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Ryerson Energy Centre

This series contains a variety of textual records related to the Ryerson Energy Centre. Includes financials, correspondence, meeting minutes, promotional materials, proposals, and notes.

Fashion Shows

School of Fashion students began showcasing their creations in small, usually in-house presentations in the form of runway shows and exhibits in the 1950s. These events included the annual graduating class year-end fashion show. More elaborate runway shows, featuring music and choreography, started in 1968. Fashion Design students present their work in numerous shows throughout the school year. The first year-end graduate runway show named Mass Exodus was presented in 1989. The name was subsequently used for all future graduation shows, and the concept of Mass Exodus continued to evolve. For the first two years of Mass Exodus, only fourth-year students from the two program options were involved; in 1990, the year-end showcase began featuring the work of students from all years of the program. Third-year Fashion Communication students are responsible for organizing Mass Exodus, which is the School’s biggest fashion event. They choose a theme, establish committees, and produce the show. In 1995, Fashion students began collaborating with students in the Ryerson Theatre School to create Mass Exodus. The two-day event, held during Ryerson Fashion Week, includes three public fashion shows and an industry show; these shows present the final collections of the graduating Fashion Design students. In addition to the runway shows, Mass Exodus consists of an exhibition, which displays the final capstone projects of the graduating Fashion Communication students; the Mass Exodus catalogue and website; and awards. Mass Exodus is the largest annual student-run fashion show in the world.

Information acquired from: (Last accessed February 2015) (Last accessed February 2015)
"This is Ryerson" publication
clippings file

Series contains records produced by the School of Fashion that relate to fashion shows from 1960 to present, with an emphasis on Mass Exodus, the annual year-end fashion show and exhibit for graduating students. Includes textual records, photographic negatives, posters, VHS videocassettes, DVDs, and data CDs.


Series contains photographs relating to the Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association members and events. Topics include scholarship winners, bazaars, card parties, dinners, luncheons, fashion shows, Hospital 60th Anniversary events, executive members, and reunions.

CKLN Textual records

Series contains various files of textual records related to CKLN.


Series contains artifacts created and/or used by the Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association. Included are silver tea sets and coffee urns, a shovel used in the sod turning for the nurses residence in 1951 and later gifted to the Alumnae Assocation, and an embossing die used for printing.

RPI Residence Scrapbooks

4 Scrapbooks, containing textual records, photographs, and graphic material documenting residence life at Ryerson Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in the 1960's. Kerr Hall as Oakham House)

Journalism magazines

Sub-series consists of magazines produced by the Journalism program: The Ryerson Magazine, Images, The Magazine, and The Ryerson Review of Journalism which went online in December 1997.
Also included is one ticket to the 30th anniversary celebration of The Ryerson Review of Journalism.


The series consists of a textbooks co-written by Catherine Lund :

  • 232.01.01 - Accounting Basics : Introduction by Catherine Lund and Robert.E. Beam

    • Solutions Manual for the Accounting Assistant by Catherine Lund
  • 232.01.02 - Accounting Basics : The Balance Sheet by Catherine Lund and Robert E. Beam

  • 232.01.03 - Accounting Basics : Special Journals and Related Systems by Catherine Lund, Robert E. Beam, and R.A. Myers.

Open College records received from Desmond Glynn

This Series contains records related to Open College donated by Chang School Senior Program Director Desmond Glynn in two accruals in 2014 and 2016 . The series includes textual records and audio cassettes related to various Open College courses.

Information Technology and Society COCR 941

Series contains material related to the course Information Technology and Society COCR 941 taught by Dr. Norman Ball. Dr. Norman R. Ball created 12 programs dealing with Information Technology and Society for Open College.
Broadcasting was scheduled to begin in 1999. It was a time of growing public, corporate and government interest in, and anxiety over, information technology. The approach of what was called Y2K, the first day of January 2000, brought considerable fear that many software-based systems would fail because they had not been programmed to deal with dates beyond the last day of 1999. Given the approach of Y2K with all of the attendant worries and fears, the course was very topical and attracted considerable following from the beginning.
Dr. Ball interviewed 40 individuals from a range of professions, interests, perspectives and countries (Canada, Australia, UK, United States and Sweden) to gather material for the course. Under the guidance of professional staff at CJ RT/Open College Dr. Ball then incorporated these into the 12 programmes written by him and recorded at Open College studios.

Open College books and coursepacks

Series contains 3 course pack books:

RG 7.10.01 Understanding the People of another Culture: A reader - Margaret Norquay
RG 7.10.02 Gerontology II selected readings - Greta Riddell-Dixon
RG 7.10.03 Canada and Quebec: One country, Two histories (rev. ed.) by Robert Bothwell

Norquay, Margaret

Audio-Visual Library (Media Centre) photographic slide collection

Originally organized into the Audio-Visual binder collection with no assigned record group, it became evident that these files belonged under the Library - as the Audio-Visual Resource Library and Media Centre were once part of the Learning Resources Centre. The Series is organized using the binder number the slides were stored under. Included are staff and faculty photographs, departmental photographs, general campus photographs, building photographs, and events.

Censorship Issues in the library

File contains textual records, Posters and buttons. Textual records relate to the library's treatment of various issues related to censorship including challenged books and Bill C-54. Buttons and posters were generated as part of the Library's protest against the proposed Bill C-54, which would have increased censorship.

Fundraising Campaigns

This Series contains correspondence and promotional materials related to the "Invest in Futures" fundraising campaign launched Thursday, May 13, 2004, Ron Besse as campaign chair, held at 43 Gerrard St E. Officially closed June 30, 2006, with continued contributions up to December 2008.

University Advancement photographic assignments - digital

Series consists of two subseries. One contains annual photograph discs created by the University Photographer for the Ryerson Archives. The second contains an archive of CDs, DVDs, and zip drives used by University Advancement to store photographs taken by the University photographers.

Ruberto, Dario

Project photographs

Series contains photographs taken by Ryerson's staff photographers of various events, and for brochures, and other promotional materials.

Convocation records

Records consists of convocation programmes, transcripts of speeches/addresses, press kits, photographs, invitations, cassette tapes, some videocassettes and related documentation.

In December 1996, the name of the Office of Development, Alumni and Community Relations was changed to University Advancement Office and, thus, responsible for Convocation and ceremonies until 2008 with the creation of a separate department, the Office of Convocation and Awards.

See also:

RG 4.04 - Information Services - 1950 to 1986
RG 122.02 - Community Relations - 1987 - 1994
RG 395.12.01 - University Advancement - 1995 to 2007
RG 928.01 - Convocation and Awards - 2008 to present

FORUM newsletter, 1994-2009

Over the years, the FORUM newsletter was published weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, and, finally only six issues per year. Topics included Ryerson news, staffing updates, and staff and alumni notices. The publishing schedule was changed in 2006 to a calendar year from the academic year. The October 2005 issue was the last hard copy and a solely digital format was was released with the next print in 2006. Tthe FORUM was discontinued in 2009 and replaced with a new newsletter, Ryerson Today, on October 19, 2009 distributed via email notification and a link to the webpage.

President Sheldon Levy's column, "On My Desk," October 2005, Vol. 30, Issue 6 to Jan/Feb 2009 digital issue.

Office of University Advancement

Memorial services of Ryerson individuals

Series consists of memorial services conducted or moderated by Dr. Eugen Bannerman for Ryerson individuals. The series is arranged into four files:

364.04.01 Brennan, Bluie, 1922-1989
364.04.02 Kenyon, John, 1931-1989
364.04.03 Paulin, Murray, 1917-1986 with accompanying Order of Service
364.04.04 Mordell, Donald, 1920-1988 with accompanying Order of Service

Howard Kerr Memorial mace

This series consists of records pertaining to the Howard Kerr Memorial Mace.

Through the primary efforts of Dr. Eugen Bannerman, a proposal was made in 1992 to the Seaforth, Ontario Town Council to commemorate Howard Hillen Kerr, one of Seaforth's native sons and the founding principal of Ryerson University, through the creation of a ceremonial mace for use during official University events such as Convocation.

Dr. Bannerman was the driving force behind a fundraising drive to raise $18,000 to bring this project to fruition. Joining him on the Howard Kerr Memorial Mace Committee were: Clare Westcott, a Ryerson Journalism graduate (1950) and former resident of Seaforth; Harry Scott, former principal of Seaforth & District High School; Alf Ross, fomer Mayor of Seaforth; and Ross Ribey, President of the Agricultural Society.

The handcrafting of the Mace was commissioned to cabinetmaker Douglass Morse of Nova Scotia. It is made of solid turned walnut and carries a variety of traditional and historic symbols relating mainly to Howard Kerr and Ryerson University. In the Spring of 1994, the Mace was presented to Ryerson's newly-installed and first Chancellor, David Crombie, at the University's first Convocation following its attainment of university status in 1993. The Mace was presented to Mr. Crombie by Alf Ross and Ross Ribey, on behalf of the donors -- the citizens of Seaforth. Dr. Bannerman was appointed Bedel or mace-bearer and fulfilled this role until his retirement in 2001.

The contents of the sub-series are arranged as follows:

F 364-2.01 Photographs - Kerr, Mace, Convocation
F 364-2.02 Correspondence - Mace, Miscellaneous
F 364-2.03 History, Genealogy, Reminiscences - Howard Kerr And Family
F 364-2.04 Articles - Howard Kerr, Ryerson History
F364-2.05 Remisicences - Clare Wescott Re. Howard Kerr, Seaforth
F 364-2.06 Speeches, Talks, Presentations - Eugen Bannerman
F 364-2.07 Articles - Historical, Miscellaneous
F 364-2.08 Mace - Donors
F 364-2.09 Mace - Convocation
F 364-2.10 Mace - Design
F 364-2.11 Mace - Committee
F 364-2.12 Mace - Costs, Donations, Budget
F 364-2.13 Maces - General
F 364-2.14 Contact Information - Kerr Family
F 364-2.15 History - Egerton Ryerson
F 364-2.16 Rendering (With Caption) - Kerr Mace
F 364-2.17 Rendering - Artist's Concept of Other Potential Design - MC1.05

Library newsletters

The Series consists of newsletters published to inform its readership of the activities of the Library, including employee profiles and administration updates.

The LRC newsletter (Library and Research Centre) was produced simply and in-house (within the Library) in 1987 and had no official title. No other issue was produced.

"Nexus" replaced the first newsletter in April 1990, as a more formal newsletter and aimed at a readership including Ryerson faculty and Library staff. With the November 2009, Issue 21, NEXUS became available only as an e-issue. The last issue was Spring 2014, Issue 29.

Maple Leaf Gardens time capsule

The series consists of the following.

  • Four daily newspapers, September 21, 1931 : The Globe ; The Mail and Empire ; The Evening Telegram ; The Toronto Daily Star
  • A four-page, typewritten manuscript and envelope likely from the directors of Maple Leaf Hockey Club
  • A four-page stock prospectus
  • A miniature Canadian Red Ensign flag
  • An ivory elephant pendant with blue ribbon fragments
  • 1930-1931 Official Rule Book, National Hockey League (NHL)
  • 1930-1931 Ontario Hockey Association Rules (OHA)
  • 1931 Official Hockey Rules, Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA)
  • 1931 Toronto Municipal Handbook

Maple Leaf Gardens

Faculty Council general files

Series contains meeting minutes, agendas, correspondence, reports and other materials related to the Faculty Council prior to and after the Board's formation.

2006 donated materials from William Glassman

Series contains materials collected and donated by William Glassman for the Ryerson Archives.
Records have been left in their original arrangement with the exception of the RFA-BOG Collective Agreeements, which have been seperated and added to their respective RG group (RG 91.10).

General files

Series contains materials created by and for the Ryerson Insitute of Technology Students' Union Incorporated (Students' Union Incorporated). Included are meeting announcements, minutes, reports, and correspondence.
Series has been divided into files by year.

Library Re-organizations

Series contains records related to the 1978 and 1992 library re-organizations.

Assignment photographs

Series consists of 7,278 photographic negatives created by Ryerson staff and students in the 1950's and 1960's. The photographs were taken for use in the student newspaper "The Ryersonian", the academic course calendar, the yearbook, and other school publications. The negatives are arranged according to subject.
Contact prints for the majority of the collection are available for viewing in our reading room. The negatives are in the process of being scanned.
Subjects include:
Aerospace Technology
Art Shows
Business Administration
Campus - Old
Career College
Chemical Technology
Church Street
Circle K (Kiwanis)
Civil Technology
Classroom Scenes
Convocation at Deer Park
Early Childhood Management
Electrical Technology
Electronic Technology
Extension Department
Faculty and Staff
Food Administration
Food Services
Furniture and Interior Design
Gas Technology
Health Clinic
Health Inspectors
Home Economics
Hotel, Resort, and Restaurant Administration
Howard Kerr Hall
Instrument Control Technology
Kerr Hall (Oakham House)
Mechanical Technology
Medical Laboratory
Metallurgy Technology
Miss Ryerson
Ontario Government
Photographic Arts
Printing Management - Graphic Arts
Queens and Princesses
Radio and Television Arts
Remembrance Day
Retirement Dinner
Ryerson Hall
Secretarial Science
Secretaries Luncheon
Statue of Egerton Ryerson
Visitors to Ryerson
Works of Art on Campus
Anti-cutback Rally

School of Journalism

Health Services Management degree files

Series consists of textual records from School of Health Services Management including correspondence, reports, notes, resumes, proposals, meeting minutes.

File Listing (for detailed list of file contents see finding aid in file)

RG 860.4.01 HSM Development - Minutes
RG 860.4.02 Correspondence
RG 860.4.03 Committee Members
RG 860.4.04 (no title) - Michener Program Curriculum
RG 860.4.05 Honorarium Payment
RG 860.4.06 (no title) correspondence, agendas etc
RG 860.4.07 (no title) program research
RG 860.4.08 Curriculum Information
RG 860.4.09 no title) student stats, nursing, employee survey, correspondence
RG 860.4.10 Letters Out and Responses
RG 860.4.11 The Michener Institute
RG 860.4.12 External Meetings
RG 860.4.13 (no title) memos, surveys, etc.
RG 860.4.14 Miscellaneous Stuff
RG 860.4.15 HSM Development
RG 860.4.16 Academic Design
RG 860.4.17 Approval Letters
RG 860.4.18 Courses
RG 860.4.19 Curriculum Committee
RG 860.4.20 Goals & Objectives
RG 860.4.21 Meetings
RG 860.4.22 Michener Institute
RG 860.4.23 Miscellaneous
RG 860.4.24 Survey
RG 860.4.25 Survey
RG 860.4.26 Notes
RG 860.4-27 Program Review Committee
RG 860.4.28 Program Review Process
RG 860.4.29 Proposal
RG 860.4.30 Proposal - Final
RG 860.4.31 Resumes
RG 860.4.32 Societal Needs Background Material
RG 860.4.33 Program Review Process - Academic Quality Element
RG 860.4.34 (no title)loose in box - Table of contents for Ryerson/Michener Proposal
RG 860.4.35 (no title) loose in box - pages from degree proposal
RG 860.4-36 RPI Proposal for a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Health Services Management - Academic
Quality Document - Feb. 1993
RG 860.4.37 RPI Proposal for a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Health Services Management - Academic
Quality Document - Jan. 1993
RG 860.4.38 notes kept by co-chairs of Curriculum
Committee for HSA.

Computer Applications Forum files

Series contains files regarding the planning of the Computer Applications Forum. Includes:

RG Computer Applications Forum 1975
RG Computer Applications Forum speakers file
RG Computer Applications Forum 1975-1978

Ophthalmic Dispensing program

The Ophthalmic Dispensing program was designed in conjunction with the Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers of Ontario, which was the provincial licensing and regulatory body. The program consisted of ten courses, taken as either evening or correspondence classes. The program was intended to be taken over a three-year span.
The series is divided into four files:
RG Ophthalmic Dispensing Advisory Committee meeting minutes
RG Ophthalmic Dispensing Program course materials
RG General files

Women and Politics conference materials

File contains materials relating to the Women and Politics conference which was co-sponsered by Ryerson's Continuing Education division. Materials include conference preparation materials including program drafts, correspondence, grant applications, meeting minutes, and newspaper clippings. Also included is correspondence, financials, and supporting materials from other conferences. Also included are sets of video and audio cassettes. Series consists of four files:

RG 1991-029 donation
RG 1995-068 donation
RG Women and Politics conference videocassettes
RG Women and Politics conference audiocassettes

Reproductions of photographs, clippings and misc.

Series created from copies of materials in scrapbook. Original copy resides with Dawn Potts. The copies were created by University Advancement.
Included in this series are photographic prints, negatives from images, clippings, and other materials, and photocopies of the pages from the binder - showing how the pages were layed out with names for some of the photographs. Series is divided into 3 files.
F 936.1.1 Photographs -
F936.1.2 Negatives - of clippings, cards, tickets etc
F936.1.3 Photocopies - of pages from binder - photographs, clippings, etc. (Same items in files 1 and 2)

Reference photograph files

Series contains photgraphs taken and maintained by the Department of Information Services prior to their amalgamation with Community Relations. The photographs were used for publications including FORUM, THE ANNUAL REPORT, THE RYERSON RAMBLER, TECHNIKOS and THE ADMISSIONS BULLETIN during the period 1967 to 1986, covering such subjects as Convocation, Fashion, Homecoming, Individuals, Parades/Picnics, RTA, Visitors and the Winter Carnival. See individual files for further description.

Ryerson scenes and events photographs

Series consists of photographs created by/for the office of Information Services showing various events, programs, campus, and buildings on campus. Also included are scripts to slide shows the images were used in.

FORUM newsletter, 1975-1987

Series consists of copie of the FORUM newsletter published by the Office of Information Services. They were published on the calendar year, each new volume starting in September. Topics included Ryerson-specific news, staffing update,s and staff and alumni notices.

For FORUM newsletters from 1987-1994 see RG 122.04
For FORUM newsletters from 1995-2009 see RG 395.06

The final hard copy edition of the FORUM was published October 2005 - moving to an electronic format with its next issue. It was replaced by an online email newsletter Ryerson Today, on October 19, 2009.

Office of Information Services

Convocation and Awards Nights records

Records consists of convocation programmes, transcripts of speeches/addresses, photographs, invitations, cassette/reel-to-reel tapes, correspondence and miscellaneous related documentation.

During the 1950s, convocation preparations were arranged by a Convocation Committee. Academic Council assumed responsibility in the 1960s until early 1980s, when the Information Services Department took over.

November 1986 the Department of Community Relations was established, incorporating Information Services, thereby assuming the responsibility of Convocation arrangements until 1995 when University Advancement took over until 2007. In 2008 the Office of Convocation and Awards assumed responsibility.

Proposals and Reports

Series contains new program proposals, periodic program reviews, self study reports, curriculum revisions, degree designation reports, and accompanying materials from the departments and schools that deliver Ryerson's Undergraduate, Graduate, and Continuing Education programs. The series has been divided into sub-series by Faculty:

RG 961.003.001 Faculty of Science
RG 961.003.002 Yeates School of Graduate Studies
RG 961.003.003 Faculty of Communication and Design
RG 961.003.004 G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education of Community Services
RG 961.003.005 Faculty of Arts
RG 961.003.006 Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Science
RG 961.003.007 Ted Rogers School of Management
RG 961.003.008 Faculty

Academic Standards Committee

File contains Academic Standards Committee meeting agenda and minutes, Academic Council agendas, Academic Standards Committee reports, proposals, and correspondence. Series has been divided by year. Some committee materials are located in the Senate fonds, but for the most part the committee's file were previously stored by School and Department.

Alumni Association Executive Committee and Board of Directors minutes

From 1951 to 1969 the Alumni Association was managed by an Executive Council and committee. In the Fall of 1969 the Association changed direction and established a Board of Directors consisting of the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of all accredited course and regional associations or their delegates. Documents indicate that an Executive Committee still existed within the newly created Board, although now playing a supporting role.

Homecoming records

Collection includes : Programs, invitations, notices, news releases, notices, correspondence, posters, etc. See RG 26.13 for material for the period 1986 - 1994 and RG 395.07 for material for 1995 to the present. Series is arranged into 14 files.

Alumni directories

RG 2.05.01 Business Administration And Hotel, Restaurant And Institutional Administration (Class of '74) RG 2.05.02 Interior Design (1982) RG 2.05.03 Social Work, School Of (1983) RG 2.05.04 Urban And Regional Planning (1982)


Series contains materials relating to the sabbaticals taken by Robert Scott.

2014 donation

Series contains records, photographs, and audio visual materials donated to the Ryerson Archives by Robert Scott in 2014.

Papers authored by Robert Scott

Series contains papers, and associated materials, written by Robert Scott for various conferences and symposiums. Also included in some of the files are records related to the conference itself, such as abstracts, correspondence, programmes, and photographs.

Photographic Slide collection

Series consists of photographic slides taken by Roy Horney during his time at Ryerson. Included are images of events, graduation, equipment, campus, and the demolition of the old Normal School buildings.

Horney, Charles Roy, Mr.

Photograph envelopes

File contains 142 photographs. Majority of them are of the demolition of the old campus buildings, but does include other campus building photographs, and photographs of faculty and staff.

Horney, Charles Roy, Mr.

Box 14 - Indian Act FNG AFN - 1992-2002

Series contains records related to First Nations Governance, fiscal management and government policy. Series has been divided into the following files and items:

2018.008.014.001 Dan Goodleaf 1993
2018.008.014.002 Frank Mag
2018.008.014.003 DIA Staff/Reorg: 91-93
2018.008.014.004 CH. Lands Vol. I - 91-92
2018.008.014.005 CH. Lands Vol. II - 92-93
2018.008.014.006 CH. Lands Vol. III - 94-96
2018.008.014.007 LRT - Mawiw - 1/91
2018.008.014.008 AFN/ Lands & Trusts
2018.008.014.009 Lands Act C-75 12/96
2018.008.014.010 Bill C-49 Lands Act 1999
2018.008.014.011 AFN - LTS - 9/98
2018.008.014.012 AFN - LTS - ATR Policy 11/98
2018.008.014.013 Liberal Trix 1997
2018.008.014.014 Fed Election 1997
2018.008.014.015 AFN- DIA Fiscal - Feb 2001
2018.008.014.016 DIA - AFN Fiscal - 2001
2018.008.014.017 AFN AGA 7/2000
2018.008.014.018 W. Rudnicki: Corbiere
2018.008.014.019 FNG - W. Rudnicki 5/2001
2018.008.014.020 Coalition Kit - 12/2001
2018.008.014.021 LTS - AFN - DIA 2001
2018.008.014.022 COO- Nov-Dec 2001
2018.008.014.023 Association of Iroquois & Allied Indians Annual Report 1992
2018.008.014.024 AFN Confederacy - 12/01
2018.008.014.025 AFN Resolutions Etc. 2001
2018.008.014.026 FNG Minutes - Nov-Dec/2001
2018.008.014.027 FNG 2002 Vol. I
2018.008.014.028 FNG - March 2002
2018.008.014.029 FNG - June 2002
2018.008.014.030 Fiscal Institutions - 2002


Sub-series consists of 2 photographs (B&W and Colour) by Ken Van Velzer of the street and a portfolio of Moroccan figures by Shin Sugino


Series consists of 205 instant cameras.
Polaroid cameras were invented in 1948 by Edwin Land, in response to a question by his daughter about why she could not see the picture he had just taken of her. The Kodak company later tried to invent their own version of the instant camera, resulting in a product with several differences from the Polaroid version. However, this was found to be too similar and Koday guilty of patent infringement, leading to the end of production of their instant cameras and the film for them.

FORUM newsletter, 1987-1994

Series consists of copie of the FORUM newsletter published by the Office of Community Relations. They were published throughout the year from September to June or July. Topics included Ryerson specific news, staffing updates and staff and alumni notices.

For FORUM newsletters from 1975-1987 see RG 4.10
For FORUM newsletters from 1995-2009 see RG 395.06

The final hard copy edition of the FORUM was published October 2005 - moving to an electronic format with its next issue. It was replaced by an online email newsletter Ryerson Today, on October 19, 2009.

Department of Community Relations

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