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Children promotional portraits

File consists of photographs featuring images of children. Many are promotional images, and feature children at the beach, pumpkin picking, with grandparents, professional portraits, Easter egg hunting, eating lollipops, applying clown make-up, eating donuts, being sprayed by a hose, dressed in costume and more. Some have captions enclosed, such as an image of a girl holding up a maple leaf with a caption that reads: "The essence of late fall is captured bin this one golden leaf. With it, the wily photographer has also obtained a charming unselconscious portrait of the little girl." Some duplicates.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Commercial portraits of children

File contains promotional group portraits of children participating in outdoor activities, including sleighing, camping, tree climbing and Easter egg hunting. Many are enclosed with captions that feature photography technique pointers, such as a print of a row of toddlers sitting outside on a bench with a caption that reads: "The photographer saw this fascinating line-up and was quick to get their picture before the children noticed."

Kodak Canada Inc.

Nordic and alpine skiers

File consists of prints featuring images of people nordic and alpine skiing, included couples, families, individuals and friends. An enclosed caption reads: "The tranquility of a lovely afternoon in a snowy woodland glade is but one of the rewards for the cross-country skier." Some duplicates.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Shooting Guidelines - Landscape and Portrait

File contains images demonstrating various lansdcape and portrait techniques. An enclosed caption from one images reads: "The craftsmen of Williamsburg are just one of the many picture opportunities you find indoors and out. Being able to use existing light is particularly important at the silversmith's shop when you want to avoid flash reflection in the silver.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Portrait of George Eastman by Nadar

File contains copy prints of a portrait of George Eastman. Caption adhered to verso reads: "This portrait of George Eastman, whose inventions made photography a worldwide business, was taken by Nadar, a portrait photographer and Eastman Kodak Company dealer in Paris."

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak camera patent, 1888

File contains to copy prints of the patent for a camera issued to George Eastman on September 4, 1888. George Eastman invented the first Kodak camera 100 years ago. He was issued US patent number 388,850.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak in war efforts - WWII

File contains prints featuring images of the Canadian Kodak Co., Ltd. war efforts. Included are images of workers in the Machine Room (inscription), of soldiers in their bunks, of the 5th Victory Loan Drive with a sign reading "Kodak employee objective $95,500.00", of Lou Christie? writing in a notebook, and others.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak people lawn bowling 1926-1937

File contains a panorama of lawn bowlers posed outside of a Canadian Kodak Co. building, a panorama of anonymous Kodak employees, an image of men lawn bowling with the inscription "Testing Dept Lawn Bowling Party" inscribed on the verso, an image of Ed Herbert and Fred Rowe lawn bowling, and other aerial views of men lawn bowling.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Commercial portraits of children and photography

File includes commercial prints of children blowing bubbles, sitting on stairs, and flushing the toilet. Some have captions enclosed, such as one of a young girl observing a photograph that reads "Watching her own picture develop before her eyes will delight and fascinate your child and help make her an interested model as well."

Kodak Canada Inc.

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