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New road, Oaxaca

unmounted POP print depicting a newly built road with an obelisk at the end, a bicyclist in middle, and streetlights and stone benches long the sides. Mountainous background. Verso inscription: "New Pasco or Drive, Oaxaca."

[Ontario: dump truck in trench]

glosst gsp, white border. Dump truck and other construction vehicles depicted working in rocky trench/quarry. Flat fields, power lines in background. Verso bottom right, black ink stamp: "C.A. Love Druggist, Jun 8 - 1944, Ingersoll, Ont. Guar...

[Ontario: steam shovel in trench]

glossy gsp, white border. Depicts a steam shovel and two two other vehicles at work in a wide trench of rocky rubble with slanted sides. A figure stands watching the steam shovel work. Verso bottom right, black ink stamp: "C.A. Love Druggist,...