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Guest Register

Guest book for various events associated with the Office of the President including: June 24th 1970 Board Dinner in honour of W.m.M.Kelly retiring Chairman of hte Board (sponsored by) Donald L. Mordell, President. Twenty Five Year Club First Annua...

Task force on professional development

File contains records related to the task force on professional development. It includes correspondence, workshop materials, reports, flyers, memorandums, agendas, report drafts, meeting minutes, and reports.

President's Development Task Force

The President's Development Task Force was announced in December, 1975 by President Walter Pitman. Pitman declared that a series of task forces was necessary to develop "a whole battery of academic activities which would have positive fi...

Dr. Donald Mordell documentation files

File contains Dr. Donald Mordell's documentation files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, workshop information, proposals, speeches, statements, greeting cards, notes, drafts, reports, and a publication.

Dr. George Korey documentation files

File contains Dr. George Korey's documentation files as Acting President. It includes correspondence, invitations, memorandums, a menu, an attendance list, and greeting cards.

Walter Pitman documentation files

File contains Walter Pitman's documentation files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, greeting cards, a list of the Ryerson media library motion picture and videotape holdings, proposals, position papers, programs, statements, agreement...

Social Event files

File contains records on social events. It includes correspondence, memorandums, a photograph, invitations, schedules, clippings, a guest list, and brochures.

Gifts from Foreign Visitors

A collection of 19 colourful and interesting gifts presented to Ryerson from foreign visitors during President Terence Grier's term of office.Items include: books, audio cassettes, medallions, a handpainted gourd, tie clip, lapel pin, picture...

Framed Partnership in Product Design Certificate

Certificate recognizing the partnership between the University of Toronto, Ryerson Polytechnical University, and the Ontario College of Art in research and design. It is signed by the three school presidents. The document reads: "Partnership ...

Framed collages from Roberta Bondar's space mission

Dr. Roberta Bondar was the first Canadian woman and second Canadian to travel into Space when she flew aboard the space shuttle Discovery in January, 1992. From the early 1990s, Dr. Bondar worked with the former Centre for Advanced Technology Educ...


The file consists of posters for Budget Update and Presentation (1996) and Town Hall with Sheldon Levy (2012).

Principal's Convocation gown

File consists of a purple gown with blue velvet trim and gold embossed trim. Photographic evidence suggests that this gown was worn at convocation ceremonies by Principal/President Fred Jorgenson, President Donald Mordell and President Walter Pitm...

President Sheldon Levy Installation dvd

A DVD of the installation ceremony of President Sheldon Levy on November 2, 2005. The original master was produced by the School of Radio and Television Arts. This transfer to DVD was created by the Digital Media Projects Office (John Hajdu). See ...

Nursing department files

File contains the Nursing department's files. It includes correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, budgets, agendas, membership lists, memorandums, proposals, and agreements.

Debentures records

File contains the debenture records. It includes correspondence, estimates, and applications for capital funds for approved projects.

Director of Student Affairs files

File contains the Director of Student Affairs' files. It includes correspondence, complaints, a copy of the "THINK" magazine from 1965, briefs, job descriptions, a brochure, event plans, and reports.

Security Services files

File contains Security Services files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, insurance requirements, tenders for insurance, notes on regulation changes, and an outline specification for security services.

Physical Plant files

File contains the Physical Plant files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, summaries, proposals, material from the project diary for the master plan for Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, reports, notices, and petitions.

Public Health Inspectors files

File contains the Public Health Inspectors program files. It includes reports, correspondence, meeting minutes, proposals, memorandums, and course outlines.

Campus Planning files

File contains campus planning files. It includes correspondence, plans, clippings, recommended policies, briefs, notes, proposals, memorandums, an organization manual, and reports.

Library files

File contains the Library files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, estimates, meeting minutes, clippings, and legal requirements.

Building and Campus photographs

Images are scanned from existing images in the archives collections. Original images can be found in: RG 76.14.1067 RG 395.40.70 Howard Kerr Hall documentation file 1 RG 76.10 RG 76.14.1074 RG 76.14.1081

United Way Campaign Thank You plaques

File contains three thank you plaques from the United Way Campaign from 2008 and 2009.RG 12.186.01 United Way Campaign 2008 Thank you to the employees of Ryerson UniversityRG 12.186.02 - Thank you plaque from United Way Campaign 2008 to Sheldon Le...

6/10 U.P.A.C.E.

File contains correspondence from U.P.A.C.E. (University Planners, Architects and Consulting Engineers).

18/50 Coat of Arms

File contains correspondence between the College of Arms and Ryerson about the coat of arms and crest of the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.

19/10 Athletics Department

File contains correspondence, minutes of the Athletic Directorate meetings, a report of the committee to investigate football at Ryerson and information on a proposed constitution of the athletic association of the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.

20/33 CJRT

File contains information on CJRT staff requirements.

5/4 Bookstore

File contains correspondence regarding cost of textbooks and other matters about the bookstore.

5/24 Visitors to Ryerson

File contains correspondence concerning the visit of various dignitaries to Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. Letters of appreciation are included in this file.

5/32 Educational Television (ETV)

File contains information and reports on Educational Television. Included in this file are correspondence and memos concerning the installation of a closed-circuit TV at Ryerson, the impact on teaching, costs and responsibilities, maintenance a...

6/12 Ryerson Faculty Association (from 1963-1967)

File contains correspondence and information regarding contracts of employment, memberships, collective agreement negotiations and other matters concerning the Ryerson Faculty Association. It also contains a copy of the agreement between the asso...

7/7 Ryerson Alumni Association

File contains minutes of meetings of the Alumni Association, also contains correspondence and a copy of the Architectural Technology' Alumni Newsletter and a copy of the Constitution of the association.

7/8 Student Residence - Neil Wycik, 1968

File contains correspondence and report regarding the construction of student housing facilities. A feasibility study for student housing facilities and recommendations is included.

12/2 Pension Plan

File contains correspondence, reports, amendments and agreements to the retirement pension plan for salaried employees of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.

13/9 RFA proposals and agreements

File contains correspondence between Ryerson and the Faculty Association negotions team. A copy of the proposal, counter proposal and agreement between Ryerson Polytechnical Institute and The Ryerson Faculty Association are included.

13/19 Faculty teaching load

File contains a summary of departmental average workloads, a workload report and memos and correspondence regarding faculty teaching load at Ryerson.

18/31 The Ryersonian

File contains reports and correspondence regarding policy, staff and operation of the Daily Ryersonian. Some newspaper clippings are included.

18/47 CJRT TV and Radio

File contains information on the limits of the CJRT radio licence, operations costs, board of broadcast governors' hearing on educational television channels and other information related to the CJRT TV and radio at Ryerson.

19/14 Alumni

File contains one copy of the Alumni Newsletter and correspondence .

5/7 Computer Centre

File contains information on the academic use of the computer at Ryerson. Correspondence about the computer centre is included.

5/32 Educational Television (ETV)

File contains various issues of Metanews and Continuing Education Telecalendar both published by Metropolitan Educational Television. A report on the European Use of Television in Education and correspondence are also included.

7/7 Student residence

File contains a copy of the 1967 Annual Report of the Ontario Housing Corporation and correspondence regarding the occupancy of 325 Church Street.

4/1 Budget

File contains information and correspondence regarding Ryerson budget to 1970-1971.

5/1/1 Degrees

File contains correspondence regarding degrees proposals, degree granting programs and other information related to this subject.

5/15/1 Enrollment

File contains information on enrollment projections, student enrollment informational program, reports and correspondence related to enrollment at Ryerson.

5/32 Educational Television (ETV)

File contains minutes of Continuing Education meeting, a position paper for Instructional Television at Ryerson, a report from M.E.T.A. (Metropolitan Educational Television Association), notes a questionnaire and correspondence. Two issues of Met...

5/35 Media Centre

File contains a summary of the development of Media Services and correspondence related to the Media Center.

5/46 Liquor License Application

File contains memos and correspondence about the L.L.B.O. licence application, one blue print, drawings, a copy of the liquor licence act, schedule of locations and other materials related to the subject.

6/5 Deans (from 1967-1971)

File contains information on program revisions, course description, reports, correspondence, a proposal for SAFRAN student's interest inventory testing program and agenda and minutes of the deans meetings.

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