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Sampson, Paddy, 1926-2005 Pièce
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Indigo [part 1]

Item is a tape on part one of a sales courtesy program by Indigo.

Insight Productions

The lonely machine / Eye opener

  • 2010.
  • Pièce
  • February 11, 1982 [original record date March 1965]
  • Fait partie de Paddy Sampson fonds

An adaptation of a Jules Feiffer cartoon starring Rich Little, originally aired in a 1965 episode of the CBC series Eye Opener.

Olympic medal presentation

Medal ceremony showing RCMP officers, close-up of medals, downtown Calgary, the torch relay, winners for the 20km Biathalon from East Germany, Italy, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Soviet Union (Ukraine), Switzerland.

B.C. Place opening ceremonies

Opening ceremonies for the B.C. Place stadium in Vancouver, British Columbia, which was the largest air-supported domed stadium until May 2010 when it was deflated to be replaced by a retractable roof.

Square Dance

Item is a recording of a square dance from July 1987.

Tears are not enough [documentary]

"Tears Are Not Enough" was a song written and performed by a group of Canadian artists in 1985 to raise relief funds for the famine in Ethiopia. This documentary explored the song's creation and recording, and aired on CBC televisio...


Item contains a recording of the program Supremacy.

Donnellys of Biddulph / Heritage

An episode of the long-running CBC program "Heritage", a show which presented dramatized stories taken from different religious denominations, prepared with the cooperation of the National Religious Advisory Council and approved by the C...

Black Hallelu-jah [television special]

Performance and broadcast of a song called "Black Hallelujah" composed by Russ Little and Norm Symonds; a 60 minute gospel music version of the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The Corsican Brothers / Purple Playhouse [television series]

The Purple Playhouse featured a series of eight television melodramas from the United States and Europe that were adapted for Canadian television. The story of the Corsican Brothers was adapted from a story by Alexandre Dumas, first published in 1...

Happy ending / Program X [television program]

A television anthology series that showcased dramatic writing by new, domestic writers. It was also a showcase for performances by actors such as Gordon Pinsent and Barbara Hamilton.

Alligator pie

Item is a tape of the program Alligator Pie.

Roy Thompson hall gala opening (exterior shots only)

The opening festival for the Roy Thompson Hall ran from September 13-25, 1982 and included the performance of two commissioned pieces: "Fanfare" by Ray Ludeke and "Sun" by R. Murray Schafer. The hall continues to be a major mus...

Queen's gala

Queen Elizabeth II makes an official visit to Winnipeg, Canada.

Buffy Ste. Marie / Superspecials

An episode of the CBC variety television program "Superspecials" that showcased many of Canada's international and up-and-coming stars, featuring singer Buffy Ste. Marie.

Dinah Christie / Superspecials

An episode of the CBC variety television program "Superspecials" that showcased many of Canada's international and up-and-coming stars, featuring singer and comedian Dinah Christie.

Opening graphics

Item is a recording of the opening graphics for the Canadian Express series.

Grant Smith special

Item is a recording of a Grant Smith special from the Canadian Express series.

Ryan's Fancy

Item is a recording of the Ryan's Fancy from the Canadian Express series.

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