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Council of Ontario Universities 1979

5 cm of textual records made up of correspondence, notes, reports, financials, statistics, photocopied newspaper clipping, 1 brochure, and numerous newsletters.

Council of Ontario Universities 1980

6 cm of textual records made up of correspondence, notes, reports, financials, statistics, minutes, numerous newsletters and media releases, and photocopies of newspaper clippings.

1/5 [Histories]

File contains correspondence, school histories, and historical timelines related to the Ryerson Institute of Technology.

5/1 History

File contains information regarding the laying of the corner-stone of Ryerson Institute of Technology at Victoria and Gold streets, and other historical facts.

18/30 Ryerson Founder's Dinner

File contains correspondence and the program of the Founder's Dinner. The dinner is sponsored by the Board of Governors, Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.

18/33 Office of the Registrar

File contains memos from the Office of the Registrar regarding the class designation for timetable purposes and significant dates for Fall term.

5/18 Student bursaries and awards

File contains letters of thank you and appreciation to the awards and bursaries contributers. A photograph of the awards is also include.

5/19 Ryerson Theatre

File contains correspondence regarding the use of the Ryerson Theatre facilities and the production of various plays. It is also included minutes of meetings of the Principal's Committee on the Theatre.

5/41 Toronto Typographical Union

File contains memos regarding the negotiations between Ryerson and the Toronto Typographical Union, Local 91. Included is a draft copy of the proposed agreement.

6/12 Ryerson Faculty Association 1964-1967

File contains information and correspondence regarding salary schedules, agreement between The Board of Governors and The Ryerson Faculty Association and other matters regarding the association from 1964 to 1967.

6/24 Labour Relations

File contains comments from the Labour Relations Supervisor at Consumers on the Ryerson wage settlement.

7/8 Student Residence - Neil Wycik, 1968

File contains correspondence and report regarding the construction of student housing facilities. A feasibility study for student housing facilities and recommendations is included.

9/14 Space requirements

File contains correspondence, memos and reports about space requirements for 1968-69 and 1969-70.

12/2 Pension Plan

File contains correspondence, reports, amendments and agreements to the retirement pension plan for salaried employees of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.

13/9 RFA proposals and agreements

File contains correspondence between Ryerson and the Faculty Association negotions team. A copy of the proposal, counter proposal and agreement between Ryerson Polytechnical Institute and The Ryerson Faculty Association are included.

13/13 Rates of pay

File contains correspondence concerning the annual pay increments for Ryerson faculty.

13/19 Faculty teaching load

File contains a summary of departmental average workloads, a workload report and memos and correspondence regarding faculty teaching load at Ryerson.

18/31 The Ryersonian

File contains reports and correspondence regarding policy, staff and operation of the Daily Ryersonian. Some newspaper clippings are included.

18/47 CJRT TV and Radio

File contains information on the limits of the CJRT radio licence, operations costs, board of broadcast governors' hearing on educational television channels and other information related to the CJRT TV and radio at Ryerson.

5/15 Registrar's Office

File contains correspondence regarding registration, schedules, fees, foreign students and other issues related to the Registrar's office.
Guidelines for the preparation of examinations and information on transferability, enrollment and statistics are also included in this file.

4/1 Budget

File contains information and correspondence regarding Ryerson budget to 1970-1971.

5/1 General

File contains correspondence regarding degree designation, Ryerson authority to grant degrees, Institute 3 year plan, the contribution it can make to the post-secondary education and other general correspondence and information.

5/11 Medical Centre

File contains information, reports and correspondence regarding the Health Center at Ryerson.

5/16 The Ryersonian

File contains a memo from the Comptroller's Department regarding the Daily Ryersonian.

5/24 Visitors to Ryerson

File contains information and correspondence on visitors to Ryerson from abroad. It also includes letters thanking Ryerson for being a good host.

5/27 CIDA Barbados Hotel School

File contains a report entitled "Barbados Hotel School: A CIDA Assignment" , and a report entitled " A Report on the more effective involvement of canadian universities in the canadian international development effort" . Minutes of meetings, reports and correspondence regarding the Barbados Hotel School project are also included in this file.

5/32 Educational Television (ETV)

File contains minutes of Continuing Education meeting, a position paper for Instructional Television at Ryerson, a report from M.E.T.A. (Metropolitan Educational Television Association), notes a questionnaire and correspondence. Two issues of Metanews are included.

5/35 Media Centre

File contains a summary of the development of Media Services and correspondence related to the Media Center.

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