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Meteorological Headquarters building

The headquarters building is four storeys high, aproximetely 430 ft. long by 210 ft. wide and has a gross floor area of 340.000 sq.ft. Two courtyards occupying the center bays of the building provide natural light to interior offices and laborator...

North York City Hall

Interior view of office space on main level. The building ceased to function as a municipal city hall after North York was amalgamated into the Toronto Metropolitan Area in the late 1990s. It now serves as the North York Civic Centre, located on Y...

Applied Photography Ltd.

Lothian Mews

Views of the shopping arcade and central courtyard, decorated with café tables and umbrellas.

Jowett, Henry Roger

Rogers Centre (SkyDome)

Photographs of the architect's model and illustrations for the SkyDome, a covered convertible dome over a baseball field and entertainment stadium. Artist's illustrations of proposed designs from The Webb Zerafa Menkes Housdon Partnershi...

Lenscape Incorporated

Metro Toronto Reference Library

Built in 1977, this building was featured in the July 1984 issue of Canadian Architect magazine on atriums. Interior and exterior views. The name was changed to "Toronto Reference Library" in 1998 when it was incorporated into the Toront...

Watercolor outfit

Watercolour outfit for hand-colouring photographic prints. The tan cardboard box has a tan label printed with black ink: "VELOX TRANPARENT WATERCOLOR STAMP OUTFIT." Included in the box is a plastic palette and an instruction booklet with...

Canadian Kodak Co., Limited

Miscellaneous album

Item consists of an album that is beige with a linear, green, geometric design and brown tape along the spine. It is held together with black string. Pages are green. Photographs are loose. Other loose accompanying material includes ink, pencil an...

Portrait of Margaret

Cream coloured card with grey border and oval photograph, showing a woman wearing an off-the-shoulder dress and heart necklace. The studio stamp at the bottom right is illustrated with a stylized version of the Prince of Wales coat of arms. The te...

Bryce, John Fraser

Kodak No 2 Folding Cartridge Hawk-Eye model B

Item is a Kodak No. 2 Folding Cartridge Hawkeye Model B camera. Manufactured by the Canadian Kodak Co. Limited in Toronto, Ont. Shutter made in Rochester N.Y., U.S.A. by Eastman Kodak Co. Features a Kodex No. o meniscus lens with a Kodak shutter w...

Kodak No. 3A Folding Brownie Model A

Item consists of a Kodak No. 3A Folding Brownie Camera, Model A. It is a viewfinder folding camera with a black imitation leather covered wood body.It uses type 124 film rolls to make a picture size of 8.3 x 14 cm (the size of a postcard). This it...

Brownie Super 27

Item consists of a Kodak Brownie Super 27 viewfinder camera. The camera uses 127 roll film, has a Kodar f/8 lens with two stops, sunny, f/13.5 and cl'dy br't/flash f/8. A knob on the front of the lens allows for a choice of focus zones, ...

Brownie Bullet Camera

Item consists of a Kodak Brownie Bullet Camera. It is an eyelevel 127 roll film camera that was modeled as an upscale version of the Brownie Holiday. Other cameras with identical designs but different names include the Brownie Chiquita Camera and ...

Kodak Instamatic X-15F

Item is an Instamatic X-15F camera outfit for exposures on 126 cartridge film. This Canadian model had both French and English notations. The original X-15 used Magicubes for flash photos. The F designation is for the updated model, which uses &qu...

No. 2A Cartridge Hawk-Eye Model B

Item is a box camera with a metal body and leatherette covering. It uses 116 film for 2.5 x 4.25 inch exposures. The camera has a meniscus lens, a single-speed rotary shutter, and two viewfinders.

Sony AV-3400 Portapack system

Item is a portable video recorder system including a portable video-capture camera, 1 inch reel to reel video recorder and player, and monitor. Power is supplied by AC power adapters for use with standard outlets and a rechargeable battery pack th...

Kodak Petite camera (blue)

Item is a promotional model of the Kodak Vest Pocket Model B, manufactured in 5 colours: blue, green, grey, lavender and pink. This version also includes an art deco pattern on the camera body, a particularly rare model. Marketed to young women, i...

Canadian Kodak Co., Limited

Brownie No. 2A Model B

Item consists of a Kodak No. 2-A Brownie Model B box roll film camera. It used size 116 film and made a picture 6.4x10.8cm. The camera has a leatherette covered card body, a metal film carrier, and two reflecting finders. Case can be removed for l...

Kodak Duaflex Camera

Item consists of a red Kodak Duaflex camera. It is an example of the first model of Duaflex cameras, made in Canada. Camera is black and silver with a Kodet lens. It uses 620 roll film and is a pseudo twin lens reflex camera.The style of camera be...

Brownie Target Six-16

Item consists of a Brownie Target Six-16 box roll film camera that used film sized 616 to make pictures sized 6.35 x 10.8 cm. It was made in Canada, and has a simple meniscus lens and a rotary shutter. The body is a metal box covered in black leat...

Brownie No. 2 Model F

Item is Brownie No. 2 Model F box camera that used 120 film to make pictures 5.7 x 8.25 cm in size. It has a leatherette covered aluminum body and a simple lens with 3 aperture settings and a rotary shutter.

Brownie StarFlash

Item consists of a red Kodak Brownie StarFlash camera. It was manufactured by the Canadian Kodak Co., Limited in Toronto Ontario, and produces 4x4cm images on 127 film. It has a plastic body and built in flash.

Kodak Brownie Reflex, Synchro Model

Item consists of a Brownie Reflex Synchro Model, made in Canada by the Canadian Kodak Co. Limited. It has a twin-lens reflex pattern and a large finder with a folding hood. It uses 127 film, a rotary shutter, and has a meniscus lens. It is in the ...

Kodak XL 362 movie outfit

Item consists of a Kodak XL 362 movie outfit, including camera, 4 AA--size batteries, wrist strap, and eye cup. Originally also included a super 8 cartridge of Kodak type G Ektachrome 160 movie film.

Garden Court Apartments

Exterior photographs of an art-deco low-rise apartment building in a manicured landscape, with ivy-covered cottages behind the main gate. Completed around 1939-41, this apartment complex covers a 5.5-acre site located in the Leaside nieghbourhood ...

Kettle, John

Kodak Duaflex camera

Item consists of a Kodak Duaflex camera. It is black and silver with a Kodar f8/72mm lens. Tripod mount. Made in Canada. 620 roll film pseudo twin-lens reflex. Flash-holder imported by the Canadian Kodak Co. Ltd. Toronto, for use with early Duafle...

Kodak Pocket Instamatic 40 camera outfit

Small hand held camera with thin, horizontal design. Black plastic casing with metal plate and blue release button on top. Black leatherette on bottom. Strap attached. Slide pulls shut to cover recessed flashbulb.

Kodak Zoom 8 Reflex Model II

Item consists of a Kodak Zoom 8 Reflex Camera Model II. It has a Kodak Zoom Ektanar Lens f/1.6 and used 8mm film. It was released the same year as the previous model, in 1960.

Hawkeye 8 Movie Camera

Item consists of a Kodak Hawkeye 8 Movie Camera. The camera was patented by Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, and was made by Canadian Kodak Co. Limited. It has a Kodak Ektanar Lens 13m f/2.3 and is made of plastic. It used 8mm film and was sold...

Ways Lane Residence

File contains photographs depicting the interior and exterior of the Ways Lane Residence. The photos highlight the materiality of the home, which includes wood framed windows and slats on the exterior, and custom millwork in the interior. The home...

Burley, Robert

Kingston Library

File contains photographs depicting interior and exterior views of Kingston Library. Exterior shots highlight the geometric brick, glass and metal facade and the two long wood and metal overhangs which protrude from the building. Interior views in...

Burley, Robert

Windsor Casino

File contains photographs depicting interior views of Windsor Casino. Shots focus on signage throughout spaces including game floors, the food hall, and corridors.

Burley, Robert

Garden Homes

File contains photographs depicting exterior views of Garden Homes residential development. Homes vary between townhouses and freestanding houses.

Burley, Robert

Rotherglen School Addition

File contains photographs depicting exterior views of a Rotherglen school addition. The addition is a modern double height structure composed of masonry, glass and metal.

Burley, Robert


File contains photographs depicting street level views of a bridge. The bridge has a wide walkway for pedestrians and a bench facing the ravine below.

Burley, Robert

Western University, Weldon Library

Files contain photographs depicting interior and exterior views of the D.B. Weldon Library at Western University. Exterior views highlight entrances with modular glass windows looking into the concrete structure. Interior shots focus on reception ...

Burley, Robert

A. Andersen Offices

File contains photographs depicting interior views of Arthur Andersen offices. Shots feature computer workstations, office cubicles, a meeting room, and reception.

Burley, Robert

Japan Camera

File contains photographs depicting interior and exterior views of a Japan Camera retail store. Interior shots depict camera and frame displays, the cash desk, and a children's play area. The architectural features are finished in primary col...

Burley, Robert

Holt Renfrew, Sportswear

File contains photographs depicting interior views of the men's sportswear section in a Holt Renfrew department store. Shots include various wooden millwork clothing displays containing product.

Burley, Robert

Russell Investing

File contains photographs depicting interior views of Russell Investing offices. Shots include circulation spaces, meeting rooms, the open office, and private offices.

Burley, Robert

Andersen Consulting

File contains photographs depicting interior views an Arthur Andersen office. Shots include reception, meeting rooms, seating areas, and telephone booths.

Burley, Robert

McMillan Binch

File contains photographs depicting interior views of a McMillan Binch law firm office. Shots include a meeting room, reception, and the open office.

Burley, Robert

Lindenwood Co-op, St Lawrence

File contains photographs depicting exterior views of Lindenwood Co-op in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood. Shots vary from closeups of the front entrance to long shots of the building behind Gooderham & Worts.

Burley, Robert

Aurora Public Library

File contains photographs depicting interior and exterior views of Aurora Public Library. Exterior shots feature the overall building facade at different points throughout the day. Interior shots include the exit, circulation space, and the mixed-...

Burley, Robert

Senses Bakery and Restaurant / Pasquales Bros

File contains interior and exterior views of both Senses restaurant (located within the Metropolitan Hotel) and the Pasquales Bros speciality grocery store. Exterior views of Senses feature its exterior window display and modern glass and steel fa...

Burley, Robert


File contains photographs depicting interior views of Bluenotes offices. Shots include an industrial staircase made of checkered plate steel and pipes, and a sitting area adjacent to a meeting room.

Burley, Robert

CHUM-City Building

File contains photographs depicting interior views of the CHUM-City Building. Much Music shots feature the camera crew filming show hosts in front of a student audience, with "Much on Demand" visible on a wall in the background. Addition...

Burley, Robert

CHUM Radio

File contains photographs depicting interior and exterior views of Chum Ltd at 1330 Yonge St. Exterior shots feature the facade from various angles, including the the large neon sign which reads "CHUM - DIAL 1050". Interior photos includ...

Burley, Robert


File contains photographs depicting various rooms within a residence. The spaces are filled with art prints and the sculptural works of Eugene Janiss (meaning that perhaps this could be his personal residence?).

Burley, Robert

FMC Building

File contains photographs depicting exterior views of the building which formerly housed FMC offices, located at 5255 Orbitor Drive in Mississauga.

Burley, Robert

Spire, Sales Centre

File contains photographs depicting the Spire sales centre, where material boards, plans, a model unit, and an architectural scale model are on display.

Burley, Robert

180 Duncan Mills

File contains photograph depicting the exterior of 180 Duncan Mills from behind some trees. The building appears to be corporate in nature.

Burley, Robert

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