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Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928
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"Fraggle Rock - Crystal Cavern" matte shot

Item is a painting used in season 2, episode 5 of the Fraggle Rock series (“Uncle Matt Comes Home”). It was the backdrop for the Crystal Cavern, a beautiful, legendary place discovered by the character Wembley.

Matte shots are special effects used in filmmaking to combine two parts of a scene or shot (in this case the Fraggles and the backdrop). The blue area in the painting acts as a mask, and the characters would be superimposed, appearing to enter the cave.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

Fraggle Rock on set photographs

File of images taken on set during the filming of the television series Fraggle Rock. Photographs feature puppeteers, including Jim Henson, with their Muppets.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

Robert Hackborn Fonds

  • 2012.005
  • collection
  • 194? - 2004

Records: [textual ; graphic ; photographic; audio visual; artifacts ; publications]

194? - 2004 : 36 Bankers boxes and 23 map cabinet drawers.

The Robert Hackborn fonds contains the records that Mr. Hackborn generated during the course of his television production career and maintained at his private residence after his retirement in 1993. This includes documentation going back to Mr. Hackborn's youth and earliest professional days. The research value of the records in this fonds is significant as it relates to the history of Canadian television production, and the specific programs that Mr. Hackborn contributed to. As an example, the fonds contains photographic and textual documentation of the earliest stages of the show development process for the important children's television programs Mr. Dressup and Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood. The fonds also contains extensive documentation of the creative processes behind the development of Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock, including images of, and correspondence with Mr. Henson.
During his career, Mr. Hackborn was also responsible for the execution of a very large collection of photographs that document the processes of working on a television set. With a professionally trained eye for composition and his camera, Mr. Hackborn systematically documented the television production process of the shows that he worked on. As a result of this work, the Robert Hackborn Fonds contains an impressive collection of this photographic documentation, which should serve as a valuable resource for future academics looking into the history of Canadian cultural output. Note on arrangement: This Robert Hackborn Fonds has been arranged in a manner that pays as much respect to the concept of Original Order as practically possible. Although the collection has been separated into Series based on General Material Designation in the finding aid and database, the physical arrangement of the collection remains identical to the manner in which Hackborn organized and stored his records, except where issues of physical size made such arrangement impossible. The oversized materials in this collection have therefore been arranged and stored in map cabinets designed to accommodate their physical dimensions. In addition, there is a small collection of oversized objects that have been stored on shelves above the collection owing to their size.
Access: There are no restrictions on access to this collection. Researchers must schedule an appointment with Ryerson Archives & Special Collections in order to view the records, and no records are permitted to leave the reading room or to be loaned out.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

"General" folder

2 cm of textual records. Folder incl. 3 copies on glossy paper of technical drawings for "Showtime"; 29.5 x 18 cm & smaller. - various papers related to the Associated Designers of Canada; 28 x 21.5 cm. - 1 textual record relating to a Ryerson television studio production course; 21.5 x 28 cm. - 1 letter from the "Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television"; 28 x 21.5 cm. - Other misc papers of drawings, lists of completed projects, and other personal papers.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

VHS tape collection

Titles Include:

Show on Special FX
VTR Ultimatte Presentation - Jan. 18, 1982
D76 Light & Motion Demo Reel - Feb. 1983
From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of A Saga - 1989
Demo Tape Summer '87 - Computer Graphics & Animations - Aug. 18, 1987
MOM P.I. - Episode: Dig that Grave
Newsday Windsor - Nov. 30, 1989
Movie Magic - 1989
Royal Canadian Air Farce: Video Yearbook Volume 2 - 1995
Dad's Set Acp.
unidentified videocassette tape in sony T-120 box
Special FX EG
Omnibus Computer Graphics: Annual Report Reel 040287 - Feb.4, 1987
Setting the Stage - 1990
Mobile Image Demo Reel: Mobile's File '86 - 1986
Canadian Brass FX - Oct. 1986
Discovery Channel - Glan Shots
BBC Education & Training - On Camera: Preview tape
Wojeck 'Remember Victims' Name'
Wojeck 1) Cold Smile of Friends, 2) Chocolate Fudge
Videovisions - Canadian Brass - Jan. 1988
Andrea Martin Special

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

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