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Yashica Minimatic - EL

Item is a 35 mm camera with a split image rangefinder and automatic exposure camera. A signal appears in the viewfinder if the film will be overexposed and the shutter cannot be released. Lens is a Yashinon - DX, f1.7, 45 mm.

Point and shoot cameras

Series contains mainly inexpensive, fully automatic 35 mm cameras marketed strictly for amateur use. These cameras are the high tech descendants of the box camera and most models have no manual control over focus, aperture, shutter speed, film win...

Digital and pre-digital cameras

Series contains cameras that are designed to capture images using sensors and digital storage media instead of film, as well as pre-digital cameras that combined digital technology with film. The digital camera replaced the traditional film camera...

Motion-picture viewers

Series contains cameras that use film to capture moving images for display. While still image cameras expose one image at a time on photographic film, motion picture cameras take a series of images (or frames) on long strips of film that are then ...

Professional and press cameras

Series contains cameras designed to fulfill specific, professional functions such as surveying, aerial photography, studio portraits and press work. These cameras are often the best items in the manufacturers line, offering more features and a stu...

Miniature and sub-miniature cameras

This series contains cameras designed to take photographs on flexible film sized smaller than 135 format film (24mm x 36mm). The size of the camera also tended to be very small, and often simply designed. While several companies manufactured high ...

Detective cameras

Items in this series are photographic devices designed to be inconspicuous, intended for photographers to make candid exposures without the subject being aware. The first detective cameras appeared with the production of commercially available dry...

Scovill & Adams Company

Single lens reflex cameras

Series contains single lens reflex, or simply reflex, cameras. This deign used a mirror at a 45 degree angle to allow the photographer to look through the lens when composing the photograph, therefore seeing exactly what will appear on the film. B...

Twin lens reflex cameras

Series contains cameras designed with two identical lenses, mounted one above the other, for composition and the other for exposure. The twin-lens design allows the photographer a continuous view of the subject while photographing, as the 45 degre...

Exhibition prior to 2000

Series contains pamphlets, press releases, invitations and publications for photographic exhibitions at museums, galleries, festivals and universities in the United States and some abroad, between 1985 and 1999. Venues include: 621 Gallery, Tallah...

Nordström, Alison

Exhibitions, 2010

Series contains pamphlets, press releases, invitations, and publications for photographic exhibitions in international museums, galleries, festivals, publishers and universities during 2010. See sub-series records for lists of venues.

Nordström, Alison

Exhibitions, 2011

Series contains pamphlets, press releases, invitations, and publications for photographic exhibitions in international museums, galleries, festivals, publishers and universities during 2011. See sub-series records for lists of venues.

Nordström, Alison

Kodak chair lecture series 1988-1989

Series contains audio recordings of public lectures given by photographers, filmmakers, theorists, and critics as part of the Kodak chair lecture series, presented at Ryerson University. Two of the lectures (Tom Sherman, October 21st and Steven Ma...

Kodak Canada Inc.


Item consists of 2 audio tapes of the artist Evergon discussing his photographic work. The lecture took place at Ryerson University as part of the Kodak Chair Lecture Series.


Yvonne Rainer

Item consists of 2 audio tapes of the artist Yvonne Rainer speaking about her work as a filmmaker. The lecture took place at Ryerson University as part of the Kodak Chair Lecture Series.

Rainer, Yvonne

Olivia Parker

Item consists of 4 audio cassettes of a talk given by American documentary photographer Susan Meiselas about her work. Given at Ryerson University as part of the Kodak Chair Lecture Series.

Parker, Olivia

David Em

Item consists of 4 audio cassettes of a talk American computer artist David Em gave about his work. The lecture took place at Ryerson University as part of the Kodak Chair Lecture Series.

Em, David

Nicholas M. and Marilyn A. Graver Photographic Publications Collection

  • F 2005.003
  • Fondo
  • 1893-2005

The collection consists of small pamphlets or periodicals issued by camera manufacturers to promote the sale of camera equipment or encourage the use of their films and apparatus. Most issues were published by the Eastman Kodak Company in Rocheste...

Early Canadian Photography

File contains 35mm slides produced from original objects and books belonging to the Ryerson Image Centre, focusing on the items in their collection produced by Canadian photographers in the latter half of the 19th century. Photographers include; B...

Ryerson Image Centre

Gardner's Art Through the Ages

Series contains images to accompany Gardner's Art Through the Ages, 10th edition. Topics include sculpture, architecture, painting, and photgoraphy from ancient to modern. Slides are housed in 1 binder, with index included.

The Macmillan Company of Canada Limited

Photographing Machine, Patent #289763: Drawings

Item includes a 6 page document with technical drawings that included the 1929 patent application that David A. McCowan made for the "Photographing Machine" (Phototeria).

McCowan, David A.

Phototeria and Peter McCowan

  • 2015.24.04.03
  • Unidad documental simple
  • [about 2006]
  • Parte deThe Phototeria

Item consists of 25 photographs of Peter McCowan, son of the Phototeria inventor David A. McCowan, with various accessories from the booth. These include a portrait of Peter McCowan taken in the Phototeria, a lens, an instruction plate, and a crat...

Dunbar, George

Late Victorian cabinet card album

Item is a late Victorian cabinet card album on a metal stand, with slots for 54 photographs and a storage drawer. Album cover is celluloid, wood and velvet and features floral and aviary scenes. Pages are illuminated with a gold, printed floral pa...

3D binocular viewfinder camera (Coronet)

Item is a plastic three-dimensional stereo camera with binocular viewfinder. This item makes 4 stereo pairs or 8 single images, exposure is 4.5 x 5 cm on 127 mm roll film. The single shutter-speed is 1/50, twin f11 meniscus fixed-focus lenses, len...

3D binocular viewfinder camera (Coronet)

Item is a plastic stereo camera typically found through mail order catalogues. For 4.5 x 5 cm exposures on 127 mm roll film. Shutter speed 1/50. Twin f11 menscus fixed focal lenses. Lens are labelled as 1 and 2. Written on item: Bioncular viewfin...

Sawyer's lighted view master (model F)

Item is a brown Sawyer's View-Master with a internal light meant to illuminate the backs of transparencies. Item comes with 1reel of 7 diametrical, 16 mm colour transparencies showing famous global landmarks and world events. White push down...

Monarch stereoscope viewer

This item is a hand held stereoscope made of wood and aluminium. The hood of the viewer is adorned with a floral engraving and a seal of a deer. The viewer is lined with velvet. The handle is able to bend back onto the viewer. This object was used...

Stereo-graphoscope viewer

This item is a handheld stereoscope made entirely of wood and has binocular style adjustable lenses. Handle folds onto viewer. Written on bottom of viewer: USA. APR. 23; 1889. OCT.15.1895; CANADA FEB.1996; FRANCE B.S.G.D.G; GREAT BRITAIN, GERMANY,...

Fairchild stereoscope binocular model F-17

This item is a metal stereoscope binocular viewer with extendable legs and mirrored sides. This object was used to view aerial photographs and survey maps of land. In the 1920's Fairchild Aviation became the second-largest manufacturer of co...

Ricohmatic 225

Item is a Ricohmatic 225 in case. It is a 6x6 twin lens reflex camera made in Japan by Ricoh from 1959 to 1962. It is a synthesis of all the best technologies of the time. Used no. 120 film, but an optional kit was available to allow for the use o...

Tru-Vue viewer box set (Tru-Vue company)

Item is a brown plastic 3D viewer built with a push-down lever between the lenses. The lever is designed to rotate a reel containing three-dimensional black and white 35 mm acetate film manufactured by Tru-Vue Company. Images are inserted through ...

View-Master deluxe projector

Item is a brown electric view master projector manufactured by Swayer's Inc. Originally this item was meant as an educational tool for adults but quickly became a popular children's toy. Item is made of plastic and metal. This projector ...

Revolving stereoscope viewer (A. Mattey)

Item is a wooden tabletop stereoscope with binocular viewer made with 50 built in glass stereographs of landscapes from Quebec and Montreal, factories and vernacular photography. Top of the stereoscope can open for additional light. Inside the o...

Tabletop viewer

This item is a rectangular tabletop stereoscope built with a rotating metal belt inside containing 37 images of portraits, interior spaces, and landscapes.

Zeiss Super Ikonta C (folding camera)

Item is a folding camera for use with Zeiss Ikon B2 6x9cm 120 roll film. The camera includes a Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar f3.5, 105mm lens and Compur rapid shutter with speeds from 1 second to 1/400, plus bulb setting.

Ikoflex III camera

Item is a medium format twin lens reflex camera manufactured by Zeiss Ikon. this is the last pre-war Ikoflex model, released in June of 1939 and made in Stuttgart, Germany. For 6 x 6 cm exposures on 120 format roll film. The focusing screen has a ...

Praktica FX3

Item is an 35mm reflex camera with a waist-level viewfinder and a non auto-return mirror. Manufactured in Soviet controlled East Germany, the company and the Desden factory closed after reunification. The lens is a Meyer Gorlitz Domiplan 1:2.8/50mm.

Mamiya c330

Item is a twin lens reflex medium format camera. Features on this model include a self-cocking winding crank with double exposure prevention.

Ikoflex II camera

Item is a medium format twin lens reflex camera for 6 x 6 cm exposures on 120 format roll film, produced by Zeiss Ikon. Model number 252/16 stamped underneath. Lens is a Triotar 75mm, f3.5 with a compur 1 to 1/300 shutter.

Revolving stereoscope viewer (J.W. Cadwell)

Item is a wooden tabletop revolving stereoscope. Handles on sides of the object turn a internal central axle built to rotate stereographs. Stereograph slots come with a clip that holds two stereographs back to back. Double viewer is hooded to cont...

Cadwell, J.W.

Stereoscopic views boxset

This item is a wooden stereoscopic box set with hand held viewer. Viewer is able to fold on top of itself and is made of wood and leather. Box has 45 stereoscopic slides made from various publishing studios such as Kilburn and Underwood & Unde...

Kromskop stereoscopic table viewer

Item is a Kromskop viewer developed by Frederic E. Ives in 1895. Item comes with 1 monochrome transparency made from 3 colour separation negatives layered together; these transparencies were often referred to as kromograms. Kromograms were known a...

Wooden pedestal stereoscope viewer

Item is a wooden Holmes style stereoscope attached to a pedestal. Stereoscope viewer is made of cardboard and lined with velvet. Viewer is able to bend at the base.This object was used to view two nearly identical photographs, or stereographs, as ...

Leica iif

Item is a small, hand-held metal camera with black vulcanite cover on body. Summitar lens (f=5cm), strap and lens cap included.

Leica R4

Item is a small hand held 35mm camera with metal and black vulcanite case. Two large metal rings attached on either side for a strap (not included). No lens included.

Mercury stereoscope viewer (H.C. White Co.)

This item is a handheld metal and wood Holmes style stereoscope. The metal viewer has flower and leaf details engraved with fabric lining the metal eyepiece. This object was used to view two nearly identical images, or stereographs, as one three-d...

Field cameras

This series contains view cameras whose lighter and more compact design, as compared to larger, studio style cameras, allowed for them to be easily transported for use in outdoor settings and for travelling. Alterations like collapsible bellows (f...

One-time use cameras

Series contains cameras designed to be disposable. Usually simple, point and shoot cameras made of plastic cases with cardboard housings, these cameras were sold pre-loaded with film and returned to the photofinisher in tact for development. The p...

Asahi Pentax 6 x 7

Item is a professional medium format single lens reflex camera for 6 x 7 cm images on 120 or 220 roll film. This camera has a design similar to a 35mm camera with interchangeable Takumar lenses and range finders. It has a Penta Prism viewfinder, a...

Phototeria advertisements

  • 2015.24.2
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1931-1933
  • Parte deThe Phototeria

File contains advertisements and articles about the Phototeria and the Photette (the photographic disks the photo booth produced) from "Automatic Age" and "Coin Machine Journal", magazines that promoted automatic machines for s...

Cavalry (Albumen, Kodak No. 1 print)

Item is a mounted albumen print on paper manufactured by Kodak and likely taken using the Kodak No. 1 camera, which came pre-loaded with film. When all 100 exposures had been made by the consumer, the entire camera was sent back to the Kodak comp...

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