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100 years since Lenin's birth & 40 years of the Gomselmash plant commemorative medal

Commemorative medal, composed of a metal alloy, shows the side-profile portrait of Lenin's face, with black highlighting, on recto. On recto, the years 1870-1970 are written below Lenin's portrait, commemorating 100 years since his birth. On verso, is an image of an agricultural vehicle. As written on verso, the medal commemorates 40 years of the Gomselmash plant, 1930-1970.

1905 Bloody Sunday commemorative medal

Commemorative bronze medal, image in relief shows a man with cloth around waist, chest bare, standing with arm raised straight up in the air. In the other hand he holds an urn. One foot is resting on an anvil with a hammer leaning on that foot. The text reads: 1905 - memory eternal! On verso, a relief shows two men standing, one man and woman crouching on the ground. One of two men standing, raises his arm in the air, hand fisted and with the other hand he holds onto the arm of the crouching woman. The text reads: Bloody Sunday - 9 Jan. 1905.

1912-1962 Truth newspaper commemorative bronze medal

Commemorative bronze medal with portrait of Vladimir Illyich Lenin, as well as some text. On verso there is a hand holding a Soviet flag and more text. Small sticker that reads "60" adhered to verso. On recto, it reads: "1912-1962 Truth Truth," the name of a political newspaper associated with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. On verso, it reads: 50 years from the day of the issuing of the first issue.

1917-1957 commemorative plate

Commemorative plate of Vladimir Illyich Lenin standing with one arm raised to the sky, with the other at his chest. At the top of plate are the dates 1917-1957, marking 40 years since the Great October Socialist Revolution. City scape and water in background, with a glowing star in the sky. There are laurels and a hammer and sickle beneath his feet. Done in relief.

1918 collectivization commemorative bronze medal

Commemorative bronze medal with relief of three men on recto. One man standing and two sitting at a table, one of whom is Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. On verso, relief of man standing with horse drawn plow. He is looking at tractors plowing the land in distance. On recto, the text reads: For 'Lenin-esque' Righteousness 1918. On verso, the text reads: Transfer... on horse... for industry. Collectivization Plan C/X.

1919 commemorative medal

Commemorative bronze medal, image in relief shows three soldiers on foot, one on a horse and one lying on ground above the year 1919. The three on foot hold guns while the one on the horse holds a sword. All five soldiers look in the same direction. On verso, is a laurel wreath with a flag and some writing. It reads: These days do not fade glory. The names of the following cities and areas are listed: Pskov, Kakhovka, Astrakhan, Bukhara, Volochayevka, Petersburg, Tsaritsyn (now Volgograd), Ufa, Perekop and Syvash.

1987 commemorative bronze medal

Commemorative bronze medal with relief on recto of Vladimir Illyich Lenin standing with arm raised upward looking back on crowds holding banners. Looks like fireworks going off in sky behind him. On verso, relief of a building and monument with crowds and banners celebrating 65 years of the Soviet regime. On verso, the text reads: Land to the peasants. Authority to the Soviets. The world for the people (presumably, as this text is cut off). Bread for the hungry (presumably, as this also text is cut off).

50 Years of the USSR commemorative medal with red flag

Commemorative medal, composed of a metal alloy, with relief on recto of Lenin right arm raised upwards with other at his chest. Soviet flag below him, coloured in red, with laurel branch. On verso, laurel wreath around the hammer and sickle above the years 1922-1972, surrounded by different Soviet Republics' emblems.

50 anniversary Kosomol commemorative medal

Commemorative medal, square shape, composed of bronze metal. Relief of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's face on a flag, with the number 50 and Russian text. Recto reads: VLKSM - 50 years with the name of Lenin. Verso has Russian text, and some adhesive residue from a small sticker. Verso reads: The Union of Soviet youth should be the accent group, which in all work renders its help, shows its initiative, its handsel. - V. I. Lenin

All-union CPSU Conference ommemorative postage stamp

Framed commemorative postage stamp with a drawing of Lenin's head in the upper left corner, the Communist Party symbolic hammer and sickle in the lower left, and the Kremlin buildings to the right. Value 50 kopeks. It reads: Revolutionary restructuring - the ideology of renovation! XIX All-union conference of the CPSU. Mail USSR.

Argus 264 Instant Load

Item is an instant load 126 cartridge film camera with an 44 mm Argus Cintar lens. The camera features fixes shutter speed, auto exposure using a selenium cell and has a flashcube socket, tripod socket, and automatic film speed sensing.

Asahi Pentax 6 x 7

Item is a professional medium format single lens reflex camera for 6 x 7 cm images on 120 or 220 roll film. This camera has a design similar to a 35mm camera with interchangeable Takumar lenses and range finders. It has a Penta Prism viewfinder, a wooden handle and a Takumar 6 x 7 1 :3.5 55 mm wide angle lens.

Audio Discs

Series consists of audio recordings. The content of the recordings varies, from the National Hymn of the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republic International performed by the choir and orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre, to the poem "Portrait of V.I.Lenin" by V. Mayakovski, narrated by Mikhail Astangov, to "Children's Favourite Songs" by various authors and singers.

Bell+Howell BH25

Item is a small, automatic, digital snapshot camera with a 640 x 480 pixel VGA, CMOS sensor. Includes an f2.8 -f6.0 land, 8 MB built in memory, monochrome display and optical viewfinder. The camera is focus free, 40 cm to infinity and caputures 352 x 288 pixel movie clips in AVI Format. Item comes with USB Cable and Mr. Photo Software.

Black and silver commemorative medal

Commemorative medals, composed of a metal alloy, with relief of side-profile portrait of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's face on recto. On verso is a signature. It reads: "I. Ulyanov (Lenin)" - the first initial of Lenin's patronymic (Ilyich), his legal last name and his alias last name. Medal is black and portrait of Lenin is silver.


A Very sophisticated flash gun with folded circular reflector, exposure slide rule, and test lamp. Allows setting for open flash (reflector folded). It can use two sizes of flash bulbs. Battery is a Mallory M505 - 22.5 volts. The reflector can tilt 90 degrees upward. PC camera cord is missing. The letters E. B. are visible above the hot shoe.


Bronze medal commemorating Moscow's machine tool factory named for S. Ordzhonikidze

Commemorative bronze medal honouring Moscow's machine tool factory named for S. Ordzhonikidze. On recto, relief images depict three laurel wreaths emblems and a banner One wreath has Vladimir Illyich Lenin in its centre. One wreath has a ship in its centre and a flag above the ship reads October Revolution, and one has a hammer and sickle in its centre and a flag above the hammer and sickle reads USSR. Below the three wreaths is what looks to be a sprocket. On verso, is an unidentifiable piece of machinery in relief.

Bust of Lenin

Bust of Lenin, cast in bronze, showing head and top of torso, dressed in waistcoat, jacket and tie, but with shoulders cropped off.

CCCP watch in box

Watch resting in plastic case, on foam. Red letters (CCCP) on the watch face, with a red star at the 12 o'clock position. CCCP is the Russian abbreviation which translates in English to Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). "Perestroika" is also written on the watch face. Verso of watch face is engraved with "CCCP," a star and the numbers 140836. Plastic box is pink and grey tortoise shell. Recto of box reads "Glory" in Russian. Paper tag tied by string to watch with the letter C on it. Fake wrist band around watch made of paper. Sticker adhesive on top of plastic box with the numbers 11.50. Inside box are folded paper receipts or certificates or warranties.

Canon BC-60N Battery Charger

Item consists of a Canon BC-60N battery charger. It has an input of AC 120V 60Hz 110mA, and an output of DC 12V 350mA. There are two lights on the top to indicate if the battery is charging or if the charge is complete.

Image Arts

Canon Dial 35-2

Item is a half-frame camera for exposures on 35mm film. Lens is 28mm, surrounded by the Cadmium Sulphide (CdS) sensor cells that make up the light meter.

Canon ELPH

Item is an automatic, snapshot camera for photographs using the Advanced Photo System, similar to the later, digital model of the same name . When activating, a servo motor opens the protective door and moves the small lens outwards. The advanced film format prevents the film to be removed if it is not rewound. A battery, film and a wrist strap are included.

Canon PowerShot A570

Item is a digital rangefinder, 7 megapixel camera for photographs on SD card. Model includes optical finder, image stabilizer, and 4X zoon. Lens is a Canon 5.8 -32.2, f 1:2.6-5.5. Uses 2 AA batteries.

Canon Inc.

Canon PowerShot A70

Item is a small, compact, digital snapshot camera, which is part of Canon's A series of entry level digital cameras. This model has a 3.0x zoom and a 3.2 megapixel resolution. The camera includes movie, preset shutter/aperture features, easy synch to various output devices, flash and focus manipulation and audio recording.

Canon PowerShot Pro 70

Item is an upper range, early digital cameral. Lens is a Canon Zoon 6-15mm f2.0-2.4 and includes power cable, lens cap, UV filter, computer connecting cable, carrying strap, AV connection cable, Canon NB-4H Battery 94.8 volt, 1400mwh)
Ps200 Power Supply 2 scan discs, 1 scan disc adapter, 1 lithium memory battery. Battery charger, RCA cable, Compact Flash PC Card Adapter & DC Coupler DR-200.

Canon PowerShot s400 digital Elph

Item is an automatic, digital Camera with 3.ox zoom lens, 7.4-22.2 mm (f 1:2.8-4.9). Features include camera, movie, slideshow and play settings, re-chargeable battery in situ, self-timer, flash adjustment, focus adjustment and scenario appropriate features allowing adjustments according to scenery.

Canon RC-760

Item consists of a Canon RC-760 digital single lens reflex camera. It has a 2/3" CCD Image Sensor, records in still video format, and uses a still video floppy disk. It has the original Canon Zoom SV 11-66mm 1:1.2 lens and comes equipped with a lens hood, but also allows for interchangeable lenses.

Canon Inc.

Canon Snappy 20

Item is an automatic snapshot camera for photographs on 35 mm film. Model has a built in electronic flash and
canon35mm F1:4.5 lens.

Canon Inc.

Canon Sure Shot 70mm Zoom

Item consists of a Canon, 35 mm, fully automatic point and shoot camera with built in flash and sliding lens cover. The F 4.2 - 7.8, 70mm zoom lens retracts when camera is closed.

Canon floppy camera rc-250

Item is Canon's first digital video camera for producing still pictures. Pictures were stored on proprietary floppy disc. Comes with a power pack and a battery. Also has original instruction manual, quick reference sheet, leather pouch, warranty card. Also comes with 3 spare floppy discs.

Casio EX-S100

Item is and automatic camera for digital photographs. This 3MP camera is constructed from stainless steel and weighs 130g, including battery. It has a 3x zoom lens similar to 36 -102 mm on 35mm camera. The camera has 50, 100, 200, 400 and Auto ISO film speed settings and offers shutter speeds from 1/8 to 1/2,000.

Centennial statue with silver profile of Lenin

Black, shiny, crystal-shaped plastic statue with applied silver relief image of Lenin's profile, as well as gold inscription of his signature and centennial birth years: I. Ulyanov (Lenin) 1870-1970. (one housed in red plastic case with clear lid)

Certificate of Merit

Certificate of merit with image of Vladimir Illyich Lenin in gold, with gold and red writing and the hammer and sickle symbol. There are lines on which to write a the commendation. On verso, red with grey writing. On both sides, it reads: Certificate of Merit. On recto, it reads: Proletariat of all countries, unite! There is also a quote attributed to V. I. Lenin: Socialism is alive, talented, is a creation of masses themselves.

Certificate of Merit

Certificate of merit with image of Vladimir Illyich Lenin standing above a crowd and speaking, with red Russian flag below him. Same image that appears on poster in collection (accession # 2008.005.167). White background with gold writing reads: Certificate of Merit. On verso, white background with red writing reads: Certificate of Merit. The artist was V. Trubanova. The certificate was produced in Moscow.

Certificate of merit

Folded citation card with Kremlin clocktower image on front and drawing of Lenin inside. Very similar to 2008.005.204. On recto it reads: Certificate of Merit. Inside it reads: Proletariat of all countries, unite! Certificate of Merit. Some of the font is raised. The artist was A. B. Molokova and it was produced in Moscow.

Certificate of merit (filled out)

Folded citation card with profile portrait of Lenin on a red cover, addressed to a recipient in black ink and stamped. On verso, it reads: Certificate of Merit. Inside there is a quote by L. I Brezhnev. It also reads: Proletariat of all countries, unite! Certificate of Merit. It reads: Awarded to Shaulis Povilas Yuozovich for good Soviet attitude, high quality performance of tasks, in honour of the builder. It is signed by the head of construction boards "Stroiindustriya" V. F. Kotsarev, party bureau secretary O. M. Pakhomkova and Predpostroikoma V. M. Sozonov.

Certificate of merit (filled out)

Folded citation card with portrait drawing of Lenin on the interior, addressed to a recipient in black ink and stamped. On recto it reads: Glory to labour! Certificate of Merit. Inside it reads in Russian: Proletariat of all countries, unite! Certificate of Merit. There is also a quote by Lenin: The first productive force of all humankind is work, working
The filled in portion is in Lithuanian and reads: On the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, Comrade Stepas Luksta is recognized for his good work and social activities. It is signed by the party director, committee secretary and the trade union chair.
The art is by V. Rodionov and it was produced in Moscow. A bit of Ukrainian is written on verso.

Certificate, military

Citation cards with Soviet flags and crest featuring profile of Lenin. Military aircraft and tanks are depicted along the bottom edge. It reads: For our Soviet homeland! A quote attributed to V. I. Lenin reads: Our slogan should be one - study the case in a real way...

Cheescake pinups

Brown embossed cover, bound with green string. Photos held with black photo corners. Individual portraits show naked women in variety of settings.
Themes: female nudity, sex, Chinese, Japanese, USA, Hawaii.
Some photos have copyright symbol printed onto photographs.

Children's meeting group

Item consists of a photograph of a group fo children standing on the steps and in the path in front of a wooden house, the men's dormitory in a factory compound. On verso, handwritten in pen, "A children's meeting I attend every Saturday/ afternoon in the big spinning factory/ which employs 1000 people. The/ children belong to families who live in the/ factory compound & we hold our meeting/ at their request in the recreation rooms/ of the men's dormitory. I play the baby organ./ You would think I had a cross over my head./ I don't know what it is sticking up there."

Cigarette packs with Lenin's portrait

Packages of 20 cigarettes each. Red box bears Russian text and graphic portrait of Lenin. A graphic of the Soviet paper Truth is behind Lenin's portrait. Recto text reads: Cigarettes Prime Nostalgia. A side of the box reads: Cigarettes Fifth Class. The top reads: Smoking harms your health. On the bottom, the company's address is provided. Verso text reads "Prime Nostalgia". A Russian government label depicts the Russian emblem and reads: "Special Tabacco Brand" and "Russia".

The Public Corporation "Pogarskaya Cigarette-Cigar Factory"

Circular medallion commemorating 50 years of Soviet Power in the Soviet Union

Two circular medallions composed of metal alloy, each resting in a red plastic box, in red velvet with white satin interior. Medallion has relief of Vladimir Illyich Lenin with Russian flag, wheat stalks and three other people, one of whom is an astronaut. Dates read 1917-1967. On verso text reads: In memory of 50 years of Soviet power in the USSR. The red box snaps shut with clasp.

Circular medallion of Lenin in a plastic case

Circular medallion composed of metal alloy in white plastic box. Box lid has gold writing on it, which reads "V. I. Lenin," with banner and laurel. Medallion has relief of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's face. It rests perfectly in box, and does not come out or move.

Circular pin of Gorbachev

Circular plastic (organic material) pin with black edge, and colour photograph of Mikhail Gorbachev with hand raised holding a pen, the other holding a piece of paper. He is wearing a suit. Clasp on verso.

Circular wall hanging of Lenin

Circular metal alloy with heavy metal rim and hook on back to hang. Gold plated relief of Vladimir Illyich Lenin. The hook reads: ZNAR.

N. Sokolov


Rectangular citation card with image of Lenin against a sky background and crowd of people, a red Soviet flag in front. Beneath the picture it reads: V. I Lenin on podium. The artist was A. Gerasimov.

Citation to a labour veteran

Citation cards that are not yet folded that have the star, hammer and sickle on recto. On inside of card is an image of Vladimir Illyich Lenin writing and reading at his desk. Opposite page is a blank white space with the gold writing and the star, hammer and sickle. Framed in red, with gold and yellow. On both sides, it reads: For a labour veteran. It was produced in Moscow. The artists responsible were V. Trubanov and S. Bondar. There is some small text written in Ukrainian as well.

Citation to a new Little Octobrist

Citation cards with badge design of the Little Octobrists. It is meant to be given to a child that achieves Little Octobrist status. On recto, there is a design featuring Lenin as a child within a red star with emanating rays, a message to the new Little Octobrist, a space to attach a photograph of the Little Octobrist and a space for notes. On verso, red star graphic with smaller designs featuring children participating in many of the activities associated with the club, including sports, agriculture and music. It reads: We have five rules and we will achieve them. The rules are listed on the right-hand side, written as poetry. The art work was done by A. Finogenov and the cards were produced in Moscow.

Clay sculpture of Lenin

light brown clay sculpture of Lenin from the waist up, including one are with fist clenched and coat collar. Very roughly sculpted or not finished. Unfinished clay on back, tool marks visible on surface.

Contax 137 MA Quartz

Item is an automatic exposure single-lens reflex 35mm camera. Metering is center-weighted and aperture priority.

Contax 137 MA Quartz

Item is a 35mm camera with a built in electric 3 frames per second motor winder powered by four AA batteries that also run the metering and shutter timing. The camera has modes for aperture priority and manual.

Cross stitch of Lenin in gold frame

Cross stitch on burgundy coloured felt of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's head and shoulders, in black, white and grey embroidery floss. In a gold plated metal alloy frame with glass protection. Hook on verso to hang the frame. Backing made of wood.

Cross stitch of Lenin in wood frame

Cross stitch on canvas of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's head and shoulders, in black, white and grey embroidery floss. In a wood frame with glass protection. Hook on verso to hang the frame.

DL-500 Wide Date

Item is a automatic snapshot camera for photographs on 35 mm film. DL refers to "drop-in loading". Includes a 28mm/45mm standard lens. Has a display function of the date on the photos.

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.

Documentary Films series

Series consists of biographical films about Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924), leader of the Soviet Union and father of Communism. These films were created and produced in the Russian Soviet State and reflect the ideals of the state and the popular interpretation of Lenin's life and work. The 17 film reels make up the following 4 movies: "Lenin is alive" (1969), "Lenin: pages of the biography" (1969), "Gorki Leninskie" (1984), "Lenin documents, facts, recollections" (1969). A DVD was added to the collection in 2010 that depicts the public speeches and demonstrations taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania during the dissolution of the Lithuanian Soviet State, including the tearing down of a statue of Lenin in the city centre.

Drawing of Lenin, applied to wood

Wooden plaque ornament with graphic drawing of Lenin in profile applied with lacquer. There are 2 pegs inserted at the base of the plaque, which are inserted into the base to allow the plaque to stand upright on a desk or other flat surface. Lenin is drawn with Soviet era army cap now commonly identified with him as a 'Lenin style cap'.

Duplikin C12610

Item is to be used for duplication of 35mm slides or film strips. The bellows are folded into the adapter unit and is kept in place out of sight with a magnet to protect it from damage. Manufactured by Century Optics.

Easy Share CX 6330

Item is a small entry model digital snapshot camera, with automatic white balance and ISO and a resolution of 3.1 megapixels. The Kodak Retinar lens has a range of 3x optical zoom with a small optical viewfinder. The LCD screen at the back is 1 1/2 inches.

Emergency digital camera keychain with collision kit

item is a miniature digital camera on a key chain. Intended for use in documenting traffic accidents, the kit includes a carrying case for the glove compartment and a collision kit for recording information regarding the accident. The camera contains a 16MB memory, for 243 photos and can also act as a video camera or web camera.

Ephemera series

Series consists of sculptures and reliefs of Lenin, as well as a piece of marble from Lenin's mausoleum. Media include metal, wood, bronze, plaster, stone, plastic, glass, porcelain, and clay.

Family children's meeting

Item consists of a photograph of a Japanese family and white guest. All are seated on ats inside or on the patio to a home. On verso, handwritten in ink, "In this house of which the whole/ family is Christian we hold a regular/ weekly children's meeting. The only/ Christian service in that village./ The older girl kneeling near me is one/ of our family here. She teaches the/ children in that home - Matsuda/ Mitsuko by name."

Favourite Songs of Toddlers

33 rpm record, smaller in diameter than an LP, in a plastic sleeve and cardboard cover. Cover depicts drawings of children and birds in outdoor setting. One side has 7 songs; the other has 6. Biographical information about each of the songs' composers is on the back cover. It cost 90 kopecks.

USSR Ministry of Culture

Flags series

Series consists of flags and banners, very similar in style, often awarded in competition and sometimes titled a flag.

Fuji DL-1000 zoom

Item is a sophisticated point and shoot camera for its time with a lot of features. Lens is a zoom Fujinon 35-80mm, multi autofocus, red eye reduction, auto exposure. The prewind feature will loads a film onto the takeup spool then rewinds it back into cassette as each exposure is made. This feautre minimizes risk of losing pictures if door is accidentally opened mid-roll, it also shows the number of exposures remaining on a roll.

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.

Fuji DL-95 Super

Item is a Fuji DL-95 Super. DL for drop-in loading. 35mm film, autofocus, red-eye reduction, panorama mode options.

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.

Fujica ST801

Item is a manual single-lens reflex 35mm camera. This model is the first to employ an LED light metering system and includes an open aperture metering with Pentax thread lens. The camera comes with Fujinon 1:1.8 55mm lens.

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.

Fujifilm MX-600 zoom

Item is a compact, automatic, snapshot camera for digital photographs. With a resolution of 1.5 Mega Pixels this camera was one of the first digital cameras, mass-produced for the consumer market. The Zoom lens ranged from 7.4 to22 mm, which would be an equivalent of 38 to 80 mm in 35mm. Battery and the thin FUJI Memory card are proprietary to Fuji. The card holds 16 MB. Item comes with power adapter.

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