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CJRT Radio

  • RG 159
  • collection

Fonds contains records related to the history of CJRT Radio.

CJRT Radio

O'Keefe House

  • RG 209
  • collection
  • 1963 - 2015

Fonds contains textual records, graphic material, and artifacts related to the Ryerson residence O'Keefe House.

O'Keefe House

Ted Brock Recognition of 20 Years

  • RG 209.06.04
  • Pièce
  • March 30, 1985
  • Fait partie de O'Keefe House

Plaque given to Ted Brock in honour of his contributions to O'Keefe House. Inscription on plaque reads:To Ted Brock. In Recognition of 20 years of dedicated leadership, guidance, and friendship toward the many young men of O'Keefe House....

Bond House/O'Keefe House Scrapbooks

  • RG 209.05
  • Série organique
  • 1964 - 2004
  • Fait partie de O'Keefe House

Series consists of compiled scrapbooks that documented student and residence life at Bond/O'Keefe House. Includes photographs, correspondence, financials, meeting minutes, ephemera, clippings, and administrative records. A collection of binde...

O'Keefe House Sign

O'Keefe House exterior sign, reading "O'Keefe House 137 Bond St."

Ted Brock

  • RG 209.06
  • Série organique
  • 1963 - 2003
  • Fait partie de O'Keefe House

Series contains records related to Ted Brock's involvement with O'Keefe House.

O'Keefe House Alumni - Ted Brock collection

Textual records donated to the Archives by Douglas Brock, brother of former O'Keefe House Don Ted Brock. This series includes records related to student and residence life at O'Keefe house, materials gathered in preparation for the 35th ...

Ted Brock Tribute: Program

This file contains 1 Programme to the "40th Anniversary of Bond/O'Keefe House and Tribute to Ted Brock", held on November 15, 2003.

O'Keefe House Plaques

File contains various plaques related to O'Keefe House: Residence Challenge 2002-2003 for supreme participation in the intramural program Ryerson Intramural residence challenge champions 1999-2000 Residence Challenge 2007-2008 for supreme par...

Floor Plans

This file contains 5 architectural drawings related to O'Keefe house.

O'Keefe House Objects

  • RG 209.04
  • Série organique
  • 1975 - 2009
  • Fait partie de O'Keefe House

Series includes a collection of objects/artifacts related to O'Keefe House.

O'Keefe House - sports team photographs

File contains photographs of various O'Keefe house intramural sports teams:Ryerson Intramural Football Champions 1976-77Winter Carnival Broomball Champions O'Keefe House Brewers 1990-91Ryerson Intramural Ball Hockey Runners-Up 1979-80Rye...

O'Keefe House: Pencil Sketch

This file contains two pencil sketched pictures of O'Keefe House. One is in a greeting card format and the other was a larger framed item that has now been unframed. The work is signed by John E. Secord.

Ernie's Dogs - Ernie Dog Days

File contains three plaques with photographs and information related to Ernie's Dogs and the Ernie's Bursary Fund 'Dog Days' in 1995, 1996 and 1997

O'Keefe House Residents - official group photographs

This file contains various photographs of residents at Bond House, re-named O'Keefe House. There is also one photograph of four men sitting on chairs in front of a fireplace. The photographs are on plaques or standalone. The plaque for the ye...

O'Keefe House Residents photo album photographs

File contains photographic prints that were previously housed in two (non-archival) photo albums. Images show O'Keefe house residents posing for formal group and couple photographs.

O'Keefe House Dons photographs

File contains various photographs of O'Keefe House Dons throughout the years. Includes two unidentified years as well as pictures of the Dons from:1979-801988-891992-931993-941994-951995-961997-981998-99

Annual Banquet programmes

This file contains 11 Programmes to The Annual O'Keefe House Banquets, and to The Eugene O'Keefe Memorial Ball.

O'Keefe House renaming - correspondence

Correspondence re. the renaming of Bond House to it's original name of O'Keefe House and information regarding the historical plaque for the building provided by the Toronto Historical Society.

O'Keefe House Media Guides

This file contains a 4 copies of a programme for the Thirty- Fifth Anniversary Reunion of The O'Keefe House/Bond House.


This file contains Notices of The O'Keefe House events.

Ron Pardo show poster

File contains a small show poster for Ron Pardo, comic and impressionist. Ron Pardo was a Ryerson student and lived in Bond House residence.

35th Anniversary Reunion: Program

This file contains a 4 copies of a programme for the Thirty- Fifth Anniversary Reunion of The O'Keefe House/Bond House.

Temple Building, Toronto

Contact sheet with four black and white images of the Temple building in Toronto, originally constructed in 1896. The building was Toronto's first skyscraper. Corresponding negatives: 2009.002.2393.

Gouinlock, George W., 1861-[1926-1927]

Renderings by William Thomas

Two framed renderings by William Thomas, noted architect who designed and lived in Oakham House. One rendering is of the steeple of St. Michael's Cathedral (Thomas is credited with the main design of the Cathedral although the final design of...

Open College Canadian History Program transcripts

  • RG
  • Dossier
  • 1981-1983
  • Fait partie de Open College

File contains original source program transcripts of the entire collection of audio cassette programs from the original (1980-82) broadcasted Open College Canadian history course Search for a Nation (COCR 920) , comprising therein programs #1 to ...

Canadian history interviews with Des and Myer & Prof. G.R.Cook

  • RG
  • Pièce
  • 1981-1993
  • Fait partie de Open College

10 interview transcriptsInterview topics include Quebec & Constitution, Federalism & Provincial Rights, Quebec & French Canada, WWI & Conscription, Laurier & Manitoba Schools, Re-generator book interview, Course overview with M...

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