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Kodak Canada Inc. Kodak Canada Ltd.
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Item is a photograph of an infant from behind a ledge. Enclosed caption reads: There are times when a partial view of a cute baby is even better than a full face shot. Add piecemeal portraiture to your repetoire.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Creative photography

File contains images of creative photography. One enclosed typed caption reads: "A picture of cracked, peeling paint? Why not, when the result is an abstract as interesting and appealing as this?" The second caption reads: "Wreathed...

Kodak Canada Inc.


File contains photographs featuring images of children decorating and searching for Easter eggs. Each is housed with a typed caption. One caption reads: While he is absorbed in deciding whether his egg has reached exactly the right shade of purple...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Winter scene

Item is a photograph featuring an image of coniferous covered in snow. Caption housed with photograph reads: The pristine beauty of the woods in winter can be pictured by anyt photographer willing to venture into a natopmal park.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Children promotional portraits

File consists of photographs featuring images of children. Many are promotional images, and feature children at the beach, pumpkin picking, with grandparents, professional portraits, Easter egg hunting, eating lollipops, applying clown make-up, ea...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Children in Halloween costumes

File contains photographs of children in Halloween costumes. One caption reads: "When your little girl is about to dress up in her first Halloween costume, be sure your camera is handy to catch her reaction. This particular shot won its taker...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Commercial portraits of children

File contains promotional group portraits of children participating in outdoor activities, including sleighing, camping, tree climbing and Easter egg hunting. Many are enclosed with captions that feature photography technique pointers, such as a p...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Nordic and alpine skiers

File consists of prints featuring images of people nordic and alpine skiing, included couples, families, individuals and friends. An enclosed caption reads: "The tranquility of a lovely afternoon in a snowy woodland glade is but one of the re...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Nature scenes & flowers

File contains images of flowers and nature. One enclosed caption reads: "When you want to move in close to photograph a single blossom and then to enlarge part of the picture, you need a film sharp enough to retain the detail."

Kodak Canada Inc.

Movie camera stills

File consists of enlargements of motion picture film featuring film stills. One enclosed caption reads: "The stages of learning to stand up and walk are marvelous to watch and to remember. When you record them on movie film, you can enjoy the...

Kodak Canada Inc.

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