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Kodak Canada Corporate Archives and Heritage Collection
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Blueprints and Plans

Sub-series contains plans and blueprints of Kodak factories and facilities in Ontario including : early blueprints and schematics for the King Street plant, approval drawings and area plans for the Kodak Heights facility showing buildings 1, 3,5, and 8, and detailed blueprints relating to the construction of Kodak Brampton Paper Finishing Plant, Building #35. Subject terms have been used to indicate Kodak site locations in Ontario, specifically the King street, Brampton and Kodak Heights operations.


Sub-series consists of published monographs held by and donated to Ryerson University Archives & Special Collections as part of the Kodak Canada Corporate Archives and Heritage Collection.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Brownie 8mm Movie Camera II

Item is a Brownie 8mm Camera II, It has a beige body with pop up frame finder on top. Side comes off to insert film spools. "Brownie movie camera T.M. Reg. Can. Pat. Off." Lens is "Kodak Series IV Adapter Ring No. 43 Made in U.S.A." f/2.7 lens. Settings for Bright Sun, Hazy Sun, Cloudy Bright and Open Shade.

Canadian Kodak Co., Limited

Brownie Bull's-Eye

Item is a small metal and black bakelite camera with Kodak Twindar Lens and settings indicated for scenes, groups or individuals. Made for use with Kodak 620 film, it features an eye-level viewfinder and a shutter release button on the front side, in front of the winding knob. It was also made in beige from 1958-1960.

Eastman Kodak Company

Brownie Bull's-Eye Flash outfit

Item is a small metal and bakelite camera with Kodak Twindar Lens and settings indicated for scenes, groups or individuals. Used Kodak 620 film. Outfit includes a presentation box with flash holder, one-time use flash bulbs (4 of 8 have been used), user's guide, strap, and Kodacolor II negative film.

Eastman Kodak Company

Brownie Bullet II

Item is a small point-and-shoot camera with a black plastic body and metal fittings. An upgraded model of the Brownie Starlet without flash facilities, this camera features a large eyelevel viewfinder, Dakon lens and rotary shutter. Wrist strap attached. Switch at bottom front indicates use with either colour or b&w 127 film.

Eastman Kodak Company

Brownie Bullet camera

Item consists of a Kodak Brownie Bullet Camera. It is an eyelevel 127 roll film camera that was modeled as an upscale version of the Brownie Holiday. Other cameras with identical designs but different names include the Brownie Chiquita Camera and the Camera Brownie Chiquita. It is made of black Bakelite, and has a Dakon lens and a rotary shutter.

Canadian Kodak Co., Limited

Brownie Fiesta

Item is a two toned (black and grey with beige on back) moulded plastic camera with an unusual clear plastic front panel which appears to incorporate the Meniscus f/11 lens, a feature also seen on the Hawkeye Flashfun. It is a basic single speed 12 exposure snapshot camera with built in shutter. Uses 127 film.

Canadian Kodak Co., Limited

Brownie Fiesta R4

Item is a small eyelevel camera built of two shades of moulded grey plastic. For use with 127 roll film, it features an optical direct viewfinder and a meniscus f/11 lens. It is thought to be the last roll-film camera to be manufactured by Kodak.

Canadian Kodak Co., Limited

Brownie Flash Six-20

Item is a flash synchronized version of the Kodak Six-20 Brownie Special. Originally the Kodak Six-20 Flash Brownie when introduced in 1940, it was renamed Brownie Flash Six-20 in 1946. It is an eyelevel rollfilm camera with a sheet metal body and black leather casing, made for use with 620 film. Includes large flashgun attachment still mounted to body.

Eastman Kodak Company

Brownie Hawkeye

Item is a basic, if slightly unusual camera, taking 12 square exposures, so only needing a single waistlevel viewfinder. It features a metal film wind knob, rotary shutter and a black hand strap (on top). No tripod mount, no flash. Uses 620 rollfilm. Non-synchronized model. Originally priced at $5.50.

Canadian Kodak Co., Limited

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