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Kodak Canada Inc.
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Kodak Canada: Photo Sensitives

File contains information on Kodak Canada's high school photography programs' Photo Sensitives" project. This project paired student photographers with professional photojournalists to photograph United Way initiatives, culminating in an exhibition.

Kodak Canada Inc.

A Hand of Hope [photograph]

Photograph of participants in the Focus on Education Photo Sensitives project Hand of Hope. Includes professional photojournalists and high school students.

Kodak Canada Inc.

A Hand of Hope

Information, package regarding the Focus on Education Photo Sensitive exhibition A Hand of Hope. Student photographers paired with professional photojournalists to photograph United Way initiatives. Includes press clippings, names of participants, information on United Way programs.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Olympic pin

Item contains 1 Kodak commemorative 1998 Olympics pin and 1 memo to various Kodak employees explaining the awarding of these pins. Pin is gold coloured and contains the Kodak and Olympic logos.

Brannigan, Jack

Kodakery and Studio Light magazines

  • 2011.01
  • Archief
  • 1919-1924, 1928, 1931

13 Canadian Kodakery magazines dating from 1919-1924 (not a complete run) and 2 Studio Light magazines dating from June 1928 and June 1931.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodakery : a magazine for amateur photographers / Canadian Kodak Co. Limited, Toronto, Canada

Magazine issue with negatives stored in white mailing envelopes inserted into the pages at p. 1, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 (2 at this page), 19. The envelopes are numbered 100-107 and their relative placement in the pages of the magazine is indicated, although the content of the images is not related to the magazine content.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Thanks for the memories: Kodak Heights manufacturing 1914-2005

A commemorative DVD produced by Kodak Canada Ltd. for employees during the final days of the Kodak Heights operations. The DVD celebrates the employees of Kodak Heights in Toronto upon the closing of the plant in 2005. Four films on the disc include events and speeches from the June 30th, 2005 employee day, interviews and photographs of Kodak Heights employees.

Kodak Canada Inc.

1995 1,000,000,000 Roll Kodak Gold

Item consists of a collection of 30 lapel pins with butterfly clutches. Pins are attached to small cards: "We hope that you will wear this special pin with pride, recognizing the collective contribution of worldwide CI Associates to the sale of the 1,000,000,000th roll of Kodak film in 1995. -Dave, Alex, and Charlie"

Kodak Canada Inc.

Innovation Insights

Item is a glass plaque mounted on a black background. It reads: "[Innovation Insights logo] INNOVATION INSIGHTS / ...exploring best practices / Recognizes / KODAK CANADA INC. / for / World Class Perforamce / [logo] Alliance of Manufacturers & Exporters Canada / NRC - CNRC"

Kodak Canada Inc.

Dufferin Children's Car Rally award

Item is a piece of pressed paper hung on a black background behind red and blue mats in a black frame. The pressing reads: "[Dufferin Children's Fund Car Rally logo] / oomanac / Corporate Challenge". A brass plaque mounted to the base of the blue mat is engraved with the words: "CORPORATE CHALLENGE WINNER / 2ND ANNUAL / DUFFFERIN CHILDREN'S CAR RALLY / SEPTEMBER 21, 1996 / ORANGEVILLE ON".

Kodak Canada Inc.

Ken Shaw classic

Item is a brass black with black laquer, mounted on brass, mounted on wood with a carved border. Engraved on the black is text that reads: "[logo] / The / Ken Shaw / Classic / On behalf of / The Ken Shaw Classic / benefiting / Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre, / The Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation, / The Tammy Emmerton Scholarship Fund / & / Variety Village / We thank / KODAK CANADA / and offer our sincere appreciation / for your generous support in these / worthwhile causes. / JUNE 17, 1997 / EMERALD HILLS GOLF CLUB".

Kodak Canada Inc.

Totem sculpture with commemorative plaque

Item is a totem scultpure with a commemorative plaque mounted at the base that reads: "The North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce / - Welcomes - / Kodak / into the alliance of North Shore industry and / presents this symbol to mark the event. / The growth and prosperity of the community / shall be our joint endeavor. / To that end this token pledges us. - Oct. 1961"

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak 100 year commemorative plate

2 commemorative plates celebrating Kodak's centennial in 1980, in the center of the plate there is imprint with a woman in an old-fashioned dress holding a brownie box camera taking a photo outside of a girl holding a doll and an umbrella, there is a boy standing next to the woman, and the Kodak slogan printed below the scene "You press the button we do the rest".

Kodak Canada Inc.

Instamatic X-15F

Item is a basic, hand held snapshot camera with black and brown plastic casing (some areas mottled to look like leatherette). It made exposures on 126 cartridge film. It features a brightline viewer and lever film wind. The original X-15 used Magicubes for flash photos. The F designation is for the updated model, which uses "FlipFlash". This model was one of the last Instamatics to use 126 film. In original plastic packaging (unopened). Includes strap and manual. Camera did not require batteries.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Star 1035 ZD zoom

Item is an automatic camera with black plastic casing, made for use with 35 mm film. It features a 30-60 mm power zoom lens, auto focus, dateback, automatic SENSALITE electronic flash, sealed in original box. Made for the Canadian market, the packaging in is both French and English. Manufactured in Japan.

Kodak Canada Inc.

FunSaver TeleFoto 35

Item consists of a disposable camera for use outdoors featuring a telephoto lens and loaded with a 27 exposure roll of Kodak Gold 400 ISO 35mm film for colour prints. Unopened in original box. Develop before date is May 1996.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Brownie Bull's-Eye Flash outfit

Item is a small metal and bakelite camera with Kodak Twindar Lens and settings indicated for scenes, groups or individuals. Used Kodak 620 film. Outfit includes a presentation box with flash holder, one-time use flash bulbs (4 of 8 have been used), user's guide, strap, and Kodacolor II negative film.

Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak Canada Ad Ledger, 1913-1921

Item is a ledger containing newspaper clippings from 1913 to 1921 pertaining to a variety of aspects of Kodak's operations. Despite its content, the item appears to have been compiled by Kodak as its first "advertising ledger." These ledgers, containing clippings and proofs of Kodak's advertising of a variety of products, likely evolved in content and format from this first ledger.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Advertising proofs binder

Item contains advertising proofs created for Kodak Canada Ltd., by The Baker Advertising Agency Ltd. in 1927, as well as a list of newspapers advertisements where the ads were published, and select rotogravure newspaper clippings of sections containing the Kodak advertisements. Most of the advertisements relate to the Cine-Kodak Amateur film camera, which had recently been introduced in 1923.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Segmental anatomy of the lung in cross section

Item consists of a foldable brochure binder insert with images and information about the cross sections of lungs that is intended to make it possible to identify the segmental anatomy and localize lung lesions observed on a CT examination of the thorax. It was produced by the Department of Radiology, Toronto Division and University of Toronto and published by the Health Sciences Division of the Eastman Kodak Company.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Film - the dependable film in the yellow box

Item consists of a portrait format, white, board poster, featuring a black and white image of two boxes of Kodak Film, with "Kodak Film - the dependable film in the yellow box / The film that gives the same results from roll to roll, so that you can rely on it. / Kodak Film excels on every count - speed, latitude, uniformity - and each is of picture-making importance. / Use Kodak Film, the dependable film in the yellow box. / Canadian Kodak Co., Limited, Toronto" printed beneath.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Plaque: this building was first occupied as a barracks by 127th O.S. Battalion, C.E.F. York Rangers [Kodak Heights]

Item consists of a poster featuring a black and white image of a plaque that reads "THIS BUILDING / WAS FIRST OCCUPIED / AS A BARRACKS BY THE / 127th O.S.BATTALION, C.E.F. / YORK RANGERS / ON MOBILIZATION / MARCH TO JUSTICE JUNE 1916 / ERECTED IN APPRECIATION BY LT. COL. F.F. CLARKE AND OFFICERS".

Kodak Canada Inc.

Look what Kodacolor Film can do for your snapshots!

Item consists of a portrait board poster featuring a large colour image of a photograph of a landscape of birch trees and a lake, which is continued with a black and white contour drawing. Beside the image reads "Look at what Kodacolor Film can do for your snapshots!", beneath the image is another image of a yellow box of Kodacolor film beside a Brownie Hawkeye camera, and text that reads "With Kodacolor Film you can take beautiful color snapshots like this with your camera".

Kodak Canada Inc.

Victory loan honour certificate

World War II Victory Bonds Honour Certificate presented to the employees of the Canadian Kodak Company in 1941: "This is to certify that the employees of Canadian Kodak Company, Limted have purchased bonds of the Victory Loan 1941 to the amount of their objective. On behalf of the people and the Government of Canada, I am happy to send this Honour Certificate with my thanks for your cooperation. -Minister of Finance, June 1941"

Kodak Canada Inc.

Ninth victory loan honour certificate

World War II Victory Bonds Honour Certificate presented to the employees of the Canadian Kodak Company in 1945: "Certificate of Honour This is to certify that the employees of Canadian Kodak Co., Ltd. have purchased bonds of the Ninth Victory Loan to the amount of their objective. On behalf of the people and the Government of Canada, I am happy to send this Honour Certificate with my thanks for your cooperation. -Minister of Finance, October-November 1945"

Kodak Canada Inc.

Objects series

Series contains objects donated from Kodak Canada Inc. including plaques highlighting Kodak's community initiatives and corporate status, promotional items such as clothing, flags, keychains, pins, toys, badges, and medals provided to honor excellence within the Kodak company, and objects referencing Kodak's Olympic involvement.

Kodak Canada Inc.

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