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Media Centre Film/Video/DVD
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Digital Media Projects productions

This series consists of textual, graphic and audiovisual materials produced by the Digital Media Projects Office.

Digital Media Projects (DMP) Office

Open College Promotional Film

This file consists of film elements and prints related to a promotional film on Open College. There are two versions of the film. Open College Promo #1 features a man getting ready in the morning, having coffee, taking the subway and rushing to class. Open College Promo #2 shows a child playing with a plastic truck in a photography studio. The camera zooms out to reveal the infant's mother and grandfather.

Convocation Films

This file consists of film reels and audiotapes recordings taken during the 1972 and 1973 convocation ceremonies.

1972 Convocation

Contains one 16 mm reel of original reversal Kodak Ektachrome film stick. The film shows students students attending an outdoor convocation ceremony location in the Kerr Hall Quadrangle. It include shots of speakers at the podium, families around the water fountain, and seated students during the ceremony.

Pneumatics Film

This file consists of four film reels related to the production of Pneumatic. This includes the original reversal A and B rolls, the narration optical track and a cutting copy.

Price & Knott Film

This file consists of three film reels related to the production of Price & Knott. This includes a cutting copy and two reels of original film footage that have shots of a miniature mechanical valve and a Price & Knott box packing machine.

Closing credits in RG In cooperation with Price and Knott Ltd. Wainbee Ltd. Produced by Ryerson Polytechnical Institute © 1975

Media Centre VHS Collection

Collection of 5 VHS tapes that were transferred to the Ryerson Archives in the Spring of 2013 from the library's Borrowing and Lending Services department.

What's an Expert

This file consists of a release print of a promotional film for the Department of Secretarial Science.

Credits: Produced by the Audio Visual Resource Center for the Secretarial Science Department
Typer: Yvonne Wegriknowski (Secretarial Science class of 1970)
Director, Camera, Sound, Editor: David McCarter
Narration: Sue Lumsden

Miscellaneous Film Reels

This file consists of miscellaneous film elements produced by the Ryerson Media Centre. This includes cuts, trims, original cutting copies and reversal film elements.