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Graduating class photographs

Sub-series contain photographs of the various aspects of the Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing's graduation week. Included are graduate composites, photographs of the ceremony itself, candid after reception shots, as well as photographs of various graduation week events such as the mother-daughter tea, breakfast, and Hospital walk-through by the graduates.

Annual Reports - Wellesley School of Nursing

Sub-series contains annual reports created by the Directors of the Wellesley School of Nursing. The majority of the reports are the ones sent to the Department of Health, and then the College of Nurses of Ontario to register the school. Included with some of these are the reports by the Department inspectors as a result of their visits to the Nursing School. The file also contains annual reports written for the Wellesley Hospital Board of Directors, and a variety of correspondence and questionnaires from other Nursing ruling bodies including the Canadian Nurses' Association and the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario.

Report of the Nursing Taskforce

File contains a copy of the Nursing Task Force's report on the integration of the Hospital for Sick Children's, Women's College Hospital's, and Wellesley Hospital's Schools of Nursing into the existing Ryerson Nursing diploma program. Also included in the file is a copy of a letter to George Korey, acting chair of the Nursing Task Force at Ryerson, from G. E. Thornton, Executive Director of the Board of Wellesley Hospital.

Nurse conduct reporting form

File contains nurse conduct report for The Wellesley Hospital Training School for Nurses. A one page form graded the student nurse on her punctuality, neatness, economy, powers of observation, obedience, conduct, general attention and kindness to patient, management, reliability, and tact. They were given scores out of 10, with 6 being average, and there was room at the bottom of the form to make notes on what the nurse's faults were, if she had been corrected for her faults, and if she had improved. Bottom of sheet indicates that the form was to be filled out twice monthly.

Picadilly Night, 1973

Two photographs from "Picadilly Night". Picadilly night was an annual event held in the cafeteria by the Student Nurses to raise money for student scholarships. One photograph shows three women tickets at Picadilly Night 1973. The second photograph shows two student nurses looking at a pillow cover at Picadilly Night, 1974. Photograph published in the January 1974 Wellesley World magazine.

1967 Winter formal

File contains photographs and contact sheet of photographs from the Nursing Winter Formal. Included is a photograph of four couples posing in front of pillars on an ornate balcony. The other photograph is of four Wellesley Nursing students holding the Canadian Centennial maple leaf logo. This photograph was published as the front cover of The Wellesley World, the hospital's newsletter/magazine.

Nicholls, Roy

Mary Willmina Ferguson portrait

Photograph of Mary Willmina Ferguson. Born October 13, 1889 in Richards Falls, Ontario. She was a member of Wellesley's first graduating class in 1915. She signed up with Canada's overseas expeditionary force as a member of the Canadian Army Medical Corps on January 31st, 1916. She received a British War Medal, a Victory (Inter-allied) War Medal and 2 Mentioned in despatches oak leaf sprays for her service over seas.
Removed from the the back of the frame was a yellow piece of cardstock with information/dedication about Ferguson.

Nursing Papers

Nursing Papers was the publication of the School of Graduate Nurses at McGill University in Montreal. Contains 2 papers: "Profession or Union: Who Will Call the Shots?" by Joan M. Gilchrist; and "Learning the Concept: Nursing in Chronic Illness" by Margaret Hooton. Both authors were assistant professors in the school.

Gilchrist, Joan M.

Reference handbook for nurses

A medical reference book for nurses. Found in the pages of the book was a news clipping about a soldier's death, notes on a quinnine injection, and recipes from the Hospital for Sick Children. Wellesley Hospital participated in an affiliate program with Sick Kids hospital so its nurses could train in pediatric nursing.

Beck, Amanda K.

The Hospital for Sick Children affiliate pediatric program

The Hospital for Sick Children program, in place since 1919, was offered to nurses from Toronto General Hospital, Toronto East General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, Wellesley Hospital, St. Michael's Hospital, Branson Hospital, Women's College Hospital, and Soldiers' Memorial Hospital in Orillia. Graduate Nurses preparing for Ontario registration and students from the University of Toronto (come with their own instructor) were also in the program. Pediatric nursing was made a compulsory course for Nurses wishing to become registered with the Province of Ontario. The program itself lasted 8 weeks and covered conditions that were the most serious or most common in children including allergic conditions, cancer, congenital conditions, and exceptional children.
File contains a duotang with an outline of the pediatric nursing affiliate program.

Miscellaneous photographs

File contains a series of miscellaneous photographs. Three of the prints are of a spread of nursing magazines; one is of an "Innovations in Nursing" display in the hospital's front lobby; one is a composite with the central image of the nurses choir with smaller images of older people; and the final photograph is of six children in the yard of a house.

July 24, 1984

File contains photographs of what appears to be several different events. Unclear if the date on the original envelope pertains to all of them.
Photographs include the Golf Tournament, a nursing event, a visit to the hospital by an unknown man and woman and other events.

Nurses' week

File contains photographs related to Nurses' Week and Wellesley Hospital. The majority of the photographs relate to Nurses' Week 1984 held May 1 - 7. There is a photograph of an informational display about nurses and 3 photographs of drawings submitted to the poster contest sponsored by the Ontario Nurses Association for children of Wellesley staff. The photographs of the contest winners were published in the July 1984 edition of Lion's Tale staff newsletter.
The other two photographs are of a drawing from the 1985 Nurses' Week poster contest; and a photograph of a Nurse modelling in the fashion show that was part of the 1986 Nurses' Week events (Published in the August 1986 edition of Lion's Tale).

Clinical Facilities for Student Nurse experience

File contains information on the consolidation of Hospital Nursing Schools into Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology.
The majority of the material relates to agreements between Ryerson Polytechnical Institute and The Wellesley Hospital regarding the use of hospital space for student nursing clinical experience. Included in the file are draft and final agreements between Ryerson's Board of Governors and The Wellesley Hospital's Board of Governors; correspondence, and draft agreements from other institutions.
Also in the file is a copy of the Province of Ontario's guidelines for the transition of diploma nursing education into Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology, and correspondence regarding the Nursing Task Force.

Report of the Nursing Task Force at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute

The Nursing Task Force at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute was organized in response to the January 1973 memorandum regarding the integration of Hospital School's of Nursing into Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology. The task force formed in July of 1973. Ryerson Vice President Administration George Korey was the chairman and was composted of representatives all institutions involved. It's purpose was to guide the integration of the nursing schools from The Wellesley Hospital, Sick Children's Hospital, and Women's College Hospital into Ryerson's nursing program. Three working committees were established: Committee on Curriculum and Clinical Facilities; Committee on Teacher-student Affairs and Internal Resources; and Administrative and Finance Committee all overseen by an executive committee.
File contains a copy of the final report of the task force published in January of 1974, and one copy of appendix f - Nursing Task Force meeting minutes.

Nursing School libraries

Correspondence, meeting minutes, and accompanying material regarding the Nursing School libraries. The majority of the materials relate to the re-classification of the School of Nursing libraries from National Library of Medicine system to the Library of Congress for their move into the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology.
The file also contains meeting minutes and reports of the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Nursing Department's sub-committee on internal resources regarding the coming together of the libraries.

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