,

Arqueria de Nuevos Ministerios
Arte Madrid
Blanca Galeriea Berlin, Madrid
Matadero Mardrid
Museo Colecciones ICO, Madrid
Photo Espana, Madrid
Real Jardin Botanico, Madrid

Hasselblad Foundation, Goteborg
Lennart Nilsson Award, Karolinska Intitute

The Kavkaz Foundation

Nordström, Alison

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