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Portrait of Ida, outdoors

Item is a small brown card with rectangular photograph pasted on. Woman with dwarfism stands in front of a flower bush, outdoors. On verso, in pencil "This picture was taken when Ida was/ 18 years old." and "$25.00/ Set 4".

Audrey Cohn-Sandler Reading Room

File contains textual records related to the library's Audrey Cohn Sandler Reading Room including correspondence, and financials.

Audrey Cohn-Sandler reading room

File contains photographs taken of the Audrey Cohn-Sandler reading room that opened on November 19th on the 6th floor of the Learning Resources Centre. There are photographs of people in the reading room and photographs of the memorial plaque.

Davey, Jerry

Learning Resource Center - Cohn-Sandler Room

File contains negatives of the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's Cohn-Sandler Room in the Learning Resource Centre (Library). Images include : Audrey Cohn-Sandler, and various aspects of the Cohn-Sandler Room.

Ryerson Media Centre

Fujichrome 100 for color slides

Box of Fujichrome 100 film in original packaging, opened but unused, with directions to process before July 1990. 24 x 36mm exposures.

Fujifilm (Mississauga, Ont.)

Ken Van Velzer Polaroid Collection

  • 2018.10
  • Collection
  • [1910-2000?]

The collection contains Polaroid cameras and accessories. Material includes a variety of cameras, containers, parts and ephemera relating to Polaroid photography

C.P. Venizia stereographs

File contains photographic stereocards depicting Italian architectural sites, including St. Peters (Rome), the entrance to the Grand Canal (Venice), Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica of the Nativity of Saint Mary (Milan), the Porta Magna Arsenal (Veince), the Giants Staircase of the Doges Palace (Venice), the Roman Amphitheater (Verona).

C. P. Venezia

"Pictures taken with Kodaks" (wooden folding advertisement)

Item consists of a standing, yellow painted wooden, 4-section frame containing 16 photographs taken with Kodak cameras and printed on Kodak papers. Each image lists the camera that was used to take the photograph, along with the name of the paper it was printed on. Cameras include Baby Brownie, Six-20 Duo, Six-20 Junior, Six-16 Kodak, the Retina, and the Jiffy Kodak VP.

Winter scene

Item is a photograph featuring an image of coniferous covered in snow. Caption housed with photograph reads: The pristine beauty of the woods in winter can be pictured by any photographer willing to venture into a national park.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Ryerson Press Collection Books

Series contains books published by the Ryerson Press company between 1862 and 1973, as well as publishing catalogues. The series does not represent a full run of titles produced by the publisher during these dates.

The Ryerson Press

Convocation materials, 2009

File contains programs, tickets and other materials created in conjunction with the Spring and Fall convocation ceremonies. Included are 2 press kits in relation to the conferring of an Honourary Doctorate to Jean Beliveau.

Truth and Reconciliation ceremonies

Series contains programmes related to Truth and Reconciliation ceremonies held at the University and organized by the Ceremonials office.

Installation of Chancellor and Chancellor Emeritus - 2006

File contains 7 invitations. Three are for the installation for G. Raymond Chang as Chancellor of Ryerson University at the convocation held November 2, 2006 at 9:30am; one for the reception held in honour of G. Raymond Chang held at 6pm on November 2, 2006; and three are for a luncheon in honour of the conferring of the title "Chancellor Emeritus" on the Honourable David Crombie, O. C. held on November 2, 2006 at 12:30pm.

2019 awards

File contains 2 Faculty Service Awards programs, luncheon held February 5, 2019; 2 Ryerson Awards Night programs, held April 1, 2019; and 2 Faculty Teaching Awards programs, luncheon held February 26, 2019.

2018 awards

File contains 2 copies of the Faculty Teaching Awards luncheon program held February 26, 2018 and 2 copies of the Faculty Service Awards luncheon program held February 5, 2018.

Strange Animals of the World, View-master Reels

Item consists of wheel type stereographs that depict animals divided by geographic location (Wheel 1: South America and Asia, Wheel 2: Australia and Africa, Wheel 3: Africa and North America). The subjects of the pictures are listed on the back of the envelope. Also comes with a 16-page colour illustrated booklet

Assorted Stories, View-master Reel

File consists of a set of wheel type stereographs that depict a variety of well known stories. Titles are: The Fiddler on the Roof, The Poseidon Adventure, Thumbelina, The Pied Piper, Alice in Wonderland, Bambi and Lassie, and Timmy in "The Runaway Mule"

Geographic Locations, View-master Reels

File contains wheel type stereographs that depict different geographic locations and their attractions. Each wheel describes what the images on it are of and each booklet has a map of the area and additional information.

GAF Corporation

Star Trek, View-master Reel

Item consists of a set of wheel type stereographs that depict scenes from the Star Trek original series episode "The Omega Glory" (season 2, episode 23). The back of the envelope summarizes the episode. Packet item No. B 4991.

Flintstones, View-master Reel

File consists of two sets of wheel type stereographs that depict scenes from The Flintstones cartoon television series. On each envelope back, there is a summary of what the wheel shows. One envelope also contains an illustrated booklet. Packet Numbers are B 520 and B 514.

Assorted Series, View-master Reel

File contains a set of wheel type stereographs depicting a veriety of television series including: Gun smoke, Hawai Five-O, Laugh-In, Snoopy, San Diego Zoo, Mexican Bullfight, Coins, Rocks, World War One, and Peanuts.

Seven Wonders of the World, View-master Reel

Item is a set of wheel type stereographs that depict the wonders of the world. Each wheel focuses on a different set of wonders: ancient, modern, or natural and the list describing what each wheel portrays is on the back of the packet. Also comes with a 16 page color illustrated booklet.

7 More Wonders of the World, View-master Reel

File contains wheel type stereographs that depict scenes from different locations around the world, captive animals from different lands, performing animals, circuses and events, stories/fairy tales, indigenous peoples. Comes with a form to order more in the series and an order form for all wheels

Camera Studies Photographs

Items depict cities and towns and people engaging in activities, such as resting, picking flowers and hunting. Each picture is titled and titles correspond with the name of a poem printed on the back of each image.

Canada Stamps

Stamps are largely blue and green. Have two gentleman in them, one larger in the background and a smaller one in the foreground with a photographic viewer. Writing on the stamps possibly identifying the figures, "G.E. Desbarats, W. Leggo 1869."

Ration Books

One green ration book (Book 2, belonged to John Albert Elgie) and one brown ration book (Book 4, belonged to Maggie Elgie). Each contains stamps for rationed items during World War Two. Book 2 describes items as Spare A, B or G, but in Book 4 these classes were replaced by descriptions of the actual items ie. Meat, Tea or Coffee. Some stamps are missing from each.

Kodak Canada Ad Ledger, 1913-1921

Item is a ledger containing newspaper clippings from 1913 to 1921 pertaining to a variety of aspects of Kodak's operations. Despite its content, the item appears to have been compiled by Kodak as its first "advertising ledger." These ledgers, containing clippings and proofs of Kodak's advertising of a variety of products, likely evolved in content and format from this first ledger.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Photographs: Earle G. Lindsay Christmas 1915

A photographic album containing snapshot photographs of family gatherings, most appear to be in Ontario. Includes early photo-booth images as well as a variety of snapshots documenting family life and recreational activities throughout rural Ontario in the early twentieth century. The inside title page contains a handwritten inscription, "Earle G.[?] :omdsau, Christmas 1915."

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Lecture Series and Image Arts Lectures

  • 2012.006
  • Collection
  • 1973-2007

Commencing in 1973, the Kodak Lecture Series Fonds contains audio and video recordings of lectures presenting the work of photographers, filmmakers, photo-based and new media artists, curators and visual media theorists.
A series of lectures at the School of Image Arts (then known as the Photographic Arts Department) was begun by professor Phil Bergerson in 1975 to support the school's unique curriculum. Bergerson wanted to expose his students to new artists and ideas around photography by inviting internationally known artists, curators and theorists to discuss the art of creating, collecting and curating photography. These lectures were financially supported by Ontario Arts Council Grants and ticket sales. The first series (Photographic Perspectives) was extreamly popular, and Bergerson continued to organize the lectures for the next 9 years.
Kodak Canada Inc. stepped in to sponsor the series in 1984, allowing students and the photographic comminity of Toronto to attend all lectures in the series without charge. The series was re-named the Kodak Chair Lecture series (1986-2007), and motion picture and, over time, video and new media artists and theorists joined the line-up of speakers.
Throughout the series, the lectures were documented, on audiocassette and then video tape. In 2009, the lectures began to be streamed online and archived on the RyeCast websites ( In 2002, the School of Image Arts received funding from the Canada's Digital Collections (CDC) program, through Industry Canada, to create an online multi-media database of over 200 of the participants, using images and footage captured during the lectures. The project, entitled "Images and Ideas: 25 Years of the Kodak Lecture Series", was completed in 2002 and hosted on the Library and Archives Canada server, along with thousands of other local and national digital projects. The Canada's Digital Collections website is no longer live, but is archived at the Government of Canada website:
In addition to the Kodak Lectures, the fonds contains the audio recordings of the proceedings of the Canadian Perspectives Conference (1979), a Critique Workshop with Gary Winnogrand (1981), a Critical Writing Workshop with A. D..Coleman (1982), the proceedings of the August Sander Symposium (1982) and the Symposium on Photographic Theory (1983).

Ryerson Image Centre

"Fraggle Rock - Crystal Cavern" matte shot

Item is a painting used in season 2, episode 5 of the Fraggle Rock series (“Uncle Matt Comes Home”). It was the backdrop for the Crystal Cavern, a beautiful, legendary place discovered by the character Wembley.

Matte shots are special effects used in filmmaking to combine two parts of a scene or shot (in this case the Fraggles and the backdrop). The blue area in the painting acts as a mask, and the characters would be superimposed, appearing to enter the cave.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

"Honest John" Vail portrait

Framed colour portrait of John Vail, a class of 1950 R.T.A. graduate. He is pictured holding his camera in a paddock with a "laughing horse" in the background.

Vail, Diana

Framed Partnership in Product Design Certificate

Certificate recognizing the partnership between the University of Toronto, Ryerson Polytechnical University, and the Ontario College of Art in research and design. It is signed by the three school presidents.
The document reads:

"Partnership in Product Design
April 26, 1994
This document recognizes the activities of the Creative Design Research Unit Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Toronto Since 1986 it has developed partnership initiatives in education, outreach, research and development in various aspects of product design. This involved co-operative teaching and interdisciplinary project work with other University of Toronto Departments, the Industrial Design Department - Ontario College of Art, Departments of Business, Marketing and Engineering - Ryerson Polytechnic University and participation of professionals in various relevant disciplines, manufacturers and entrepreneurs.
This document also recognizes the interdependence of various disciplines and methodologies which must be linked to interact in design research, product development, and in successful manufacturing and marketing of new products and systems, with significant economic benefit to the Canadian and Ontario industrial sectors and to the export potential of innovative, well designed products in a global context This document also records agreement to encourage and foster the continuance of partnership between the signing institutions in this type of endeavour and also to involve other institutions, professional associations, corporations and governmental interests that may be able to participate in the future."

Film and Photography Department open house

File contains a framed poster advertising the Ryerson Film and Photography department's open house that took place on May 7-9, 1982. It also contains 3 copies of an oversize poster advertising another open house.

Laurie McGaw prints of Ryerson Hall (Normal School), Oakham House, and O'Keefe House

This series contains one to three copies of three full-colour prints depicting: Ryerson Hall (The Normal School); Oakham House; and O'Keefe House. The artwork was commissioned for the purpose of providing gifts to contributors to the Howard Kerr Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund. The original watercolour artwork was carried out by Laurie McGaw, a freelance artist and painter, using pen and ink and watercolours. All were produced on fine quality art paper by Ward Press Limited of Toronto. Colour separations were provided by Nubar Graphics Ltd. The three prints originally received by the Archives were framed in an olive-green colour by the Ryerson Media Centre. Two additional framed prints of O'Keefe House (Bond House) since been added to this collection.

Normal School postcards and prints

A collection of framed and unframed Normal School postcards, however, one postcard is a photograph of a postcard. A few have messages, names, addresses, stamps and postmarks . The framed postcards have been added to the Framed Collection and are numbered FR 123 and FR 125. See Framed Inventory for more detailed descriptions.
Two photographic prints, one b&W and one sepia. The images appear to be the same photographic image

Ontario economic summit framed keepsake

Framed and matted scrap of paper embossed with "Ontario Economic Summit Together Building Prosperity". Underneath is an engraved plaque "Leadership summit 2005 Sheldon Levy Thank-you for your presence, your commitment and your participation."


Subseries consists of numerous trophies associated with Ryerson's Circle K Club. Included are:
RG 64.3.1 "Log Sawing" Contest
RG 64.3.2 "United Appeal"
RG 64.3.3 "Bleed Off" Award
RG 64.3.4 "Key to Chicago
RG 64.3.5 "Key to Miami

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