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The truth of history - the source of our strength

One poster enveloped in plastic wrap with foam core backing, and two loosely rolled posters, show the image of Vladimir Illyich Lenin with writing in black and white with red background. Image of Lenin is pixelated resembling a newspaper. image. H...

Avvakumov, M.

Our Ilyich

Two sets of 12 posters, each set is missing poster 10 and has a duplicate of poster 9 instead. The posters illustrate the timeline of Lenin's life, with subjects including: The Ulyanov Family, Childhood and Youth, For the Happiness of the Peo...

Andrusych, Nina Oleksiyivna

German five pfennig coin

copper coloured coin with oak branch on one side and number and wheat sheaves on the other side. German writing on both sides. Recto reads: Federal Republic of Germany - 1971. Verso reads:5 pfennig.

military medals with Stalin profile

Military medal awarded to servicemen who fought for the Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War (WWII) against Germany. The medals are gold to copper in colour, and hang from ribbons with pins on the back. The medals themselves have a profile of S...

commemorative medal with Lenin profile

medals are gold in colour and are hanging from red ribbons with pins on the back. The medals depict the profile of Lenin with dates beneath (1870-1970). These medals were awarded to Soviet workers, economists, military members and foreign communis...

1918 collectivization commemorative bronze medal

Commemorative bronze medal with relief of three men on recto. One man standing and two sitting at a table, one of whom is Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. On verso, relief of man standing with horse drawn plow. He is looking at tractors plowing the land in ...

50 Years of the USSR commemorative medal with red flag

Commemorative medal, composed of a metal alloy, with relief on recto of Lenin right arm raised upwards with other at his chest. Soviet flag below him, coloured in red, with laurel branch. On verso, laurel wreath around the hammer and sickle above ...

October Revolution 60 years commemorative medal

Commemorative medal, composed of a metal alloy, resting in a box of red velvet, no cover. Medal shows image relief of Vladimir Illyich Lenin looking towards a group of workers holding a flag, with lines radiating out from behind them. The flag rea...

Circular medallion of Lenin in a plastic case

Circular medallion composed of metal alloy in white plastic box. Box lid has gold writing on it, which reads "V. I. Lenin," with banner and laurel. Medallion has relief of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's face. It rests perfectly in box, an...

green note cards with drawing of Lenin

note cards depicting a drawing of Lenin from neck up. Recto is green with Russian writing, verso is white. Beneath Lenin's portrait is his name: V. I. Lenin. Scored line in centre allows the card to be folded. The artist of the portrait was N...

note cards with painting of Lenin by the sea

note cards with a reproduction of a painting of Lenin by a body of water. Shown against grey background on right side of recto. Blank verso. Scored line to allow card to be folded. The text beneath the portrait reads: V. I. Lenin. The artist of th...

folder of Lenin photographic postcards

package of postcards bearing photographic reproductions of scenes from Lenin's leadership. Each has crest with hammer and sickle and small Russian and English text on verso. All photographs are from 1919 and 1920.

Khramtsova, G.

embroidered scene of Lenin and Stalin

embroidered scene on fabric which has been mounted on particle board or cardboard. Plain black fabric covers the verso. The image depicts Lenin and Stalin shaking hands at the bank of a river, while a man waits beside them in a rowboat. The date o...

[Wooden egg with political portrait]

Wooden egg shape sculpture, hand painted with face of what may be Mikhail Gorbachev. He wears glasses, holds a microphone up to his mouth, and an earphone up to his ear. Portrait is in black and white, while the egg is painted in red-brown.

Tapestry of Lenin's 100th anniversary

Tapestry of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's 100th Anniversary 1870-1970 shows his profile woven into the material, with the dates below and intricate design on borders. Rich dark colours. Tapestry has hooks to hang. Writing on verso.

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