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"Applying to University" film

This short film (9.5 minutes) was created by an Image Arts student It was a student project - an instructional video for Image Arts students applying to University. It was partially filmed in the Ryerson Archives (Library room 387) on January 26, 2007.

Ryerson Institute of Technology blazer

The Ryerson jacket was original donated to Ryerson University president, Sheldon Levy in 2006 by Jim Abbott, Electrical 1955. The President's Office had the jacket framed (1 m x 1.1 m) under glass. It was subsequently turned over to the university Archives.

Jim Abbott fonds

  • F 916
  • Fonds
  • 1952

The fonds consists of one artifact, a Ryerson blazer with a pocket crest sold in 1952 in advance of the introduction of a new crest design.

Courtney Milne fonds

  • F 923
  • Fonds
  • 1978-1993

The fonds contains photographs featured in a Royal Ontario Museum exhibit "The Sacred Earth".

Milne, Courtney

Martha Ireland fonds

  • F 925
  • Fonds
  • 2007

She was one of six people responsible for the three volume publication in 2007 of Quality Assurance in PLAR issued by the Canadian Council on Learning. Ireland was identified as being part of the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education in these documents.
The fonds contains vols. 1-3 of the Quality Assurance in PLAR documents.

Ireland, Martha

Correspondence - Mackay, Ann

File contains invitations for Ann Mackay, in her role as Manager of the Ceremonials office, to a variety of Ryerson Student Award ceremonies.

Ceremonials Office

  • RG 928
  • Fonds
  • 2008-

During the 1950s, convocation preparations were arranged by a Convocation Committee.

Academic Council assumed responsibility in the 1960s until the early 1980s, when the Information Services Department took over.

In November 1986, the Department of Community Relations was established, incorporating Information Services and thereby assuming the responsiblity of Convocation arrangements.

In 1990, the department of Development and Alumni Affairs was integrated with the department of Community Relations to form Development, Alumni and Community Relations.

Development, Alumni and Community Relations had a name change to University Advancement Office in December, 1996.

In 2007, administration of Convocation was moved from University Advancement to a new and separate department, the Office of Convocation and Awards, which also became responsible for many university-wide award ceremonies for students, faculty, and staff.

In November 2015 the office split forming the new Ceremonials Office and the awards section moving under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Registrar and renamed Student Awards and Scholarship. Please see the Office of the Registrar fonds for records pertaining to this new office as of November 2016.

The newly re-organized Ceremonials office is responsible for convocation; Presidential and Chancellor installations; Employee awards - teaching and education, scholarly, research and creative activity, and service and leadership; and service milestones - 25 year club.

Reproductions of photographs, clippings and misc.

Series created from copies of materials in scrapbook. Original copy resides with Dawn Potts. The copies were created by University Advancement.
Included in this series are photographic prints, negatives from images, clippings, and other materials, and photocopies of the pages from the binder - showing how the pages were layed out with names for some of the photographs. Series is divided into 3 files.
F 936.1.1 Photographs -
F936.1.2 Negatives - of clippings, cards, tickets etc
F936.1.3 Photocopies - of pages from binder - photographs, clippings, etc. (Same items in files 1 and 2)

Dawn Potts fonds

  • F 936
  • Fonds
  • 1948-1950

Fonds contains copies of materials owned by Dawn Potts, including newspaper clippings and photographs (plus negatives) from her graduation in May 1950. Fellow students and Institute president H. H. Kerr are identified in the photographs.

Potts, Dawn

Temple Building, Toronto

Contact sheet with four black and white images of the Temple building in Toronto, originally constructed in 1896. The building was Toronto's first skyscraper. Corresponding negatives: 2009.002.2393.

Supplementary plates: The V.I. Fonds distribution project

Sous Fonds contains planted photographs that are the result of a project assigned by Image Arts Professor Vid Ingelevics to his Documentary Media MFA students for the course Databases, Archives and the Virtual Experience of Art. For the project, students were presented with an archive of 100 images on CD and asked to create a system to classify them. Past student Mark Laurie, who graduated from the program in 2010, chose to rely on the Dewey Decimal System and Library of Congress Subject headings to help categorize the disparate images.

The title of the project "Supplementary plates: The V.I. Fonds distribution project" describes Laurie's decision for classifying the images through placing them into library books. Each individual photograph remains connected to the others in archival fashion by fonds, acknowledging the original source and organization of the images, in a group of 100 from Vid Ingelevics.

The artist printed the images as photographs, and divided them into library books because "without knowledge of the images, provenances and the archival motivations behind their co-mingling, [Laurie] realized that by merely organizing them into batches, [he] could not hope to restore their meaning or significance." Assigning each image, or small group of similar images, a Library of Congress Subject heading, Laurie searched the Ryerson Library catalogue and chose books with identical subject headings to place the photographs in. He used the Dewey Decimal and the Library of Congress Subject heading to complete the classification of his images, and placed them into books indicating that they were "on loan" from the V.I. Fonds to that book, adding to the Ryerson Library's collection of images on that subject.

Laurie, Mark

Donald Charles Fawcett fonds

  • F 941
  • Fonds
  • 1942 - 1956

This fonds contains the following file:

RG941.01 - Photography Books, 1942-1956.

MIME The Step Beyond Words - For the Actors of Dance and Drama

2 copies of MIME The Step Beyond Words - For the Actors of Dance and Drama. The first copy, acquired in 1985 was formerly the reference copy in the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Library, and this book bears the associated stamps and stickers. The second copy, acquired in 2013, is in poor condition, with most of the pages separated from the binding. This copy includes a short handwritten note from Pecknold to Michael Langham, who wrote the book's preface. This copy has also been lightly annottated, possibly by Pecknold.

Pecknold, Adrian

Ron Stagg fonds

  • F 119
  • Fonds
  • 1985-1998

Fond contain various articles and booklets authored by Stagg.

Stagg, Ron

The Wellesley School of Nursing sous-fonds

The Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing opened in 1912, offering a three year course in nurses training. It continued until 1973 when it was amalgamated with the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute School of Nursing.

Sous fonds contains materials relating specifically to the Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing. They include photographs, correspondence, artifacts, books, and ephemera.

Alumnae Association sous-fonds

The Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association was created in 1915 after the graduation of its first class of 10 graduates.
The sous-fonds contains materials created by the Alumnae Association and its executive or by members. Included are photographs, scrapbooks, artifacts, audio-visual materials, newsletters and other items that document the Alumnae Association, its activities, and its members.

The Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association

Ryerson students in dining room of boarding house at 315 Church Street.

Photograph is a digital re-print of the original. Photograph features 5 male Ryerson Electrical Technology students seated at the dining room table with home owner Jack Whetstone. It was taken in 315 Church Street, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Whetstone. The Whetstones took in Ryerson students as borders and charged $15 dollars a week for room and board. Included in the photograph are Conrad Mainville and four others.

Ryerson Musical Theatre Company

The file consists of promotional records for musical production by members of the Ryerson student body, regardless of their area of study. The first production was "Thoroughly Modern Millie" in February 2016.

Ryerson Musical Theatre Company

The Digital Media Zone (DMZ)

  • RG 953
  • Fonds
  • 2012 -

This fonds contains records related to the DMZ and Zone Learning at Ryerson.

Digital Media Zone

Individuals, 1977-1983

File contains photographs of various members of the Ryerson community. Two of the photographs include Don Harron at a function celebrating the publication of White Wall review 1982.

Interior Design Award winners, 1973

File contains photographs of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's participation in the First Annual Convention and the National Inteior Design Show. File contains photographs of the first, second and third prize winners in the Union Carbide first interior design student competition.

Industrial Engineering, 1975-1983

File contains five photographs of various faculty and students of the Industrial Engineering Tech. with "Rhino" the robot. File contains three photographs of various faculty and students participating in a student consulting project, CNIB Workshop. File contains two photographs of two Industrial Engineering students who were recommended for citation in puse snatching incident - apprehended.

CNE Film Festival winners, 1974

Photograph contains the CNE Film Festival Winners 1974. This photograph was published in Technikos. The Photograph includes: Mrs. Elsa Jenkins, manager Arts & Crafts; The Honorable Mr. Wells, Ontario Minister of Education; Michael Furoy, Ryerson Polytechnical Institute student, winner for Documentary Film; David Willets, Ryerson Polytechnical student, accepting for Ole Hoyer winner for Experimental Film; Ronald Brown, Ryerson Polytechnical Institute winner for Animated Film.

Caravan, 1976

File contains 14 photographs of Ryerson students, faculty and staff participating in the Ryerson International Caravan. Photographs are taken in the Quad of students in traditional clothing from various countries and cultures.

Campus elections, 1970-1973

File contains photographs of Ryerson campus elections. File contains photographs of various Ryerson students, staff and administration in various locations on campus. Included in the photos are Ryerson President Donald Mordell .

Peake, M. A.

Reference photograph files

Series contains photgraphs taken and maintained by the Department of Information Services prior to their amalgamation with Community Relations. The photographs were used for publications including FORUM, THE ANNUAL REPORT, THE RYERSON RAMBLER, TECHNIKOS and THE ADMISSIONS BULLETIN during the period 1967 to 1986, covering such subjects as Convocation, Fashion, Homecoming, Individuals, Parades/Picnics, RTA, Visitors and the Winter Carnival. See individual files for further description.

Palin Hall official dedication materials

File contains a register for the dedication ceremony of Eric Palin Hall, held on October 15th 1971 (building is as of 2013 called Oakam House). File also contains an invitation and guest list to the official dedication to re-name the Technology Annex to Eric Palin Hall held on Feb 9th 1979.

Jorgenson Hall sod turning ceremony materials

File contains arrangement documentation, photographs, a photocopy of the original guest register, the original guest register etc. regarding the sod turning ceremony prior to the construction of Jorgenson Hall, the first phase in the planned expansion for the Ryerson campus.

FORUM newsletter, 1975-1987

Series consists of copie of the FORUM newsletter published by the Office of Information Services. They were published on the calendar year, each new volume starting in September. Topics included Ryerson-specific news, staffing update,s and staff and alumni notices.

For FORUM newsletters from 1987-1994 see RG 122.04
For FORUM newsletters from 1995-2009 see RG 395.06

The final hard copy edition of the FORUM was published October 2005 - moving to an electronic format with its next issue. It was replaced by an online email newsletter Ryerson Today, on October 19, 2009.

Office of Information Services

Convocation and Awards Nights records

Records consists of convocation programmes, transcripts of speeches/addresses, photographs, invitations, cassette/reel-to-reel tapes, correspondence and miscellaneous related documentation.

During the 1950s, convocation preparations were arranged by a Convocation Committee. Academic Council assumed responsibility in the 1960s until early 1980s, when the Information Services Department took over.

November 1986 the Department of Community Relations was established, incorporating Information Services, thereby assuming the responsibility of Convocation arrangements until 1995 when University Advancement took over until 2007. In 2008 the Office of Convocation and Awards assumed responsibility.

History of Ryerson film

The file contains the "History of Ryerson" film on three formats. The VHS copy was dubbed from the original 3/4 inch tape and was screened at Ryerson's Ontario Bicentennial display.

Ontario Bicentennial audio-visual presentation slide collection

File contains slides created from photographs and newspapers in the Ryerson Archives collection. Information services hired a student employee as a summer project. The slides were used in a five minute audio-visual presentation as part of Ryerson's Ontario bi-centennial project. There is no indication of what record groups the photographs were taken from.


File contains correspondence and minutes of meetings held by the Construction Superintendents Association supporting night classes offered to members of the association at the Department of Architectural Science.

Douglas R. Banting fonds

  • F 192
  • Fonds
  • 1987

Fonds consists of 5 papers authored/co-authored by Douglas R. Banting during his career at Ryerson in the Geography Department. Topics include Geographic Information Systems and storm water watershed.

Banting, Douglas R.

GTA Forum seminar announcement

File contains 1 email sent to teachnet egarding a GTA Forum seminar "Who's at the Wheel? debating the future of public transit in the greater toronto area". The seminar was held at Metro Hall with David Crowley, transportation consultant; Elaine Nielson, Oakville resident and transit user; Mike Wolczyk, Manager Marketing and Planning, GO transit; and Rod McPhail, director transportation planning City of Toronto as speakers.
The GTA Forum was co-sponsered by York University, Ryerson Polytechnic University, and the University of Toronto.

Truelove, Marie

Delta Sigma Phi fraternity sign

Triangular wood sign painted green and white with Delta Sigma Phi's letters and triangle emblem on it. The pledge emblem is a white circle with a green equilateral triangle set inside of it. Gold lines radiate from the center of the emblem to the three points of the triangle in addition to outlining the circle and triangle. The pledge emblem is very prevalent in the symbolism of the fraternity; not only is the emblem on the pledge pin, but the emblem also graces the flag, the membership badge and the basic design is also the basis of the fraternity's seal.
Delta Sigma Phi was the only non-profession related fraternity at Ryerson.

Beer (Ginger) stoneware bottle

A two-toned stoneware bottle that may have been used for ginger beer produced by the O’Keefe Brewery in the early 1900s. The top of the bottle has been broken off. Measurements: 16cm high and 6.5cm in diameter. The black lettering stamped around the bottom of the bottle identifies it as a product of O’Keefe Beverages Limited, Toronto, Canada. This bottle was found behind Oakham House during renovations in 2004

Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Winter Carnival Ice Sculpture Championship trophy

Wooden barrel with copper straps. Brass plate with “O’Keefe Award” and brass plate with “Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Winter Carnival Ice Sculpture Championship”. Smaller plaques around base "RLCC 1965", "Omega Mho 1966", and "ELECL Club 1967". Some of the plaques have come off.
This trophy was presented by the O’Keefe Brewery for the most outstanding ice sculpture entered in the Ryerson Winter Carnival. Until the mid-1960s, the O’Keefe Brewery was located on property presently owned by Ryerson. It owned and occupied the Business Building, O’Keefe House, the CJRT Building and the Film and Photography Building, as well as the main brewing plant on the site where the Institute’s Bookstore and Parking Garage complex now stand.

O'Keefe Brewery

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