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Parkin Architects Limited Canada
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Toronto Pearson International Airport, Old Terminal 1

Interior and exterior of the development of the Toronto International Airport, showing photographs of planes, baggage claim, parking garages. Design drawings were published in the May 1958 issue of Canadian Architect. The airport was originally known as the Malton Airport, opened in 1937, and was redeveloped as an International Airport in the 1960s, and renamed in 1984 for former Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson.

Jowett, H.R.

Art Gallery of Ontario

View of the entrance of the building including details of extarior and interior, main lobby, staircase and Henry Moor Gallery. Contains images of models for the façade [196-?]. Images from two exhibitions can be found in the collection: "Contemporary Furnishings" from 1958, showing Walker Court with chairs and items from local stores, and "The Bauhaus: 50 Years" from 1970. With 45,000 square metres (480,000 sq ft) of physical space, the AGO is one of the largest art museums in North America.

Applied Photography Ltd.

Four Seasons Sheraton hotel

Architect's model of a hotel complex, and illustration showing hotel in streetscape at 123 Queen Street West. The finished building was featured in an article in Canadian Architect magazine in May 1973. One photograph of the building, taken from the east along Queen Street.

Panda Associates Photography

Simpsons Tower

Photographs of the interior and exterior of a glass and concrete high rise office tower, showing elegant dining area, escalators and stairs, and hallways.

Panda/Croydon Associates

Don Mills, Don Mills Centre

Photographs from different stages of development of the Don Mills Centre. The strip plaza was opened in 1955 with a small number of shops, and it expanded in the 1960s to serve the growing community. A project was undertaken in 1978 to enclose the mall. One photograph shows the original outdoor walkways, and the second photograph is an aerial view showing the parking lot and the central Eaton's store.

Shawcroft, B.

Sarnia, Imperial Oil Engineering Division building

Exterior views of the office building, showing the glass and porcelain curtain wall of the front entrance and the glass sign next to the entrance. The wall has a double skin: the windows are double-plate sealed units with metal-faced panels providing air space.

Paisley, Douglas

Burlington, Shopping Centre

View of a patio on the second storey of an outdoor shopping centre. A small sign in the window indicates that this space was leased by the Toronto Dominion Bank, probably as part of a branch office. The image is printed in Canadian Architect magazine's October 1958 issue [p.57], which profiled 7 shopping malls. This centre was constructed with a steel frame and flexcore slab floors, and a concrete foundation.

Panda Photography

Bell Trinity square

Aerial view of a high-rise office building. Photographer's stamp visible through tissue on verso: Art James. One interior view showing a board room through a closed door.

James, Arthur

Hamilton SPCA

File contains photographs depicting interior and exterior views of Hamilton SPCA. Interior shots include pet holding areas, the lobby, circulation and administration spaces. Exterior shots are of the building, which features a large purple cylindrical portion, as well as the surrounding lawns and parking lot.

Burley, Robert

Eli Lilly Canada Inc

File contains photographs depicting interior and exterior views of Eli Lilly's Canadian offices. Shots include labs, meeting and conference rooms, reception, and circulation spaces. The exterior shots shows the majority of the building's long rectilinear form, as well as the surrounding landscape architecture.

Burley, Robert


File contains photographs depicting interior views of OTF. Shots include a seating area, reception, and circulation spaces (many focusing on staircase details).

Burley, Robert

ARC Arena

File contains photographs depicting interior views of ARC Arena. Shots include a seating area adjacent to a bar, in addition to the arena itself.

Burley, Robert

Women's College Hospital, Cardio

File contains photographs depicting interior views of the Cardiology Clinic at Women's College Hospital. Shots include a bathroom, as well as an open area with a desk and various pieces of workout equipment. The space is pastel pink, blue, and white with curvilinear ceiling features.

Burley, Robert

Mis. MRI

File contains photographs depicting interior views of a medical institution. Shots include an office area, and a room containing an MRI machine.

Burley, Robert

East York Arena

File contains photographs depicting exterior views of East York Arena. Shots are of the main entrance, which is a curvilinear form with masonry details.

Burley, Robert

Guelph, MRI

File contains photographs depicting interior views of a medical institution in Guelph. Shots feature a lab with an MRI machine.

Burley, Robert

Bloorview Hospital

File contains photographs depicting interior views of Bloorview Hospital. Shots feature a consultation room, wall display, and reception area.

Burley, Robert

Health Sciences Centre, Hamilton

File contains photographs depicting interior views of the Health Sciences Centre in Hamilton. Shots include reception, and patient rooms both shared and private. The interior palette is composed of pastel colours, and is seen in gingham curtains, a flower shaped floor mural, and mill-work details.

Burley, Robert