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Canadian Architect magazine fonds

  • F 2009.002
  • collection
  • 1955-[ca. 1990]

The archive contains thousands of negatives and photographs taken for publication in Canadian Architect magazine. As announced in the magazine's inaugural issue, Canadian Architect reviewed and documented both public and private structures, including churches, homes, businesses, airports, government offices and public spaces. The subjects of the photographs are generally modern Canadian structures, but images of some International sites and early 20th century Canadian buildings can be found in the collection as well. The collection also contains images of entries to the annual national design awards program sponsored by the magazine, the "Awards of Excellence." The collection also functions as a record of the changing nature of magazine production over the latter part of the 20th century. Canadian Architect was the first business publication in Canada to make engravings on site from original photographs, allowing for a rich selection of both prints and negatives. Instructions by editors and layout artists regarding their eventual printing in the magazine are often written directly on the prints, along with photographer's stamps, credit lines or captions.

Canadian Architect

MIME The Step Beyond Words - For the Actors of Dance and Drama

2 copies of MIME The Step Beyond Words - For the Actors of Dance and Drama. The first copy, acquired in 1985 was formerly the reference copy in the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Library, and this book bears the associated stamps and stickers. The second copy, acquired in 2013, is in poor condition, with most of the pages separated from the binding. This copy includes a short handwritten note from Pecknold to Michael Langham, who wrote the book's preface. This copy has also been lightly annottated, possibly by Pecknold.

Pecknold, Adrian

Anita Krumins fonds

  • F 77
  • collection
  • 1980-1995

This fonds contains books and correspondence.

Krumins, Anita

Gerald Pratley fonds

  • F 436
  • collection
  • 1990 - 1997

Fonds consists of articles, book chapters and other textual records authored by Pratley.

Pratley, Gerald

Terry Gillin fonds

  • F 544
  • collection
  • 1993-2005

Fonds consists of articles, correspondence, and a book authored by Gillin.

Gillin, Terry

Michael Finn fonds

  • F 83
  • collection

This fonds contains journal articles, papers and other items authored by Michael Finn.

Finn, Michael

Midwifery and Nursing training records and miscellanea

This is a personal collection of material relating to midwifery and nursing training in Britain, primarily in the 1950s. It was donated to Ryerson University by Joan (Gawthorne) Dawson. Many of the records contain handwritten descriptive and explanatory notes provided by the donor. The following is an inventory of the collection:

1.Photographs: General Nursing, c.1900-1915.
2.Midwifery Training School Manual And Notebook, c1956.
3.Notebook: "S.O. Book 121", 1957.
4."Handbook Incorporating The Rules Of The Central Midwives Board, 1955.
5.Examination Books, Part I, 1956.
6.Notes: "Notifiable Principal Cases; Methods Of Diagnosis; Anatomy", n.d.
7."Student Nurse's Record Of Practical Instruction", 1951.
8.Photocopies: Photographs Of Domestic Life In Mining Town, n.d.
9.Case Books: Hospital Deliveries, 1956-1957.


The OMEP stands for Ontario Midwifery Education Program and is a consortium of three Ontario universities (Ryerson, Laurentian, and McMaster) teaching a four-year Bachelor of Health Sciences degree. The OMEP Conference is a conference arranged by and for students in the programme.

Don Gibb fonds

  • F 659
  • collection
  • 1996

Fonds consists of two handbooks authored by Gibb.

Gibb, Don

Daniel Bratton fonds

  • F 656
  • collection
  • 1996

Fonds consists of textual records pertaining to the launch of Bratton's book.

Bratton, Daniel

David Checkland fonds

  • F 655
  • collection
  • 1995-2002

Fonds consists of articles and correspondence authored by Checkland.

Checkland, David

Department of Philosophy and Music

  • RG 653
  • collection
  • 1970 - ?

This fonds includes 1.5 cm of textual records, including memos, course outlines, symposium information, lectures and talk notices. It also includes 1 poster (27 x 35 cm to 28 x 36cm).

Department of Philosophy and Music

Industrial Engineering graduation class composite, 1982

The item in this file consists of small portrait photographs adhered to a matte board with graduate names hand printed beneath each image. A list of absentee graduates is printed in the bottom right corner. Adhered in the centre of the board is a paper printed with "Industrial Engineering Technology Ryerson Polytechnical Institute 1982".

Food Services

  • RG 651
  • collection
  • 1948-

Fonds consists of records related to Food Services and Ryerson Institute of Technology's School of Food Technology.

Food Services

Alterna Savings and Credit Union Ltd.

  • F 648
  • collection
  • 1968 - 2012

The Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Employees Credit Union, established in 1969 and often referred to as the Ryerson Credit Union, established a wide membership base beyond Ryerson relfected in name changes :

Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Employees Credit Union (or Ryerson Credit Union)
Universities and Colleges Credit Union (Toronto) Limited
Metro Credit Union
Alterna Savings.

The fonds consists of meeting agenda and minutes, annual reports, memoranda to members, newsletters, and pamphlets or flyers.

Government & COU Training Task Forces (Oatridge)*

RG 646.10.1 Task Force on Advanced Training 1992-1994
This task force established by the Ontario Government in response to the Vision 2000 report. It was to make recommendations to the Ontario Ministry of Colleges & Universities regarding advanced training needs. Walter Pitman was Chair of the Task Force and A. Oatridge was the COU member on the committee. The material has been sampled to include items relating to Ryerson or documentation contributing directly to the Report of the Task Force on Advanced Training to the Minister of Education & Training, April 1993.

RG 646.10.2 Task Force on Labour Force Training & Adjustment (1992-1995)
This Task force was a COU committee established to monitor provincial government activities (e.g. OTAB) and federal training initiatives. A. Oatridge was the chair of this group and was eventually asked to sit on the board of a new COU "Office for Partnerships for Advanced Skills" which came out of the work done by the Task Force. The material has been selectively sampled to include documentation pertaining to or authored A. Oatridge or Ryerson.

Theses and dissertations

RG 646.5.1 Scire, Anthony. Creative Design Research Unit Pilot Project, 1991.
RG 646.5.2 Avolio, Lorenzo. Optimizing Multifacility Location, Through A Computer Aided System, 1992.
RG 646.5.3 Mariano, Joe. Computer-Aided Time Study, 1981.
RG 646.5.4 To, Robert. Robot Drift & Repeatability Test, 1992.
RG 646.5.5 Sombyk, Stephen P. Capital Cost Engineering Contributing Factors for Project Cost Overruns, 1988.

Course notes and outlines

RG 646.2.1 ADA Programming for Atlantis Aerospace Corporation, 1993
RG 646.2.2 C & Unix for Noranda, 1989
RG 646.2.3 CATIA Seminar, 1991
RG 646.2.4 Computer-Aided Engineering, 1986
RG 646.2.5 E-Mail/Internet Training to CATE/CSCA Staff, 1995
RG 646.2.6 GD&T for de Havilland, 1995
RG 646.2.7 Industrial Applications of Expert Systems, 1987
RG 646.2.8 Introduction to COBOL for CP Rail, 1993/94
RG 646.2.9 Just-in-Time Manufacturing, 1985 & 1987
RG 646.2.10 Management Seminar Series for Supreme Casting & Tooling, 1991
RG 646.2.11 MS/DOS Maintenance Seminar for Ontario Hydro, 1988
RG 646.2.12 Overview of Optical Fiber Communication, 1986
RG 646.2.13 Applied Robotics, 1985 & 1986
RG 646.2.14 SWF Auto-Electric Customized Production Skills Course, n.d.
RG 646.2.15 Vision Systems, 1985
RG 646.2.16 Local Area Network in the Factory Environment, n.d.
RG 646.2.17 Engineering: the Job and the Person, n.d.
RG 646.2.18 Decision Support Systems, n.d.
RG 646.2.19 Inventory & MRP, n.d.
RG 646.2.20 Photonics: Laser Fundamentals & Applications, n.d.
RG 646.2.21 Computer Simulation of Manufacturing Systems, n.d.
RG 646.2.22 Financial CIM, n.d.
RG 646.2.23 Coherent Light & Holography, 1985 and Fibre Optic Transmission Systems - Applications and Design Studies
RG 646.2.24 Manufacturing Information for Databases for CIM, 1986

Aerospace Photo Portfolio

A binder/portfolio of photographs/negatives/contact sheets, with descriptions, from the Aerospace Program, submitted to Ryerson's Promotion Services department for selection in the planning and development of the first Aerospace Program brochure.

Jim Burke fonds

  • F 643
  • collection
  • 1995

Fonds consists of presentation slides authored by Burke.

Burke, Jim

Thomas Barbiero fonds

  • F 641
  • collection
  • 1993

Fonds consists of one text book

Barbiero, Thomas

Sean Cleary fonds

  • F 639
  • collection
  • 1995

Fonds consists of a paper co-authored by Cleary.

Cleary, Sean

Tim Sly fonds

  • F 637
  • collection
  • 1996

Fonds consists of an article authored by Sly.

Sly, Tim

2006 donated materials from William Glassman

Series contains materials collected and donated by William Glassman for the Ryerson Archives.
Records have been left in their original arrangement with the exception of the RFA-BOG Collective Agreeements, which have been seperated and added to their respective RG group (RG 91.10).

Approaches to Psychology

F 636.1.1 Approaches to Psychology, 1977
F 636.1.2 Approaches to Psychology, 1979
F 636.1.3 Approaches to Psychology, 1995

William Glassman fonds

  • F 636
  • collection
  • 1977 - 2006

This fonds contains the following files:

F 636.1 - Approaches To Psychology, 1977-2005.
F 636.2 - E-Mail, 1997.
F 636.3 - Presentation Technology In The Classroom, 1998.
F 636.4 - 2006 donated materials from William Glassman:
F 636.4.1 - Buttons, 1980-2006.
F 636.4.2 - Archives Brochure and Letter: Jim Peters to Ryerson Faculty, 1978.
F 636.4.3 - William Glassman's Archives File, 1970-2000.
F 636.4.4 - ARTeries, 2000.
F 636.4.5 - Academic Standards Committee records, 1980-83.
F 636.4.6 - Presentation Technology Implementation Committee (PTIC), 1997-2004.
F 636.4.7 - P.E.P. Reports: Film and Photography and Proposal for a BAA Program in Justice Studies, 1981-1994.

Susan Hunter-Harvey fonds

  • F 635
  • collection
  • 1986-1987

Fonds consists of papers authored by Hunter-Harvey.

Hunter-Harvey, Susan

Patrick Robins fonds

  • F 634
  • collection
  • 1995

Fonds consists of a paper authored by Robins.

Robins, Patrick

Susan Silver fonds

  • F 633
  • collection
  • 1996

Fonds consists of a paper authored by Silver.

Silver, Susan

Gerald Hannon fonds

  • F 629
  • collection
  • 1986-2005

Fonds consists of a articles published in the book "Flaunt It!" and articles written in various newspapers and magazines.

Hannon, Gerald

Film Studies C.E.D. Certificate Program Proposal

The file contains the report (Ref. 1-008990.SP1) submitted to senior administrators by Lawrence (Ben) Caza proposing a new continuing education film studies program. A letter by Ben Caza describing the report is included in the file.

Lawrence (Ben) Caza fonds

  • F 626
  • collection
  • 1969-1996

This fonds contains textual records, graphic materials, photographs and moving images related to Caza's time as an instructor at Ryerson.

Caza, Lawrence (Ben)

Wood sculptures

Wood carvings created by Physical Resources staff member Bob Greening.

RG 622.03.01 Wood statuette with three round protrubences. Black felt bottom. Labelled "#30 Bob Greening" 20 cm tall
RG 622.03.02 Dark stained wood rounded pillar with green felt bottom. Labelled "#31 Bob Greening" 20 cm tall
RG 622.03.03 Tall wood statuette with a carved tiki style face. Black felt bottom. Labelled "#32 Bob Greening". 30 cm tall
RG 622.03.04 Tall wood statuette with a carved tiki style face. Labelled "#33 Bob Greening". 30 cm tall
RG 622.03.05 Wood tiki style mask. Metal loops on top for hanging. Labelled "#34 Bob Greening". 11 cm long

Greening, Bob

Campus Property Acquisitions

This file contains mainly correspondence and drawings relating to maintenance matters with respect to the acquisition of buildings and properties by Ryerson in the mid-1960s.

Faculty Conference materials

The faculty conference was known as the Annual Workshops (see RG 574.2) until 1999 when, in keeping with common usage and references, the name was changed to the "Annual Ryerson Faculty Conference." As of 2002, the Ryerson affiliate GREET became the Learning and Teaching Office and Judy Britnell of GREET became the director. The acronyms GREET and SRC were dropped in connection with the faculty conference and the name changed to "May Faculty Conference" or the "Ryerson May Conference" and finally to the "Ryerson Faculty Conference." With these 2002 changes, the faculty conference material has been arranged in the Learning and Teaching Office group.Posters See RG 621.18.


This file contains notices of conferences, seminars, workshops organized by Department.

"Honest" John Vail scrapbook

Scrapbook created by "Honest" John Vail, form Students' Administrative Council president. Included in the scrapbook are newspaper clippings from the Ryersonian and the Little Daily, and photographs of events on campus.

Committees/Clubs/Commissions Minutes*

A binder maintained by SAC of minutes of various commissions, committees and clubs.Some of the commissions/committees/clubs are: Finance Commission; Housing Committee;Entertainment & Performing Arts Committee; Publications Board; Communications Committee;Academic Affairs Committee; Activities Board and Election Procedures Committee.

Donna Smith fonds

  • F 619
  • collection
  • 1995-1997

Fonds consists of one study and one book containing a chapter authored by Smith.

Smith, Donna

"Fraggle Rock - Crystal Cavern" matte shot

Item is a painting used in season 2, episode 5 of the Fraggle Rock series (“Uncle Matt Comes Home”). It was the backdrop for the Crystal Cavern, a beautiful, legendary place discovered by the character Wembley.

Matte shots are special effects used in filmmaking to combine two parts of a scene or shot (in this case the Fraggles and the backdrop). The blue area in the painting acts as a mask, and the characters would be superimposed, appearing to enter the cave.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

Michael Stefanovic fonds

  • F 618
  • collection
  • 1995

Fonds consists of one article authored by Stefanovic.

Stefanovic, Michael

Kirsten Cowan fonds

  • F 616
  • collection
  • 1995

Fonds consists of one published booklet authored by Cowan.

Cowan, Kirsten

Housing Energy Design With HOT2000 Applications

This file contains a book, published by Habitechnica, intended as a companion document to the Canadian Home Builders' Association Builders' Manual and Natural Resources Canada's HOT2000 User's Manual.

Kesik, Ted

John Caicco fonds

  • F 613
  • collection
  • 1953

Fonds consists of a hockey jacket acquired by Caicco while a student at Ryerson.

Caicco, John

Susannah Wilson fonds

  • F 665
  • collection
  • 1991-1997

Fonds consists of books authored or co-authored by Wilson.

Wilson, Susannah

Jacek Kryt fonds

  • F 667
  • collection
  • 1972 - ?

This fonds contains the following files:

F 667.1 - Papers, 1996.
F 667.2 - Course: Current Concerns In Information Systems, 1983-93.
F 667.3 - Seniors' Studies Advisory Council:Survey,Chair'sReprt
, 1988-1991.
F 667.4 - CBIS Co-Ordinated Summer Job Program, 1978-82.
F 667.5 - Constitution Committee/Business Administration Dept.
, 1977-80.
F 667.6 - Why We Need New Approaches To Business Systems, 1976.
F 667.7 - Letters To The Editor: Miscellaneous
, 1972.

Kryt, Jacek

Shuguang Wang fonds

  • F 669
  • collection
  • 1997 - ?

This fonds contains journal articles.

Wang, Shuguang

Harley Jackson fonds

  • F 608
  • collection
  • 1995

Fonds consists of an article written about a course taught by Jackson.

Jackson, Harley

Alumni development project

Two documents in this sub-series, The Development and Alumni Systems Request for Proposal (December 14, 1993) and a memorandum/recommendations on Development/Alumni software/vendors.

Margaret Norquay fonds

  • F 598
  • collection
  • 1993 - 2003

Fonds consists of articles authored by Margaret Norquay.

Norquay, Margaret

Book chapters

This file contains 4 book chapters authored by Elizabeth Trott:
-The Design Connection. In God and Argument, ed.William Sweet
-Personal Identity and the Sense of Duty. In The Base of Ethics, ed. William Sweet
-Bosanquet, Aesthetics, and Education: Warding off Stupidity with Art. Bernard Bosanquet, ed. William Sweet
-Approaches to Methaphysics: Designing Metaphysics, ed. William Sweet.

Elizabeth Trott fonds

  • F 597
  • collection
  • 1991 - 2001

This fonds contains the following files:

F 597.1 - Papers, 1991.
F 597.2 - Reviews and critiques, 1993.
F 597.3 - Journal articles, 1996.
F 597.4 - Book chapters, 1999.
F 597.5 - Passion's Best Ally? Knowledge++, 2001.
F 597.6 - Cows, wolves, and the absolute, 2001.

Trott, Elizabeth

Jack Livesley fonds

  • F 596
  • collection
  • 1970

Fonds consists of a book edited by Livesley.

Livesley, Jack

Marius Ois fonds

  • F 595
  • collection
  • 1995

Fonds consists of a report authored by Ois.

Ois, Marius

H.H. Yates Case

422-29.1 Miscellaneous notes, correspondence and documents
422-29.2 Excerpts and correspondence, mainly related to the Board of Governors
422-29.3 Covering letter and clippings
422-29.4 Notes, clippings: Eyeopener articles

Dr. Hack H. Yates fonds

  • F 593
  • collection
  • 1973-1974

Fonds consists of photographic negative of and two reports authored by Yates.

Yates, Hack H., Dr.

Bernard Stromquist fonds

  • F 592
  • collection
  • c1965-1976

Fonds consists of photographic prints of Stromquist.

Stromquist, Bernard

John R. McAllister fonds

  • F 591
  • collection
  • ca. 1966

Fonds consists of photographic prints of and a report authored by McAllister.

McAllister, John R.

Ernest Harrison fonds

  • F 590
  • collection
  • 1970-1983

Fonds consists of photographic prints and negatives of Harrison, as well as correspondence.

Harrison, Ernest

Larry B. Gray fonds

  • F 589
  • collection
  • [ca. 1984]

Fonds consists of photographic negatives of and a report co-authored by Gray.

Gray, Larry B.

Jack Gorman fonds

  • F 588
  • collection
  • 1975-1977

Fonds consists photographs of Gorman.

Gorman, Jack

Louis Gonsalves fonds

  • F 587
  • collection
  • n.d.

Fonds consists of photographs and photographic negatives of Gonsalves.

Gonsalves, Louis

June 30, 1971

File contains minutes of the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors, minutes of Board of Governors meetings, agenda and accompanying materials.

May 25, 1971

File contains agenda, reports, and other materials related to the Board of Governor's meeting.

December 17, 1969

File contains reports, memos, supplementary agenda, minutes of meetings of the Board of Governors and accompanying materials.

July 7, 1969

File contains agenda and minutes of meetings of the Board of Governors, and accompanying materials.

BOARD OF GOVERNORS Tuesday, May 27, 1969 - 6:00pm AGENDA

File contains presentations regarding : Building programme, Committee on Academic Review and Evaluation, The Concept of Merit pay; minutes and agendas of meetings of the Board of Governors . Included is a draft copy of the agreement between the Board of Governors and The Ryerson Faculty Association.

May 13, 1969

File contains minutes of meetings of the Board of Governors for April 23, 1969 and accompanying materials.

April 16, 1969

File contains agenda and minutes of the Board of Governors and accompanying materials.

March 26, 1969

File contains minutes of meetings of the Board of Governors and accompanying materials.

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