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Solar Cooker

This file contains notes, employees personal data and attendance report, clippings, Solar cooker design and testing project submission for funding, correspondence, notices, Ontario Work-Study Plan documentation, financial statement, Energy Project guidelines, 7 photographs of Brace Research Solar Cookers by Daniel Pigeon.

Ontario Housing Seminar

File contains bound copy of the papers presented at the Ontario Ministry of Housing Energy Conservation Seminar held Tuesday March 31, 1981. Papers include:
"The House as an Energy System" by Ken Burkhardt
"Site Development and Dwelling Form" by Charles Simon
"The Building Envelope" by Will F. Stainton
"Space Heating and Ventilation" by Peter Meridew
"Lighting and Electrical Appliances" by Bryan Davey
"Energy Savings through Automatic Control" by Bruce Robertson
"Energy Efficient Buildings" by John Lstiburek

Ryerson Energy Centre

Energy centre materials

This sub-series includes original graphic work for flyers, notices of events, lists of reports, and courses offered in conjunction with the Energy Centre.

Ryerson Energy Information Service

This file contains brochures, proposals, Agreement to operate Energy Information Service between Ryerson Energy Centre and the Learning Resource Centre, correspondence, list of books on energy subjects, notes, Ryerson Energy Information Service Planning Document.

Woodgas Power System

This file contains correspondence,agenda/minutes of Woodgas meetings, Wood Gas Power Systems a joint project of RPI and George Brown College Summary, budget information.

Brick - Southeast corner of Gould and Victoria

In the spring of 1978, this brick was taken from the corner of Gould and Victoria Streets (S.E.). A church once stood on this site. The brick was probably retrieved by Archivist Jim Peters during the construction of the Ryerson Community Park.

The Memorial Church Port Ryerse Plate

One commemorative plate with a church illustration and the inscription"The Memorial Church Port Ryerse." The church was most likely an Anglican Memorial Church (United Empire Loyalist) established by Port Ryerse's founding father Samuel Ryerson (1752-1812) and his brother Joseph Ryerson (1761-1854).

"The quaint historic village of Port Ryerse is located west of Port Dover and sits high on a hill overlooking the north shore of Lake Erie. It is a small community imbued with history dating back to the early beginning of our illustrious province. Village founding father Loyalist Samuel Ryerse (1752-1812) arrived in 1795 at the mouth of Young's Creek in Woodhouse Township.

The Ryerse family had originally lived on a farm located in the heart of Manhattan, New York, on land later occupied by the World Trade Center.

Samuel’s brother, Joseph Ryerson (1761-1854), followed in 1798. Historians will be familiar with Joseph’s youngest son, the Rev. Adolphus Egerton Ryerson, acknowledged founder of Ontario's public school system and for whom Ryerson University is named.

Together, Samuel and Joseph established a thriving and vibrant port community. Unfortunately, all that was built was soon lost; the village was razed by the Americans during the War of 1812. "



Sub-series consists of a selection of examinations from various courses offered by Ryerson. They are found bundled together on the "Unsorted Materials" shelving. They are organized by subject or department.


File contains final exams for Chemistry and Metallurgy. Courses include Electron Tubes and Transistors, Gas utilization, Anatomy and Physiology, and Organic and Biochemistry.

Social Services

File contains practice, mid-term, and final exams for the 1968-1969 school year. Included are exams from Social Service I, Social Services Welfare, Community Health, and Organization and Administration of the Social Services.

Association of Ontario Land Surveyors

File contains final exams put on by the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors. Exams were held at Ryerson. The final exams cover the following subjects - astronomy, aerial surveys and photogrammetry, theory and use of instruments, practical surveying, town planning, geology and mineralogy, and drainage engineering.


File contains for the English Department. Exams were for English courses offered as part of other programs like RTA, Journalism, Business, Hotel Management, Public Health Inspectors, Fashion, Photography, and ECE

Home Economics

File contains final exams. Courses include Food, Clothing and Textiles, Methods of Early Childhood Guidance, Clothing and Design I, Food Service Administration, Child Psychology, Food Theory, and Home Management.

Mechanical Technology

File includes final exams. Courses include Mechanical drafting, tool design, Metallurgy for Mechanical Technology, and Mechanical Metallurgy and foundry.

The Feedforward System report

Prepared by Don MacLeod, Counselling Services, for the Student Services conference held at Laval University, Quebec.

Student Housing study

Folder contains the Student Housing Preference Survey, a student housing analysis and miscellaneous correspondence regarding student housing.
File has been co-arranged under Physical Resources RG 8.23.

Preloaded 1GB USB drive

The USB preloaded with Program and Campus life information for new students. Stamped with The Ted Rogers School logo.

329 Church Street architectural pieces

Series consists of two architectural pieces removed from 329 Church Street before its demolition to make way for Ryersons Architecture Building. The house was originally built for a wealthy doctor. Student Services used the building between 1970-1975.


Carved wood mantlepiece from Church Street building. Stained dark brown.

RTA 1973 Class Reunion videos

This file contains a DVD containing still photographic images, videos, and a music file for the 1973 RTA class reunion held in October, 2013. Also on the disc is a video of 1986 reunion party. Salvatore (Sal) Greco was responsible for the creation of the disk and much of its content.

Greco, Sal

Contact Sheets : RTA Students

File contains photographs of student headshots adhered to cardboard, photocopies of these sheets, and contact sheets. Arranged by academic year, each file holds sets of photographs of each of the three years the program ran.

RTA School of Media

Video: R.T.A. Circus

R.T.A. students present a dramatized, amusing look at what is offered in the Radio and Television Arts program. 30 minutes, colour.

Print (O/S): TV Studio A

Colour photograph of TV Studio 'A' which was located in Howard Kerr Hall. East in room 221 The individual in the shot is possibly Lab Technician Allen Sugar.

TARA Awards 2013 - DVD, Poster, and signed Card

File contains TARA Awards material donated by the 2013 RTA graduates in acknowledgment of the assistance provided by the Archives for the creation of their graduate video footage aired during the the TARA Awards ceremony.

Television Camera Tubes

Two camera tubes of different sizes:

RG 102.51.01 - An Image Orthicon Tube (38cm high x 7cm base) from the early days of black and white video imaging technology. It came from one of the first two television cameras acquired by Ryerson in 1953 for the training of its Radio and Television Arts students. The tube was made by English Electric and the cameras by British Marconi. The tube was given to Elvino Sauro by pioneer Radio and Television Arts faculty member Andy Kufluk.

RG 102.51.02 - A Plumbicon Tube (21cm long x 3cm base) from one of the last tube cameras owned by Ryerson. This model was from a Sony DXC 1820-KA single tube colour video camera. Colour was obtained through a sophisticated and almost invisible striped filter on the face of the tube. It was eventually replaced by cameras equipped with solid state imaging devices called Charge Coupled Devices (CCD’s).

CBC $50 Million Extension Plan press conference

RYERSONIAN, February 15 article, photographs re. Press Conference held at Ryerson announcing the $50 million extension plan for CBC. The Secretary of State, Hugh Faulkner, addressed approximately 120 RTA students and members of the Toronto press. RTA Chair, John Twomey, was instrumental in arranging this event.

Theatre World magazine

File contains copies of Theatre World - incorporating Play Pictorial magazine. Magazine published in London, England.

META (MetroEducationalTVAssoc)

This file contains META 1963 Annual Report, 1 copy of META 1964 Newsletter, seminar information, Basic Television Terminology booklet, book list.

Curriculum Modifications

This file contains correspondence and New Presentation containing the suggestions of the Academic Standards Committee on curriculum modifications.

The Pitch

This is an assignment for course BRD 044 (Business Aspects of Independent Television Production) whereby six teams of students try to sell their proposed series to a team of industry insiders.

Telefest Award Certificates

File contains various award certificates from CBCTelefest and TVOntario Telefest. Telefest was a competition for Radio, Television and Film Students.

Informatics Committee

This file contains notices and program of Symposium on Information Technology and Society, memorandums, Curriculum Outline, minutes of meetings, clippings, Proposals and Report of The Inter-Divisional Informatics Committee on The Development of Information Studies at Ryerson, Employment Impacts of New Technologies.

Departmental Assistants & Secretaries Group

This file contains correspondence, notices and documentation of Faculty Advisory Committees:

18.1 BTC 1986-
18.2 Fashion 1979-
18.3 Graphic Communications Management 1970-
18.4 Interior Design 1970-
18.5 Journalism (Communications, 1967)
18.6 RTA 1981-
18.7 Theatre 1981-
18.8 Film and Photography 1981-
18.9 Library Arts 1976-

Ryerson/OECA/Bell Canada Working Group On Telidon

This file contains memorandums, Videotex Proposal, Telidon and Education III - Field trial Proposal, Teliadom Working Group documentation, business cards, PANAVIS (Panasonic Audio Visual Information System) product description and information pamphlet, research proposal for BELL/VISTA Field Trial.

Miscellaneous Degree Proposals

This file contains correspondence, Degree Proposal Technical Production Option, Theatre School, Proposal for a Two-Year Degree Program in Publishing, Justice Studies Proposal, Proposal for Four Year B.F.A Degree Program in Dance.

Program promotion materials

Series contains general and program specific program brochures for the Faculty of Communication and Design and the schools that fall under its umbrella.

Faculty of Communication and Design

Still Photography Studies at P.E.I.

This file contains correspondence, information on Prince Edward Island film and photography workshops offered by RPI, financial reports and budget information, proposals, course descriptions, invitations to exhibitions.

"Why Would I Lie?" film stills

File consists of film stills from the motion picture Why Would I Lie? Released in 1980. Directed by Larry Peerce. Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. Starring Treat Williams, Lisa Eichhorn and Gabriel Macht. Comedy, drama.

Toronto Film Society

"Windy City" film stills

File consists of film stills from the motion picture Windy City. Released in 1984. Directed by Armyan Bernstein. Distributed by CBS, Inc. Starring John Shea, Kate Capshaw and Josh Mostel. Drama.

Toronto Film Society

"Winter Kills" film stills

File consists of film stills from the motion picture Winter Kills. Released in 1979. Directed by William Richert. Distributed by Avco Embassy Pictures. Starring Jeff Bridges, Juhn Huston and Anthony Perkins. Drama, thriller.

Toronto Film Society

Miscellaneous film stills, X, Y, Z

File consists of film stills from the motion pictures The Tragic Diary of Zero the Fool (1970), X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes (1963), Yellowbeard (1983), Yojimbo (1961) and Yoyo (1965).

Toronto Film Society

"Yes, Giorgio" film stills

File consists of film stills from the motion picture Yes, Giorgio. Released in 1982. Directed by Franklin J. Schnaffer. Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and United Artists. Starring Luciano Pavarotti, Kathryn Harrold and Eddie Albert. Comedy, musical.

Toronto Film Society

Fall/Winter 1991 tentative release schedule

File contains film stills and textual records related to Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation's tentative release schedule for the Fall/Winter season of 1991. Films included are "The Super", "29th Street", "Shining Through", "For the Boys", "Grand Canyon", and "Jack the Bear".

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