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The Literary Review of Canada

Series contains a run of 'The Literary Review of Canada' starting with Volume 1, Issue 1 in December 1991, and running to Volume 3, no. 11 in December 1994.

The Jack Layton Chair

File contains of an introduction to The Jack Layton Chair with pledge information.

Ryerson Positive Space

The file consists of textual announcements, graphic posters, and bracelets relating to campaign launches and educational sessions.Please note RSU records contain Positive Space records.

Equity, Harassment and Safety Services Department

Ryerson Union Fair

The Ryerson Union Fair was first held on Wednesday March 12, 1986. It was co-sponsored by the Ryerson Labour Studies Group, SURPI, and CESAR and had two faculty organizers - Phyllis Clarke and Myer Siemiatycki - from the Department of Politics.Ser...

RYERSONIA yearbooks

Series consists of editions of the Ryersonia yearbook - published 1950-1969, with a special edition in 1998.

Fundraising Campaigns

This Series contains correspondence and promotional materials related to the "Invest in Futures" fundraising campaign launched Thursday, May 13, 2004, Ron Besse as campaign chair, held at 43 Gerrard St E. Officially closed June 30, 2006,...

Promotional materials

Series consists of promotional materials related to Food Services.

Stereographs, by subject

Series contains a wide range of stereoscopic photographs, often referred to as stereocards or stereographs. Depictions include a variety of people, places, and objects. In cases where items are part of a series, attempts have been made to arrange ...

Folio magazine

Series consists of Folio magazine editions. In 2012 there were three online editions created. They can be viewed here

35mm cameras

Series contains cameras designed for use with standard 35mm (135 format) film. This became the most popular film and camera format, both among professionals and amateurs. Sturdy and multi-functional, with interchangeable lenses, these cameras foun...

New Wave Magazine

Series contains McClung's magazine (1992-2017) and New Wave Magazine (2018-).

Assignment photographs

Series consists of 7,278 photographic negatives created by Ryerson staff and students in the 1950's and 1960's. The photographs were taken for use in the student newspaper "The Ryersonian", the academic course calendar, the yea...

School of Journalism

Open College records received from Desmond Glynn

  • RG 7.14
  • Série organique
  • 1973 - 2010
  • Fait partie de Open College

This Series contains records related to Open College donated by Chang School Senior Program Director Desmond Glynn in two accruals in 2014 and 2016 . The series includes textual records and audio cassettes related to various Open College courses.

SightSoundSystems Festival of Art and Technology

The records relate to the preparation for the musical chess game of the SightSoundSystems Festival of Art and Technology, presented by the Isaacs Gallery Mixed Media Concerts and Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. The musical chess game, whereby the...

Course Calendars and class schedules

File contains copies of the Evening Studies calendars, Extension Course calendars, and Continuing Education course calendars and class schedule bulletins. The final print version of the course calendar was for the 2018-2019 school year. The Chang ...

People Series

This series contains photographs of people associated with and featured in the Canadian Architect Magazine. Many of the photographs appear to have been used or consulted as part of the magazine proofs. The photographs contained within this series ...

Canadian Architect

Special Events

Series contains items and files related to various events held by The Wellesley Hospital. Included events are long service awards, the Wellesley Auxiliary anniversary, the 25 year club, and the cornerstone laying and grand opening of the Medical B...


Series consists of Reports created by various departments and organizations in the Wellesley Hospital. Included are annual reports from the Wellesley Auxiliary, The Board of Governors, and the Research Institute.


Series contains photographs associated with The Wellesley Hospital. Many of them were taken by the hospital's public relations department and published in Wellesley World and other hospital publications. Files include staff members, nursing, ...

Published works

Series contains published materials created by or about the Wellesley Hospital. Included in the series are 2 copies of the book written by Hospital founder Dr. Herbert Bruce, 2 copies of the Wellesley Hospital history book written by Joan Hollobon...

Blue and Gold Ball

The Blue and Gold Ball is a student run social event. It was resurrected in 2010 at the initiative of Ryerson President Sheldon Levy. The file consists of announcements, posters, tickets (2010 only).

The Missing child in Liberal Theory

Book written by John O'Neil, published by the University of Toronto Press in conjunction with the Laidlaw Foundation. Marvyn Novick, who was involved with the Foundation, wrote the forward to this book.

O'Neil, John

Maple Leaf Gardens time capsule

The series consists of the following.Four daily newspapers, September 21, 1931 : The Globe ; The Mail and Empire ; The Evening Telegram ; The Toronto Daily StarA four-page, typewritten manuscript and envelope likely from the directors of Maple Lea...

Maple Leaf Gardens

2006 donated materials from William Glassman

Series contains materials collected and donated by William Glassman for the Ryerson Archives. Includes a letter from former Archivist Jim Peters to Ryerson faculty suggesting they start an Archives file to eventually donate to the Archives. This l...

Society records

Series contains records related specifically to the Ryerson Commerce Society. Includes the constitution.

Student Services Human Resources

Series consists of vacancy / job postings and personnel papers of two student residences, Palin Hall (later Oakham House) and Bond House (later O'Keefe House).

Documentation and arrangement - exhibits and displays

File contains: RG 149.9.1 Library, 1982 RG 149.9.2 Homecoming, 1983 RG 149.9.3 Bicentennial, 1984 - includes model in reading room. The scale model was researched and constructed by Architecture students Robert Smith, Richard Zoltek and Ed Nicoluc...

CCPE & APEO Accreditation

These proposals, courses of study, proposed courses and detailed course outlines were produced for submission to the C.C.P.E. and A.P.E.O. Accreditation Committee for approval. Each outline usually contains the instructor's professional resum...

Unsorted materials

Series consists of materials previously stored on the UM (unsorted materials) shelves in the Archives. They are believed to be files maintained by Gail Donner in her role as the chairman of the Nursing Department. Included are files on: Nursing Ad...

Donner, Gail

CKLN Financial records

  • 456.04
  • Série organique
  • 1978 - 2010
  • Fait partie de CKLN Radio

Series contains textual and financial records related to CKLN

CKLN Legal records

  • 456.03
  • Série organique
  • 1982 - 2011
  • Fait partie de CKLN Radio

Series contains textual records related to CKLN's response to various legal issues.

CKLN Textual records

  • 456.02
  • Série organique
  • 1970 - 2011
  • Fait partie de CKLN Radio

Series contains various files of textual records related to CKLN.

CKLN Promotional Materials

  • 456.01
  • Série organique
  • 1976 - ?
  • Fait partie de CKLN Radio

Series contains files of textual and graphic records, and artefacts generated in order to promote various aspects of CKLN.

Landscape Architecture

Series contains: RG 3.77.1 - Submission for a Degree In Landscape Architecture 1979 RG 3.77.2 - Preliminary Report: Proposal for a 4 Year Degree Program In Landscape Architecture May 1987 RG 3.77.3 - Assessment of the Societal Need for the Landsca...

Landscape Architecture program review process

Series contains: RG3.74.1 - Assessment of Academic Quality of the Landscape Architecture Program RG3.74.2 - Assessment of the Societal Need of the Landscape Architecture Program RG3.74.3 - Program Review Process: Description of the Process from OC...

Architectural Science program review process

Series is arranged into the following files: RG 3.73.1 - Program Evaluation Process: Academic Element - April 1982 RG 3.73.2 - Report of the Program Assessment Committee - May 1982 RG 3.73.3 - Program Evaluation Process: Bachelor of Technology (Ar...

Proposals and Reports

Series contains new program proposals, periodic program reviews, self study reports, curriculum revisions, degree designation reports, and accompanying materials from the departments and schools that deliver Ryerson's Undergraduate, Graduate,...

Academic Standards Committee

File contains Academic Standards Committee meeting agenda and minutes, Academic Council agendas, Academic Standards Committee reports, proposals, and correspondence. Series has been divided by year. Some committee materials are located in the Sena...

Ryerson Press Collection Books

Series contains books published by the Ryerson Press company between 1862 and 1973, as well as publishing catalogues. The series does not represent a full run of titles produced by the publisher during these dates.

The Ryerson Press

Memorial services of Ryerson individuals

Series consists of memorial services conducted or moderated by Dr. Eugen Bannerman for Ryerson individuals. The series is arranged into four files: 364.04.01 Brennan, Bluie, 1922-1989 (A.1994-025) 364.04.02 Kenyon, John, 1931-1989 (A.1994-025) 364...

OPSEU Staff Recognition and Development Conference / Staff Star Award / Annual OPSEU Staff Learning Event

The records in this series consists of the OPSEU Staff Star Award and conference, and the subsequent OPSEU Staff Learning Event which replaced the former in 2014. The university, in developing more wide-ranging awards in 2012, cancelled faculty a...

Joint Union-Management Advisory Committee on Staff Training and Development

Collective Agreements

Series contains Contracts between OPSEU 596 and the Ryerson University Board of Governor and Memoranda of Settements of outstanding contract items.

Children's Television Research (CHIMP)

This series contains the textual and audio visual records of the longstanding Children's Television Research project directed by Clive VanderBurgh and located within the school of Radio and Television Arts (RTA) between 1989-2003. The project...

VanderBurgh, Clive


The series consists of a textbooks written by Catherine Lund.232-1.1 Accounting Basics: Introduction by Catherine Lund and Robert.E. Beam232-01.01 Solutions Manual for the Accounting Assistant by Catherine Lund232-1.2 Accounting Basics: The Balanc...

Administrative materials

Series contains textual records related to various aspects of administration/running of the Ryerson School of Nutrition.

Promotional material and publicity

Series contains materials related to the promotion of and publicity for the School of Fashion. Series contains 2 cm of textual records, 9 posters, and 1 audio cassette.

FORUM newsletter, 1987-1994

Series consists of copie of the FORUM newsletter published by the Office of Community Relations. They were published throughout the year from September to June or July. Topics included Ryerson specific news, staffing updates and staff and alumni n...

Department of Community Relations

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