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Former Kodak employee donations Eastman Kodak Company
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Making the invisible visible [information flyer]

X-ray radiograph images republished on an information flyer with a brief description of the materials being reproduced. Photographs of the Dead Sea scrolls were taken using Kodak Infrared Film, and were provided by the Palestine Archeological Muse...

Eastman Kodak Company

Looking through gold [information flyer]

X-ray radiograph image republished on an information flyer with a brief description of the material being reproduced. A photograph of the sarcophagus of King Tutankhamon was provided by the Laboratories of the Louvre Museum for reproduction in the...

Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak Kolorkin figurine

Item consists of a Kodak Kolorkin figurine in original package. It is red and wearing a yellow shirt that reads Kodak in black.

Munro, Allan

Kodacolor Gold keychain

Item consists of a Kodacolor Gold 36 exp. 200 film for color prints keychain. Keychain is yellow with black text and is the shape of a roll of 35 mm film.

Munro, Allan

The discovery of x-rays

A copy of the x-ray radiographic image of Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen's wife's hand, taken in 1895, and reproduced in 1970 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the discovery of x-ray imaging. The copy was made on Kodak RP/D X-OMAT Radiograph ...

Eastman Kodak Company