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This booklet is a guide to the subject expertise of Ryerson faculty. It is divided into three sections: alphabetical listings by topic, languages spoken and faculty name. "Contacts" was initiated by the President's Office under the ...

Annual reports and financial statements

The master copy of the Ryerson Annual Report and Financial Statements is arranged as follows : 1965-1986 Information Services RG 4.07 1987-1994 Community Relations RG 122.03 1994-1996 University Advancement RG 395.17 For additional information, se...

Applied Geography

File contains photographs of the signing of an agreement between Ryerson and Synercom of Sugar Land, Texas for the purchase of software for use in Geography. Includes print outline of the people in the photographs and a description of the Synercom...

Davey, Jerry


File contains photographs and head shots of faculty and students at the School of Business Management awards ceremony, 1984, Business Administration Awards Night, 1983, and other random photographs of Business staff, faculty and students.

Davey, Jerry

Development and Alumni Affairs

File is divided into 3 folders. File contains photographs of Ryerson alumni, staff and faculty participating in mostly alumni activities including: fundraising, Homecoming and dances.

Paul Smith Photography


File contains photographs of the book jackets for novels by Ryerson faculty, Eric Wright's (Eng.), 'Death in the old country' and Marianne Brandis' (Eng.) 'Quarter-pie window'.


File contains photographs of staff, faculty and students from the department of Fashion and Merchandising. File includes many photographs of various Ryerson fashion shows and fashion projects.

Film and Photography

File contains photographs of student, staff and faculty in Ryerson's Film & Photography program. File includes photos taken of photographs in Ryerson's Photo Collection at the Canadian Centre of Photography. File includes photographs...

Graphic Communications

File contains head shots and photographs of faculty, staff and students in the Graphic Arts Department and Journalism Department. File includes photographs of various awards ceremonies and a print memo regarding a Graphic Arts Management Awards Ni...

Hospitality and Tourism

File contains head shots and photographs of student, staff and faculty in Ryerson's School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Photographs include various awards ceremonies, Ryer's Inn gala and the official opening of the Delta Hotels...

Interior Design

File contains head shots and photographs of student, staff and faculty in Ryerson's School of Interior Design. Photographs include various awards ceremonies, industry executives, contests, projects, presentations and the renovation and move b...

Information Services

Front pages from the Ryersonian (1973), formatted and put together as a collage. A person (Michael Hamilton, 1975) from Film and Photography adjusting his Pentax camera shooting a scene


OPSEU general membership meeting. Stephanie Blake at the microphone initiating a meeting.

Athletics - basketball

Photos included: Ryerson Kevin St. Kitts from the RAMS scoring the upset of the year beating York University (Jan. 30, 1987) Also T. Haggerty the RAMS coach (1994). RAMS basketball team (male and female) (1994).

Toronto scenes

Two black and white night scenes of Toronto ; one captures Yonge St., A &A and SAM the Record Man (1988) the other a moonlight background of the CN tower and the city (1990). Also four black and white photos of day scenes of the CN tower and t...


File contains head shots and photographs of faculty and students in Ryerson's School of Journalism. File also contains photographs of others in the journalism community including Knowlton Nash and Pierre Berton. File includes photographs of v...

Summer at Ryerson

Summer at Ryerson, activities captured around the campus. Trillium Pottery , Arts and Crafts and The Subway Singers participate along Dundas and Gould Streets. The marching bagpipe ensemble also participating in events.


Photos taken of inside the library between February and March of 1976. Students studying, searching the card catalogue and also taking books out. Several photos of pencil sharpeners attached to the end of bookshelves and an outside image of the L...


File contains photographs of a miscellaneous nature. All of the photographs are stored in a separate oversize envelope.

Walter Pitman

File contains photographs and head shots of Ryerson President Walter Pitman (1975-1980). Photographs include the President with staff, faculty and students at various functions including his farewell party. File includes photocopy of a head shot a...

President's Office

File contains photographs of Ryerson President Brian Segal along with staff and faculty. File includes photographs of various ceremonies, including the President's Christmas Party and convocation.

Radio and Television Arts (RTA)

The file consists of photographic prints, negatives, and contact sheets of RTA students and faculty, including students from the Bahamas graduating in class and graduating in 1977; the Media Skills Development Project, 1980; RTA awards presentatio...

Brian Segal

Images of Dr. Brian Segal, photos as he is introduced as the new president. Multiple copies of Dr. Brian Segal as he liaising with different government officials and media.

Tom Sosa

File contains head shots and photographs of Thomas G. Sosa, Ryerson's Vice President, Administration and faculty at various events including the President's Christmas Party, the Molson Corporate Challege (team relay run), and at the offi...

Theatre School

File contains photographs of student, staff and faculty in Ryerson's Theatre School. File includes photographs of various events including classes, the Royal Academy of Dancing International Summer School (held at Ryerson in 1980), and perfor...

Twenty-Five Year Club

File contains photographs of Ryerson staff, faculty and administration at various Twenty-Five Year Club receptions. Photographs are stored in two file folders, 20a and 20b.

Jorgenson Hall

File contains photographs of the inside and outside of Jorgenson Hall, including the Jorgenson Hall Sod Turning Ceremony in 1969 with Minister William Davis attending. Photographs include various Ryerson staff, students, administrators and constru...

Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

File contains photographs of the Learning Resources Centre with faculty, librarians, staff and students. The photographs include: the official opening of the Library's DOBIS/LIBIS computer system 1979 ; the new microcomputer facility in the L...

Open College

File contains head shots and photographs of Ryerson staff, faculty and students of Open College which was broadcast on CJRT FM 91.1.

Food Services

Various pictures of staff and managers in Food Services from 1976 -1983. Also included is a photo of the staff and faculty cafeteria .

Ryerson fellowships

Recipients of the Ryerson Fellowship Awards 1979-1981. David Suzuki (1981), Dian Cohen (1979), Brick Brickenden (1979), Hands Blumefeld (instructor, 1979), Don Harron (1980), Raymond Moriyama (1980).

Seniors at Ryerson

First Canadian Conference on Education Opportunities for Seniors at Ryerson June/84. Also photos from "Telling it like it is" Conference/Workshop for seniors and the media. Sept./80

Howard Kerr Hall

Photos of Kerr Hall and the Quad. Included from the Admissions Bulletin 1970 a photo taken of the Normal School facade of 1852 marking the entrance of Ryerson's Quadrangle.

Early Childhood Development

Several photos of children playing in the Early Childhood Center. Some photos from 1974. Included are photos from the day nursery Easter parade, Spring 1982 and Halloween 1986.

Human Resources

Images of staff from the Personnel/Human Resources Department, 1981 also a photo of Doddie Brown at her retirement party, 1986.

Oakham House

Photos of the Oakham House Choir, Variations in Quilting, a workshop for beginners and a Make Your Own Jewelry workshop. In the over size box there is a large photo of firemen attending to the flooded ceilings in Oakham House.

Professor and Ryersonian of the year

1975 Ryersonian of the Year : Murray Paulin, Larry Gray and Raymond Kao -- 1977 Ryersonian of the Year : Peter Kerr -- 1978 Ryersonian of the Year : Bob Greenberg -- 1979 Ryersonian of the Year : Ben Celliers and Larry Grey -- 1980 Ryersonian of...

Math and Physics

Dec. 10/82 Ryerson received a $318,000 grant from the Ontario Ministry of Energy to further the Institute's testing and development of more efficient appliances for burning wood and other alternative fuels. Different types of research in Ryer...

Research and Innovation

December 1982, Ryerson received a $318,000 grant from the Ontario Ministry of Energy to further the Institute's testing and development of more efficient appliances for burning wood and other alternative fuels. April 1986, The Office of Resea...


The RIDC (Ryerson International Development Center) 1981-1986, Director, Phil Rawkins and Sam Mikhail RIDC Program Director of Technology initiated many partnerships with scholarly institutions, research and training centers in Brazil, China, Jord...

Women at Ryerson

Women's Week, Feb. 21-25, 1983. Sheila Copps, Liberal M.P.P. representing Hamilton West spoke on "Equal pay for work of equal value". Photos of Women's Week co-ordinator Audrey Herrema ; speaker Linda Ryan-Nye; and Charlene R...


Pictures of students from SURPI holding a mock funeral in response to proposed cutbacks in certain programs (Feb.81). Broom ball on Lake Devonian(Devo?) for the annual ice carnival "Miami Ice" (Jan.86). Rally at Convocation Hall against...

Electrical Engineering

Pictures of the dedication of Palin Hall (Feb. 9/79). Students from Electrical Technology working on the Wind Turbine Project, summer 1977. Preparation for the wind turbine to be erected on the top of the old Monetary Times building on the Ryerson...

Mechanical Engineering / Aerospace Technology

Several photos of staff, faculty and students from the Aerospace Technology department (1970-1977). Tour and Discussion Day at Ryerson , Jerry Karpynczyk of Mechanical Technology speaks to interested perspective students in the Aerospace Laborato...

Civil Engineering

Photos of the Gestalt Photomapper in North Kerr Hall, donated by Spar Aerospace to be used by the Civil Technology Department. Civil Technology students train in the Ryerson pool for the concrete canoe race May 10/80 at Seneca College, King Campus...

Architecture Building

Several photos of the architecture building before, during and after the complete renovation/build. It was officially opened on Oct. 14/82. Premier William Davis, Metro Chairman Paul Godfrey ; Lieutenant-Governor, John Aird ; Board of Governors Ch...

Contact sheets - miscellaneous

Various b&w photos of the TV/Radio lab, Winter Carnival and ice sculpture, Orientation, Frosh Week, Science Fair banquet, President Mordell and York University president, Library Arts, Summer Theatre, Advisory Council Dinner, Alastair Gillespi...

Ryerson Community Park

Various photos of planning and construction of Community Park (1978) and Devion Square (1984). Several photos of Hod Meech (Devonian Foundation), Walter Pitman, Steve Moorhead and George Hume during several meetings in 1977. Photos of the Bird of...

Continuing Education

Several events (1977-1983) of the Continuing Education Department are displayed through many black and white photos. Renovations and the move to their temporary office space (1977-1983). There are also photos of the farewell reception for former ...

Convocation - Spring 1986

Josie Marcellin and Robert Stassen both 1986 gold medallist are photographed after receiving their gold medals. A photo of Brian Segal, Doddie Brown and Larry Gray at convocation. Another photo of Brian Segal presenting to George Thomson a fello...

Architecture and Architecture Building

Photos of the old architecture building destroyed by fire (1977). The new location at 720 King St. W (1978). The official opening of the new architecture building (1981) with the Premier of Ontario Bill Davis and John B. Aird, Lieutenant Govenor o...

Bicentennial Display

Bicentennial celebration (1984), the Archives display and the model of the Normal School. The Normal School model was built to a one inch to eight feet scale and measures approximately five feet square. It was constructed over a period of nearly f...


Pictures of Timetabling Department (1981). Continuing Education and Registration annual Halloween "dress-up" (Oct./82). The opening of the new Admission's Office (1982). Continuing Education registration (1983). Orientation at Reg...

Athletics - General

Different photos of students fencing, playing squash, swimming and also practicing figure skating. The old rec centre (1987) and a sketch of the athletics logo (Eggy running or dancing?) There is also a colored picture of the coaches and teams (1...

People "B"

Photographs of the following people: Alison Acker, Roberta Allen, Bill Anderson, Robert K. Andras, Leon Arp, Tom Atkins, Robert Atkins, Michael Atkins, Kay Aoyama, Lloyd Axworthy, Robin Barber, A.P.H. Barclay, Marilyn Barker, David Barr, Mike Bar...

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