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Leniniana Collection Portraits, Russian
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Notes, Coins and Commemorative Medals series

Series consists of paper and metal currency, and medals. One of the notes belongs to the 1924 redenomination of the Soviet ruble, the rest are from the 1961 redenomination.

Soviet paper currency

various paper bills of Soviet currency, bearing portraits of Lenin, Russian text with supporting text in various languages of the USSR and Soviet symbols.

green note cards with drawing of Lenin

note cards depicting a drawing of Lenin from neck up. Recto is green with Russian writing, verso is white. Beneath Lenin's portrait is his name: V. I. Lenin. Scored line in centre allows the card to be folded. The artist of the portrait was N...

note card with red graphic portrait of Lenin

note card depicting red graphic portrait of Lenin and Russian text on recto. Verso is white with hammer and sickle surrounded in red ribbon in top right corner. Beneath the portrait, Russian text reads: V. I. Lenin. The artist of the portrait was ...

note cards with red drawing of Lenin

note cards depicting Lenin's face in red pencil, and Russian text on recto. Verso is blank. Score line in centre allows card to be folded. Beneath the portrait, text reads: Glory to the Great October! The artist of the portrait was A. Zhilis....

note cards with drawing and signature of Lenin

note cards with charcoal type portrait of Lenin, with signature underneath. Recto is red on right hand side around portrait, and contains Russian text. Verso is blank. Score line in centre allows card to be folded. The artist of the portrait was V...

note cards with photo reproduction of Lenin

note cards with a photo reproduction of Lenin from the waist up against a grey background on the right side of the recto. Verso is blank. Scored line in centre allows the card to be folded. The text beneath the portrait reads: V. I. Lenin. The pho...

note cards with painting of Lenin by the sea

note cards with a reproduction of a painting of Lenin by a body of water. Shown against grey background on right side of recto. Blank verso. Scored line to allow card to be folded. The text beneath the portrait reads: V. I. Lenin. The artist of th...

red note cards with portrait of Lenin and newspapers

note cards with red recto and white verso with foliage and hammer and sickle decorations. Recto depicts Lenin with the year 1917 and newspaper articles behind him. Scored line allows card to be folded. The writing on the newspaper is in Old Russia...

postcards with postal stamps honouring Lenin's 177th birthday

postcards with reproductions of paintings and the stamp made from that image. The images are scenes involving Lenin. The stamps are cancelled with an ink stamp. The ink stamp honours 177 years siince the birth of Lenin (22/04/1987) and indicates t...

postcards depicting bust of Lenin

postcards with grey and red recto bearing image of bust of Lenin and his signature. Verso is white and bears some Russian text. The artist was V. Demidanov.

yellow notecards with Lenin's portrait and signature

light yellow postcards with hinge on the left side. Cover bears image of Lenin and his signature. Interior is white. Back cover bears Russian text. The artwork was by painter H. Zhukov and the design was by V. Alekseeva in Moscow.

postcards with portrait of Lenin in autumn

postcards bearing a reproduction of a painting of Lenin, who is shown standing by a lake in autumn. The rest of the recto is grey and also reads "1917". Recto is white and bears some small Russian text.

Semenov, B.

various postcards with Lenin's image

Postcards bearing various images of Lenin on the recto, accompanied sometimes by Russian text. Blank verso except for some small Russian text. One card depicts Lenin as a child and reads: Volodya Ulyanov four years old. Another depicts him as an a...

folder of Lenin photographic postcards

package of postcards bearing photographic reproductions of scenes from Lenin's leadership. Each has crest with hammer and sickle and small Russian and English text on verso. All photographs are from 1919 and 1920.

Khramtsova, G.

Paintings, Rugs and Embroidery

Series comprises paintings of Lenin on canvas or on wood, woven rugs, sashes and various needlework with Lenin as the subject.

embroidered scene of Lenin and Stalin

embroidered scene on fabric which has been mounted on particle board or cardboard. Plain black fabric covers the verso. The image depicts Lenin and Stalin shaking hands at the bank of a river, while a man waits beside them in a rowboat. The date o...

mounted print of Lenin

printed reproduction of a painting of Lenin, shown in jacket and tie from the chest up. The print is mounted on particle board and covered in a transparent plastic layer. Verso has cord for hanging the picture on the wall, as well as an applied la...

Pins series

Series consists of lapel pins, many used to designate membership in a club like the Little Octoberists or Young Pioneers. Many are duplicates.

Posters series

Series is made up of large and small posters, all featuring rallying slogans for the Soviet Party, with such slogans as We Must Try to Raise the Party is Authority Higher, Higher and Higher,The Party Intellect, Glory and Conscience of Our Epoch, L...

Postage Stamps series

Series consists of several collections of postage stamps, usually held in albums or envelopes with stamps printed on them.

red and white stamp folder

Red and white cardboard folder, the cover of which bears the image of Lenin and a stamp-shaped title area. Inside, the spine is reinforced with fabric, and the inside of the covers have plastic strips to hold postage stamps in place. The folder co...

Lenin portraits on stands in cases

Off-white plastic frames with stands, with metallic gold front bearing the likeness of Lenin. Housed in plastic cases with transparent lids so image is visible. The frames are boxes that open. Three of four boxes have papers inside of them that in...

Mosaic portrait of Lenin

wooden plaque on which is mounted a mosiac made of amber, creating a profile portrait of Lenin. Hole in wood verso made for hanging the object on a wall.

Wooden plaque of Lenin

shiny laquered wooden plaque bearing a profile portrait of Lenin wearing a captain's hat and jacket with red bow. The image is created with different colours of stain on the wood surface. Printed label adhered to back of plaque. It was produc...

Wooden plaque of Lenin in high contrast

shiny lacquered wood plaque bearing a portrait of Lenin created by different coloured wood stains. His face is rendered in high contrast as if there was a strong light shining from the left hand side. Label afixed to back. It was produced in Lutsk...

Lenin or Soviet themed bookplates

Various paper bookplates, printed with black ink using a woodblock process. They bear imagery of Lenin or Soviet symbolism and sometimes Russian text.

Cigarette packs with Lenin's portrait

Packages of 20 cigarettes each. Red box bears Russian text and graphic portrait of Lenin. A graphic of the Soviet paper Truth is behind Lenin's portrait. Recto text reads: Cigarettes Prime Nostalgia. A side of the box reads: Cigarettes Fifth ...

The Public Corporation "Pogarskaya Cigarette-Cigar Factory"

blue stamp albums with Ukrainian and Russian language stamps

blue, cloth-bound, hard cover albums with thick cardboard pages. Cover bears image of rocket and stamp perforated edge and reads: stamps. The pages include horizontal plastic strips to hold postage stamps in place on the pages. Each page is covere...

grey postage stamp album

Grey cardboard album with grey plastic cover. Cover is decorated with several children's stickers. Pages have plastic strips to hold postage stamps and FDCs in place. Each page contains approximately 6-12 postage stamps, many bearing the imag...

large green postage stamp album

Green hardcover album with black cardboard pages. Cover bears a gold symbol of postage stamp with inuit and caribou. Pages have plastic strips to hold postage stamps in place. The album holds at least one hundred Soviet stamps, many bearing the im...

envelopes with illustrations and comemorative postage stamps

various envelopes bearing illustratioins and Russian text, most including postage stamp and cancellation stamp. The cancellation stamps' designs honour congresses of the CPSU and anniversaries The envelops are not addressed. Some Ukrainian is...