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John Griffin fonds

  • F 942
  • Fondo

This fond contains the following file:

F942.1 - Academy Award Certificate, 1982.

Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

Nina D. Cole fonds

  • F 943
  • Fondo
  • 2008

This fonds consists of one textbook that Cole co-wrote: Human Resources Management in Canada. Canadian 10th ed. (Toronto: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2008)

Cole, Nina D.

Paddy Sampson fonds

  • F 2010.003
  • Fondo

Fonds consists of audio reels and video tapes (VHS, U-Matic and Betacam) with excerpts of interviews, television shows and specials intended for broadcast on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's (CBC) English Television Network. The tapes were compiled by Paddy Sampson during the course of his employment with the CBC as a television producer.

Sampson, Paddy

Obsolete Media Formats Collection

  • C 002
  • Fondo

This fonds contains a collection - gathered from multiple sources - of obsolete audio and visual media formats and playback equipment.

Design Archive photographic collection

  • 2015.005
  • Fondo
  • 1987 - 2003

Design Archive Inc. was the professional company of photographer Robert Burley, who established it in January 1987 and acted as president until January, 2000. Design Archive Inc. specialized in architectural photography: work is project-based, with project locations including commercial centers, businesses, private residences, and public places of note. Interior and exterior architectural structure is the predominant photographic subject, with landscapes and detailed design highlights, furniture, and machinery filling out the collection. In 2003, Burley accepted a full-time teaching position at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts and suspended work at Design Archive Inc.

These fonds include photographic materials, including photographic prints, contact sheets, negatives, CDs, and other miscellaneous items that were collected by Design Archive Inc. from 1987 to 2003.

Burley, Robert

Department of Capital Projects and Real Estate

  • RG 944
  • Fondo
  • 1961 - 2012

The department of Capital Projects and Real Estate was created by splitting the Campus Planning and Facilities department in two. The second department is the department of Campus Planning and Sustainability (RG 945). The split occurred effective April 15, 2011, after the retirement of the current director of Campus Planning and Facilities Ian Hamilton. Elizabeth Stroback was hired to act as the interim director of this new department.

Theatre Program Collection

  • 2011.006
  • Colección
  • [ca. 1960] - 2010

Collection consists of theatre programs from Great Britain and Ireland, Broadway venues in New York, and from various theatres in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, including the Shaw and Stratford Festivals. Opera and symphony programmes are also included in this collection.

To browse the individual items in this series, click on the "View the list" link under the "See the sous-fonds, series or sub-series lists for this collection" title (to the right of the page).

Canadian Opera Company

Radio Ryerson Inc.

  • RG 950
  • Fondo
  • 2011-2012

Fonds contains records relating to the 2011 application made by Radio Ryerson Inc, to the CRTC for a broadcasting licence for Toronto. The application was denied and the licence for CKLM-FM 88.1 was granted to Rock 95 Broadcasting Inc. in 2012. Files include all supporting documents submitted to the CRTC, notices of consultation and support postcards procuded by Radio Ryerson.

Radio Ryerson Inc.

Ryerson Communication and Design Society

  • RG 951
  • Fondo
  • 2012-2019

Fonds consists of projects completed as extra curricular activities by student groups within the Faculty of Communication and Design or in some cases, includes students across the school's student body.

Mattamy Centre Opening Weekend materials

  • RG 30.120.02
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 2012

File contains materials created for the opening weekend of the Mattamy Athletic Centre at what was once Maple Leaf Gardens. Included in the file is a commemorative hockey puck, an access pass to the President's reception, a ticket and program for the inaugural men's hockey game and an inaugural weekend ticket and program.

International photographic exhibitions publications

  • 2012.014
  • Colección
  • 1985-2011

This collection contains invitations, pamphlets, takeaways and other publications related to international photographic exhibtions.

Nordström, Alison

Bascom St. John

  • F 160
  • Fondo
  • 1955-1964

Joseph Bascom St. John was a journalist and civil servant with a focus on Education. The majority of his fonds consists of materials from when he was an employee of the Globe and Mail, writing a column 'The World of Learning'.

David Reville Fonds

  • F 824
  • Fondo
  • 1978 - 2015

This fonds contains textual records generated or collected by David Reville relating to various aspects of his academic and political careers.

Reville, David

Catherine Frazee fonds

  • F 814
  • Fondo
  • 1990 - 2006

Fonds contains textual and audio visual records created or collected by Catherine Frazee during the course of her academic career.

Frazee, Catherine

Found in the library art projects

  • F 939
  • Fondo
  • 2008-2012

Fonds contains sous-fonds of a variety of art projects that have been found in the book stacks at the Ryerson University Library and Archives.

Wilhelm E. Nassau and Wilfrid Laurier University Media collection

  • F 2011.018
  • Fondo
  • 1969-2011

Fonds consists of records the Wilhelm E. Nassau created during his time at Wilfrid Laurier University, working in the development of the Audio-Visual department as a professor and curator of an extensive collection of photographic and film cameras and technology. This collection was amassed for the purpose of teaching students of the university and was curated by Nassau over the span of fourty years. Cameras were collected from students, faculty, and employees as well as purchased from local camera shows. The collection traced the history and development of the tools used in these fields. The collection was donated to both Brock University (motion picture and video materials) and the Ryerson University Library and Archives (still photography materials). Objects in the donation were distributed amoung the Heritage Camera Collection (2005.006), the Photography and Film Technology Collection (2005.005), and the Photographic Publications Collection (2005.003).

School of Accounting and Finance

  • RG 954
  • Fondo
  • 2012

Fonds contains records from the School of Accounting and Finance, part of the Ted Rogers School of Management. Financial management was offered through the business department at Ryerson Polytechnical Institiute starting in 1965. In 1970, Accounting and Finance was instituted as a study option under Business Administration, a part of the Business Division of the college. A diploma was offered beginning in 1973, and a Bachelor in Business Managment (BBM) from 1989. Renamed as the Accounting option in 1995, the degree awarded became a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) in 1999, 7 years after Ryerson officially became a university. The Faculty of Business was established in 2005, offering Accounting as a major. The faculty was renamed the Ted Rogers School of Management in 2008, and the new school of Accounting and Finance opened in 2013, offering majors in both Accounting and Finance.

Financial Management, Business: 1965-1960
Financial Management Option, Business Aministration: 1960-1970
Accounting Finance Option, Business Division: 1970-1996 (Dipl, 1973-1988; Dipl OR BBM, 1989-1996)
Accounting option, Business Managment: 1996- (Dipl OR BBM, 1996-1997; BBM, 1997-1999; BComm, 1999-2000)
Accounting Major, Business Management: 2000- (BComm)
Accounting Major, Business Management, Faculty of Business: 2000-2008 (BComm)
Accounding Major, Business Management, Ted Rogers School of Management: 2008-2013 (BComm)
Accounting & Finance Major, School of Accounting and Finance, Ted Rogers School of Managment: 2013- (BComm)

Archives newspaper clipping files

  • C 001
  • Fondo

The Archives Documentation files are a collection of secondary source clippings from Ryerson and external publications. They are divided into 594 series with all series relating to Ryerson University and its departments, faculty, students, or graduates.

Lantern Slide Collection

  • 2017.017
  • Colección
  • 1820-1950

This collection consists of early optical devices commonly known as magic lanterns. The first report of the construction of a magic lantern is generally considered to be referring to the Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens in 1659. The lanterns in this collection are dated from the early 1800s until the mid 1900s and include large professional devices as well as consumer models and toy magic lanterns.

The collection also holds over 500 lantern slides on a wide range of subjects. The slides demonstrate different iterations of glass slide projection and the evolution from hand-painted imagery to photographic and mechanical slides.

For more information about the history of magic lantern projection, please see our blog post:

Toronto Film Society Collection

  • F 2009.004
  • Fondo
  • 1970-1985

The collection consists of film related literature, films stills and productions packages collected over the course of the Toronto Film Society's history. The books were dispersed to Special Collections stacks or the Library general collection depending on age and condition. Film stills and packages have been catalogued and added to Special Collections. Several boxes of clipping files were also included in the collection and have been retained in Special Collections. Please consult the Library Catalogue for more information on individual titles.

Toronto Film Society

Ron Keeble fonds

  • F 100
  • Fondo
  • 1986

Ron Keeble joined the faculty of the School of Urban and Regional Planning in 1979 after several years of practice in both the private and public sectors. He has served on two occasions as Director of the School of Planning, and has completed terms as Academic Editor of PLAN CANADA (the national journal of the planning profession in Canada), and as President of the Association of Canadian University Planning Programs. Professor Keeble is active in the affairs of both the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) and the Ontario Professional Planners Institute. For CIP he has served a six year term as Co-chair of the National-Affiliate Membership Committee and directed the Planning for the Future Project which is a major review of national standards and membership processes for the planning profession in Canada.
For the Ontario Professional Planners Institute he has served two terms as Director of Membership Services on the governing council of the Institute and has completed an eight year term as Registrar of the planning profession. He has also served on the Professional Practice Advisory Committee of OPPI.
Keeble's research interests are in the areas of the professional development of planners, the advancement of best practices within planning, and the integration of internationally trained planning professionals into the practice realm in Canada.

This fonds contains one issue of the journal 'Plan Canada. Canadian Institute of Planners'. (issue 26: 2 - April 1986 Neighbourhood Planning). Keeble served as the Guest Editor of this issue of the journal.

Keeble, Ron

Gordon Meinecke fonds

  • F 2007.006
  • Fondo
  • [ca. 1950]-2007

The fonds consists of photographic chemicals, printing paper, film, dry plates, pamphlets, journals, trade circulars and photo bulbs collected by Gordon Meinecke during the course of his career, and from personal interest as a collector of historical artifacts. Meinecke worked in various photographic formats including 11x14, 8x10, 4x5, 2 ¼, and 35mm, sometimes producing prints as large as 30x40 inches. He primarily employed Kodak material for these purposes, but films from other manufacturers of photographic supplies can be found in the fonds, including Agfa Ansco Company, Ilford Limited, Polaroid and Triple Print Film Labs. Antique film packages, produced by companies like The Stanley Dry Plate Company or Dufaycolor Inc., are mainly empty or opened, and were collected for their historical value rather than for photographic use. A selection of photo lamps and flashbulbs from Osram, General Electric and the Wabash Photolamp Corporation are included in the collection, as well as two glass plate drying racks.

Meinecke, Gordon

CJRT Radio

  • RG 159
  • Fondo

Fonds contains records related to the history of CJRT Radio.

CJRT Radio

Helmut Burkhardt fonds

  • F 163
  • Fondo
  • 1987-2001

This fonds contains the following files:

F 163.1 - Papers, 1987.
Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

F 163.2 - Foundations and Applications of General Systems Theory with a Focus on Science Education : Proceedings : Proceedings: Meeting of the International Society for General Systems Research, 1987.
Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

F 163.3 - Transdisciplinary Knowledge Structures and Curriculum Innovation : Proceedings of the Second Canadian Conference on Foundations and Applications of General Science Theory, 1990.
Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

F 163.4 - System physics: A uniform approach to branches of classical physics, 1987.
Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

F 163.5 - Science for Peace group, 2001.
Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

Burkhardt, Helmut (Ken)

Ronald Conrad fonds

  • F 172
  • Fondo

Fonds contains books and manuscript for book written by Ronald Conrad.

Conrad, Ronald

Stalin A. Boctor fonds

  • F 124
  • Fondo
  • 1987, 1992

Fonds consists of 2 textbooks on electric circuitry. They are the first and second editions of the book.

Boctor, Stalin A.

Department of Community Relations

  • RG 122
  • Fondo

In 1986, Information Services was incorporated into the Department of Community Relations. In 1990, the Department of Development and Alumni Affairs was integrated with the Department of Community Relations to form the Department of Development, Alumni and Community Relations.

Alison Acker fonds

  • F 115
  • Fondo
  • 1986-1998

Fonds consists of materials written during and after Alison Acker's term as an English Professor at Ryerson University. The fonds is organized into two series: Book - Published, and Articles.

F 115.01: One book: Children of the Volcano by Alison Acker. Published by Between the Lines, 1986. ISBN 0-919946-66-6 (bound) 0-919946-67-4 (pbk.)

F 115.02: Two newspaper clippings

Edward Parker fonds

  • F 14
  • Fondo
  • 1944-1993

Fonds consists of memoirs, correspondence, photographs, and course brochures.

Parker, Edward

David Amborski fonds

  • F 152
  • Fondo
  • 1987-

David Amborski received his Bachelor of Arts in 1971 from Boston College, and went on to the University of Toronto to earn a Masters in Planning in 1974, and a Masters in Economics in 1981. In 1975 David joined the Urban and Regional Planning Department of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.
David was involved in teaching seminars for in-career government officials in Ontario and internationally. He served as the President for the Association of Canadian University Planning Programs, and on a number of boards and committees including the Institute for Finance and Local Governance, Town of Aurora Planning Committee, and the Ontario Municipal Management Institute.

Fonds contains 3 papers written/co-written by David Amborski. The papers were prepared for 3 different conferences/meetings.

Amborski, David

Fred J. Travell fonds

  • F 179
  • Fondo
  • 1965 - 1966

This fonds contains the following files:

F 179.1 - Letter:From H.H. Kerr re. Apptmnt. To Faculty Council, 1965.
F 179.2 - Invitations to Ryerson Events, 1966.
Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

Yvonne Hart fonds

  • F 185
  • Fondo
  • 1982 - 1999

This fonds contains the following file:

F 185.1 - Correspondence, 1982-1999.

Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

Hart, Yvonne

Faculty of Community Services

  • RG 186
  • Fondo
  • 1970-2017

Fonds contains records and material relating to the Faculty of Community Services. Fonds is divided into series:
RG 186.001 Administrative records
RG 186.002 Academic planning, review, proposals, and curriculum records
RG 186.003 Conferences, forums, lectures, and workshops
RG 186.004 Promotional materials
RG 186.005 Awards and special events
RG 186.006 Committees and councils
RG 186.007 Research and publications

Faculty of Community Services

Ben Carniol fonds

  • F 189
  • Fondo
  • 1987-2006

This fonds contains the following files:

F 189.1 - Books - Published, 1987.

F 189.2 - Journal Articles, 1983-84.

F 189.3 - Why the 'Other' Toronto Summit is Important, 1988.

F 189.4 - Metro Network For Social Justice: Toronto Presents Global Links: Photo-Education-In-Sights, 1999.

F 189.5 - Letters to the Editor, 2005.

Carniol, Ben

Yolanda Coppolino fonds

  • F 190
  • Fondo
  • 1977 - 1987

This fonds contains the following files:

F 190.01 - Women Managers : Fitting the Mold or Molding the Fit?, 1987.

F 190.02 - A Description of the Evening, Part-Time Instructor /RPI, 1977.

Coppolino, Yolanda

Dr. James H. Mars fonds

  • F 193
  • Fondo
  • 1986-1990

This fonds contains the following files:

F 193.01 - Riders, Reasons And Recommendations, 1986.
Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

F 193.02 - Papers, 1990.
Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

F 193.03 - Studies, 1989.
Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

Mars, Dr. James H.

Don Obe fonds

  • F 307
  • Fondo
  • 1959-2014

This fonds contains notes, correspondence, course materials, articles, clippings and other textual records related to Don Obe's teaching and writing.

Obe, Don

Terry Grier fonds

  • F 319
  • Fondo
  • 1988 - 1999

This fonds contains the following textual records generated by Terry Grier, or related to his Ryerson career.

Grier, Terry

Anthony Etele fonds

  • F 338
  • Fondo
  • 1964

This fonds contains the following file:

F 338.1 - Course Manual: Principles of Teaching, 1964.

Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

Etele, Anthony

Elvino Sauro fonds

  • F 34
  • Fondo

Content: Photographs, videotapes, sound recording, textual records, bookmark, Lapel Pin, Punched Computer Examination Response Cards

Mike J. Hutchinson fonds

  • F 349
  • Fondo
  • 1964

This fonds contains the following file:

F 349.1 - The Acoustic Properties of the Ryerson Auditorium Report, 1964.

Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

Hutchinson, Mike J.

Eric Wright fonds

  • F 35
  • Fondo

This fonds contains the following files:

F 35.01 - Books - published, 1983.
Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

F 35.02 - Articles, 1987.
Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

F 35.03 - Published Interview With P.D. James, 1987.
Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

F 35.04 - Reviews and Critiques, 1993.
Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

F 35.05 - Short Story: The Lady From Prague, 1982.
Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

F 35.06 - Photographs, 1960-84.
Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

F 35.07 - TV Feature: Crime Writers of Canada, 1984. Incl. Eric Wright CBC The Journal, 1984.
Restricted due to format. Original records are not accessible/viewable using the equipment in the reading room.

Wright, Eric

George Swede fonds

  • F 36
  • Fondo
  • 1968 - ?

Fonds consists of work created and published by George Swede. Included are poetry, books, and pamphlets.

Swede, George

Grace Luk fonds

  • F 366
  • Fondo
  • [1990-2000]

Fonds contains papers and articles authored and co-authored by Grace Luk.

Luk, Grace

Dagmar Rajagopal fonds

  • F 368
  • Fondo
  • [1992]-1998

Fonds consists of materials authored and co-authored by Ryerson University Economics professor Dagmar Rajagopal. The fonds has been divided into three series - papers, articles, and book chapters.

Rajagopal, Dagmar

Franc R. Joubin fonds

  • F 371
  • Fondo
  • 1986, 1989

Fonds consists of a book and an article authored by Joubin.

Joubin, Franc R.

Kimberley Gilbride fonds

  • F 376
  • Fondo
  • 1989

Fonds contains an abstract for a paper co-authored by Kimberley Gilbride.

Gilbride, Kimberley

Anver Saloojee fonds

  • F 386
  • Fondo
  • 1990-2002

Fonds contains records authored and edited by or conferences participated in by Anver Saloojee.

Saloojee, Anver

Joanne Harack Hayne fonds

  • F 20
  • Fondo
  • 1985

Joanne Harack Hayne was afiliated with the Centre for Advanced Technology Education (CATE) at Ryerson. This fonds contains the report 'managing the education/industry interface' written By Harack Hayne and Michael G. Kahan.

Blair Fergusson fonds

  • F 207
  • Fondo
  • 1970 - 1991

This fonds contains the following files:

F 207.1 - Letter: To Faculty Colleagues Re. Board Matters,1972.

F 207.2 - Election Campaign:Fergusson For Ward 16 School Trustee, 1991.

F 207.3 - Blair Fergusson documentation files, 1970-80.

O'Keefe House

  • RG 209
  • Fondo
  • 1963 - 2015

Fonds contains textual records, graphic material, and artifacts related to the Ryerson residence O'Keefe House.

O'Keefe House

Phillip Rawkins fonds

  • F 212
  • Fondo
  • 1978 - 1998

This fonds contains the following files:

F 212.01 - Papers, 1979-98.

F 212.02 - Proposals and Outlines, 1989-91.

F 212.03 - Reports, 1981.

F 212.04 - Articles, 1985.

Rawkins, Phillip

Ted Rogers School of Management

  • RG 222
  • Fondo
  • 1967-2014

The fonds contains a variety of materials including newspapers, newsletters, correspondence, advertising, photographs, programmes, and brochures related to the Business Division, Business Administration Division, Faculty of Business and the Ted Rogers School of Management.

Ted Rogers School of Management

Peter Barta fonds

  • F 227
  • Fondo

Fonds consists of a single booklet containing notes.

Barta, Peter

Hrayr Berberoglu fonds

  • F 235
  • Fondo
  • 1978-1987

Fonds consists of 11 books and a caricature poster. The books were written by Hrayr during his time at Ryerson and deal with food, wine, and the hospitality industry.

Berberoglu, Hrayr

Hans Johanson fonds

  • F 237
  • Fondo
  • 1960 - 1975

This fonds contains the following files:

F 237.1 - Scrap Book in Government and Politics, 1969.

F 237.2 - Documentation File: Hans Johnson, 1960-75.

F 237.3 - Towards An Aggregate Analysis Of Public Service, 1966.

Johanson, Hans


  • RG 24
  • Fondo
  • 1978 - 2018

George H. Jamieson fonds

  • F 245
  • Fondo
  • 1974

This fonds contains the following file:

F 245.1 - The Biggest House On The Block:Neill-Wycik, 1966-1972, 1974.

Jamieson, George H.

Jack Ernest C. Miller fonds

  • F 246
  • Fondo
  • 1970

This fonds contains the following file:

F 246.1 - Miscellaneous Course Notes, 1970.

Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

Miller, Jack Ernest C.

Rennie Charles fonds

  • F 249
  • Fondo
  • 1965-1981

This fonds contains the following files:

F 249.1 - Manuscript Style guide, 1965-73.

F 249.2 - Faculty Event photograph, 1976.

F 249.3 - The Teaching of Business Communication in Canada, 1981.

Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

Norm Gordner fonds

  • F 253
  • Fondo
  • 1973

This fonds contains the following file:

F 253.1 - News Graphics, 1973.

Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

Gordner, Norm

Ivan Prokopchuk fonds

  • F 256
  • Fondo
  • 1969

Fond contains a book written by Ivan Prokopchuk

Prokopchuk, Ivan

Keith John Saunders fonds

  • F 257
  • Fondo
  • 1973-1988

File contains the first and second editions of the book "Organic Polymer Chemistry" written by Keith John Saunders.

Saunders, Keith John

Gordon Ritchie Emslie fonds

  • F 266
  • Fondo

This fonds contains the following files:

F 266.1 - Developmental Psychology Workbook, 1975-76.

F 266.2 - Miscellaneous++: Papers++, 1991.

Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

Emslie, Gordon Ritchie

Joan A. Walsh fonds

  • F 269
  • Fondo
  • 1961

This fonds contains the following files:

F 269.1 - Thesis:Stephen Leacock As An American Humorist, 1961.

F 269.2 - Essay:Goldwin Smith (1823-1910):His Religious Views..., n.d.

Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

Walsh, Joan A.

G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education

  • RG 27
  • Fondo

Fonds consists of materials relating to Ryerson's School of Continuing Education.
Fonds is broken down into three sous-fonds:

RG 27.01 Continuing Education
RG 27.02 Management Development Institute
RG 27.03 Programs for the 50+

Karen Mulhallen fonds

  • F 29
  • Fondo

An internationally acclaimed author and editor, and long-time professor of English at Ryerson, Dr. Karen Mulhallen has published essays on the arts both in Canada and in the UK. For more than three decades she has edited the award-winning literary magazine Descant, and through the magazine and other anthologies has promoted the work of Canadian writers nationally and internationally. She has published ten books of poetry, as well as edited more than one hundred and thirty issues of Descant magazine, as well as many books, most recently, Blake In Our Time: Essays in Honour of G.E. Bentley Jr. (University of Toronto Press, 2010).

[biographical information taken from:]

This fonds contains textual records, articles, school essay, photographs, an object, reviews, and clippings

Ted M. Zaharchuk fonds

  • F 298
  • Fondo
  • 1971

Fonds contains a report written by Ted Zaharchuk for OISE.

Zaharchuk, Ted M.

William Henry Pope fonds

  • F 96
  • Fondo
  • 1971 - 1985

This fonds contains the following files:

F 96.1 - Newspaper Articles, 1985.
Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

F 96.2 - Books authored by Wiliam Henry Pope, 1971.
Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

F 96.3 - The Canadian Economy Problems and Options, 1981.
Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

F 96.4 - Articles, 1982-85.
Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

Pope, William Henry

Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship

  • RG 188
  • Fondo
  • 2016-2017

Fonds contains materials created by the Brookfield Institute at Ryerson University. Fonds has one series - reports.

Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship

Gary Shennette

  • F 795
  • Fondo
  • 1951 - 1954

Fonds contains textual records and graphic material used by Gary Shennette for teaching in the Image Arts program.

Shennette, Gary

Spira 19th and 20th century foreign language photography publications

  • F 2008.004
  • Colección
  • 1866-1975

The collection contains books and bound periodicals on the subject of photography. Subjects include instructional guides, process descriptions, art photography, early photographic chemistry and product catalogues. Some publications include tipped in photogrpahs. TThe primary language of the collection is German, with a few Spanish, Russian, Czech, and Japanese publications.
Periodicals include:
Allgemeine Photographische Zeitung (January 1924-December 1926)
Photofreund (1924)
Photofreund Jahrbuch (1924-1934)
Photographische Archiv (1866, 1871-1891)
Photographische Correspondenz (1878, 1889-1908, 1928, 1932, 1947-1951)

Spira, Jonathan

Vappu Tyyskä Fonds

  • F 940
  • Fondo
  • 2001

Fonds contains a book written by Vappu Tyyskä.

Tyyska, Vappu

Robert Hackborn Fonds

  • 2012.005
  • Fondo
  • 194? - 2004

Records: [textual ; graphic ; photographic; audio visual; artifacts ; publications]

194? - 2004 : 36 Bankers boxes and 23 map cabinet drawers.

The Robert Hackborn fonds contains the records that Mr. Hackborn generated during the course of his television production career and maintained at his private residence after his retirement in 1993. This includes documentation going back to Mr. Hackborn's youth and earliest professional days. The research value of the records in this fonds is significant as it relates to the history of Canadian television production, and the specific programs that Mr. Hackborn contributed to. As an example, the fonds contains photographic and textual documentation of the earliest stages of the show development process for the important children's television programs Mr. Dressup and Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood. The fonds also contains extensive documentation of the creative processes behind the development of Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock, including images of, and correspondence with Mr. Henson.
During his career, Mr. Hackborn was also responsible for the execution of a very large collection of photographs that document the processes of working on a television set. With a professionally trained eye for composition and his camera, Mr. Hackborn systematically documented the television production process of the shows that he worked on. As a result of this work, the Robert Hackborn Fonds contains an impressive collection of this photographic documentation, which should serve as a valuable resource for future academics looking into the history of Canadian cultural output. Note on arrangement: This Robert Hackborn Fonds has been arranged in a manner that pays as much respect to the concept of Original Order as practically possible. Although the collection has been separated into Series based on General Material Designation in the finding aid and database, the physical arrangement of the collection remains identical to the manner in which Hackborn organized and stored his records, except where issues of physical size made such arrangement impossible. The oversized materials in this collection have therefore been arranged and stored in map cabinets designed to accommodate their physical dimensions. In addition, there is a small collection of oversized objects that have been stored on shelves above the collection owing to their size.
Access: There are no restrictions on access to this collection. Researchers must schedule an appointment with Ryerson Archives & Special Collections in order to view the records, and no records are permitted to leave the reading room or to be loaned out.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

Alfred Upton Photography fonds

  • 2014.006
  • Fondo
  • 1965, 1987

Fonds contains photographic camera equipment used by the photographer Alfred S. Upton, and an exhibition catalogue that accompanied a 1987 exhibition of his work at the Pearl Street Gallery in Hamilton, Ontario.

Upton, Alfred S.

Cinema Esparanca International Inc. - VHS collection

  • 2014.010
  • Fondo
  • 1970-2004

This fonds contains a collection of VHS videocassettes donated to RULA by Andre Bennett - President and CEO of Cinema Esparanca International Inc.

Cinema Esperança is an international film distribution and production company based in the city of Toronto, Canada that focuses on producing, distributing, and selling thought provoking and entertaining feature films and documentaries that are theatrically viable for both Canadian and international markets.

The company is committed to producing and marketing quality films & documentaries, in all genres, that are thought-provoking, entertaining, and theatrically viable. Special emphasis is placed on supporting new filmmakers and auteur directors whose visions can be shared with cinema going audiences worldwide.

The owner, president, and CEO of Cinema Esperança is André Bennett. Before becoming a producer and theatrical distributor, André Bennett was a university professor teaching courses in social and political philosophy at the University of Toronto & McMaster University, Canada. During the last four years of his academic tenure, Bennett used movies, rather than textbooks, to discuss basic concepts and ideas.


Bennett, Andre

Canadian Whites Comic Book Collection

  • F 2015.003
  • Colección
  • 1941-1946

Fonds consists of 181 comic books, produced in Canada, mainly during World War II, after the War Exchange Conservation Act (WECA), on December 2, 1940 classified American comics as "luxury goods" and limited their importation. Generally referred to as the "Canadian Whites" (due to the fact that the comics were black and white, except for the covers), the comics were published by Commercial Signs of Canada, which consisted of brothers Cyril (Cy) and Gene Bell, with investor John Ezrin. Publication began in the summer of 1941 and included titles Wow Comics, Active Comics, Dime Comics, and Joke Comics. '

In the winter of 1942, Commercial Signs absorbed another publishing house, Hillborough Studios, and renamed the company Bell Features. The acquisition brought the "Triumph Comics" title, and two more, Dizzy Don Detective (later retitled The Funny
Comics), and Commando Comics, soon followed.

When WECA was repealed in June of 1944 and American comic books were once again available to Canadians, Bell Features attempted to remain competitive by expanding their market into the US and the UK, and by publishing some titles in colour. Due to a lack of available newsprint, however, the company shifted its focus on Canadian content and began reprinting American titles.

Source: Scanlon, Meaghan. (10 July, 2015). Written, Drawn and Printed in Canada ---- by Canadians!”
Bell Features, CanCon, and the Perception of Comics in Postwar Canada. Presentation for SHARP Montreal.

Bell Features and Publishing Company Limited

First Edition Photobook Award

  • 2015.004
  • Colección
  • 2014-2018

Collection contains books created by the winners of the First Edition Book Award. The Award was established to honor 3rd year photography students who have made exceptional achievements in photobook production. It provides incentive for them to achieve early recognition that will have a lasting legacy in our collection.

As part of MPS507, a 3rd year Image Arts class in The Photographic Book, students are expected to conceive of and create their own book. This is, in part, related to work that has been completed in the co-requisite class, MPS506 - Photographic Production. These are both required courses for the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Image Arts) Photography Studies Option.

The Award was established in 2015, enabling the Library to annually purchase the top five books in the class, as judged by the professor, and the Special Collections Librarian. Books are judged at the year end exhibition of the books and evaluation is focused particularly on design, sequencing, and integration of images and text.

Winning books are catalogued in the Ryerson Library system, including a note about the award, and housed in Special Collections. Occasional exhibits are created to showcase the works.

2015 Winners:
Rebecca Zynomirski, Sheila's Tropical Vacation (Toronto: Rebecca Zynomirski, 2014). TR655.Z96 2014
Lodoe Laura Haines, Stateless / Photographs by Lodoe Laura, forward by Tashi Wangdi (Toronto: Lodoe Laura, 2014).
Evan Hutchinson, 43.7000 79.4000 (Toronto: Evan Hutchinson, 2014).
Lucy Lu, Memories of Nowhere : A book by Lucy Lu (Toronto: Lucy Lu, 2014).
Imogen Wallis-Mayer, An Ambiguous Form (Toronto, Imogen Wallis-Mayer, 2014).
Emily Pleasance, My Relative Life : A Mapping of Memories (Toronto, Emily Pleasance, 2014)
Kristina Smith, Orillia: A Photographic Exploration (Toronto, Kristina Smith, 2013).

2016 Winners:
Andrea Chartrand, Save As. (Toronto: Andrea Chartrand, 2015).
Kayla Blaze Kelley, Dear Dad. (Toronto: Kayla Blaze Kelley, 2015).
Mina Markovic, Komlikovani Identiteti. (Toronto: Mina Markovic, 2015).
Terence Reeves, Looking Outside Looking In. (Toronto: Terence Reeves, 2015).
Gabriel Steele, Jackson. (Toronto: Gabriel Steele, 2015).
Alia Youssef, Self-portraits of my Family in our Backyard. (Toronto: Alia Youssef, 2015).

2017 Winners:
Adrian Walton-Cordeiro – Contesse De Bertren
Ailene Devries – Two Cities and a River
Fehn Foss – Remembering, Faring
Julia Garnet – Elements
Feline Gerhardt – About Mankind and the Attempt to Increase Significance
Warren Rynkun – The Yard

2018 Winers:
After Grapefruit, Clea Christakos-Gee
Untitled, Raelene Giffin
In Nocte, Rafaela Conde
In the Water, Lisa McElroy
9869518588, Heather Rattray
Home and Glory, Kalen Huxhan
It’s Good Once You Get There, Hayley Wilsdon

2019 Winners
How to Run Away, Lucy Alguire
Istanbul, Neha Bokhari
Urban Drift, Bahar Kamali
Cowboy, Austen Ambraska
Shallow Season, Ally Ambler
Overdressed, Jared Miller

School of Health Services Management

  • RG 860
  • Fondo
  • 1986 - ?

The School of Health Services Management was under the Faculty of Community Services from its inception as a part-time degree. Effective July 1, 2011 HSM moved faculties and is a part of the Ted Rogers School of Management.

This fonds contains 69 cm textual records and one book.

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