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Suanne Kelman fonds

  • F 673
  • Arquivo
  • 1995-2004

Suanne Kelman is an author, broadcaster, and Professor Emeritus in the School of Journalism at Ryerson University. Kelman earned her BA and MA in English from the University of Toronto. She is a former arts producer on the CBC radio show Sunday Mo...

Kelman, Suanne

Thomas Meacock fonds

  • F 807
  • Arquivo
  • 1961

This fonds contains the following files: F 807.01- Blueprints: Howard Kerr Hall - Unit III, 1961. F 807.02 - General Trades: Contract Requirements for Fixed Sum Contract - Howard Kerr Hall - Unit III, 1961.

Meacock, Thomas

Student Services

  • RG 10
  • Arquivo
  • 1905 - 2016

School of Nutrition

  • RG 303
  • Arquivo
  • 1950 - ?

Fonds includes archival records related to the Ryerson School of Nutrition.

Dennis Mock fonds

  • F 394
  • Arquivo
  • 1976-2000

Dennis R. Mock began teaching courses in Geography as a professor in the Social Sciences Department at Ryerson in 1971. By 1974, Mock was a permanent Ryerson Faculty member. From 1979 to 1987, he acted at the Chair of the Department of Geography a...

Mock, Dennis

Irene Devine fonds

  • F 400
  • Arquivo
  • 1989 - 1993

This fonds contains the following files: F 400.1 - Principles of Modern Management. A Canadian Perspective. Third Edition, 1989. Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction. F 400.2 - Journal articles, 1990. Records are under ...

Devine, Irene

Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre

  • RG 933
  • Arquivo
  • 2007-2012

The Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre was established in 2005. Its mandate is to research the literary and cultural production in the modernist era (from 1880 to 1940), to preserve and advance modernist women’s heritage and to promote ...

Ted Rogers School of Management

  • RG 222
  • Arquivo
  • 1967-2014

The fonds contains a variety of materials including newspapers, newsletters, correspondence, advertising, photographs, programmes, and brochures related to the Business Division, Business Administration Division, Faculty of Business and the Ted Ro...

Ted Rogers School of Management

Ceremonials Office

  • RG 928
  • Arquivo
  • 2008-

During the 1950s, convocation preparations were arranged by a Convocation Committee. Academic Council assumed responsibility in the 1960s until the early 1980s, when the Information Services Department took over. In November 1986, the Department o...

Library Committee

  • RG 460
  • Arquivo
  • 1983 - 1996

The Learning Resource Committee was formed in 1980. It had 3 representatives from each division at Ryerson (Applied Arts, Arts, Business, Community Services, Technology, and Continuing Education) - one student, one faculty member, and a representa...


  • RG 57
  • Arquivo

Athletics and Recreation

  • RG 30
  • Arquivo

Sports and Recreation name changed to Athletics and Recreation in May of 2010.

Ryerson Student Nutrition Action Committee

  • RG 912
  • Arquivo
  • 2006 - ?

Ryerson Student Nutrition Action Committee (RSNAC) was established as a peer education group by students for students, staff and faculty around 2006. Initially RSNAC developed a healthy eating tutorial and worked with Food Services to distribute e...

Canadian Perspectives Conference Transcript

  • 2012.006.05.31
  • Item
  • October 1979

Item consists on one published transcript of the proceedings of the Canadian perspectives conference conference on Canadian photography.

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