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Kodak Canada Corporate Archives and Heritage Collection Unidad documental simple Con objetos digitales
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Building #9 - Cafeteria

Item is a glass plate negative featuring an image of the cafeteria and its staff located at Kodak Heights building #9, the Employee Building. Glass plate negative, original label: "43 - Cafeteria" from box 1.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Brownie Holiday Flash

Item is a small camera with moulded brown and tan plastic body. Made for use with 127 roll film, it has an eyelevel viewfinder, Dakon lens and a rotary shutter. Prior to 1955 it was made with a Kodet lens.

Canadian Kodak Co., Limited

Patent [#22351] for improvements in roll holders, for exposing flexible sensitive photographic films

Item is the original patent (#22351) granted on September 2, 1885 by the Commissioner of Patents, Dominion of Canada, to George Eastman and William Hall Walker of Rochester, NY, for "improvements in roll holders, for exposing flexible sensitive photographic films." Item includes textual specifications and diagrams of the proposed improvements. Prior to patenting the innovation in Canada, Eastman and Walker were granted a similar patent (#317049) by the United States patent office on May 5, 1885.

Kodak Canada Inc.