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Faculty and Staff photographs

File contains images of various faculty and staff from the Photographic Arts and Image Arts programs. Included are 2 framed portraits - one of Reginald Soame and the other of Geoffrey M. Bullock.

Certificate to Terry Grier in recognition of University status

A framed certificate presented by the Ryerson Alumni to President T. Grier in honour Ryerson's achievement of university status. Presentation was made at Skydome Stadium on the occasion of Ryerson's 1993 Homecoming celebration, by CFTO-TV sportscaster and RTA '79 graduate, Suneel Joshi, on September 10.

TV Cameras - Classroom Props

A TV camera made out of a cardboard box and a tin can. Prop was used in Bill Lawrence's (RTA '54 graduate, RTA faculty member 1980-1996 and TV personality) classes by his students as a means of helping them relax in front of a live TV camera. Bill Lawrence signed his name on the bottom of the base.

Argoflex EF

Item is a metal twin lens reflex camera for 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" exposures on 620 format roll film. Coupled front lens focusing.

Argus C3

Item is a 35mm camera. Very solid and durable design, similar to the box camera.

Argus film splicer

Small grey metal splicer for cutting and rejoining 8 mm film strips for at-home editing. Remnants of film strips were found in the splicer along with a crumpled piece of paper with instructions for use.

Argus Camera Company

Argus A2F

Item is a 35 mm cartridge camera with a bakelite body and an Argus Anastigmat f4.5/50 mm collapsible lens. This particular model comes with an extinction meter and features close focusing to 15".

Argus C3 Matchmatic

Item is a 35mm point and shoot cameras. The Argus C3 Matchmatic camera is similar to the C2 but with different colored leatherette covering and different, propriety markings on the exposure settings. The lens is a 50mm f3.5 coated Cintar lens. The aperture range is f3.5 to f16 and the focus range is from 3 to 50 feet + infinity. Available shutter speeds are 1/10 to 1/300 plus B.

Argoflex E

Item consists of an Argus Argoflex E twin-lens reflex camera made in the U.S.A. It was the first 620 film TLR camera produced by Argus. The camera features gear-coupled lenses allowing the user to focus using the viewfinder, an f4.5/75mm Argus Varex Anastigmat lens, and an Argus Varex Shutter with speeds T, B, 200, 100, 50, 25 and 10. Exposures are 6x6. The body is made of black Bakelite.

Stanley Dry Plate Box

One cardboard box meant for holding dry plates manufactured by the Stanley Co. Box contained one dozen plates and ranked a No. 50 on the sensitometer. Box bears a logo with a man on a horse saying "On Stanley, On."
F.E. Stanley developed his own dry plate formulation and then eventually began selling plates to other photographers. The venture proved so successful that he and his twin brother, F. O. Stanley, became partners in the Stanley Dry Plate Company in 1884. Their coating machine, patented in 1886, accelerated the dry plate process, coating plates at a speed of one plate per second. The twins ultimately sold the Stanley Dry Plate Company to George Eastman of Eastman Kodak, who used the Stanley innovation to build his photography empire.
The Gelatin or Dry Plate photographic process was invented in 1871 by Dr. Richard L Maddox. This involved the coating of glass photographic plates with a light sensitive gelatin emulsion and allowing them to dry prior to use. This made for a much more practical process than the wet plate process as the plate could be transported, exposed and then processed at a later date rather than having to coat, expose and process the plate in one sitting. The gelatin dry plate process technique was developed and eventually led to the roll film process.

Stanley Co.

Minstrel show group portrait

Item is a group portrait of a minstrel show. 42 performers, including children and adults, are posed seated or standing on a stage. Six of the performers appear in blackface, wearing makeup and wigs.

Minstrel shows are a style of variety show, most popular during the late 19th and early 20th century, in which white performers use make-up and costumes to depict racist and stereotypical caricatures of Black people. The genre originated in the United States, but Canada had its own troupes and touring companies, and the format was popular with schools, community groups, and religious organizations.

A two-page hand-written eulogy was found with the photograph that begins "Ella Roberts age 85 years of Galena, Ohio died November 28, 1949..."

Shields, Lorne

Kodak Self Timer

Item is a small metal timer for taking photographs without having to be near the camera to release the shutter. A cable release is placed into the top of the device, with a plunger that is pushed down realizing the shutter when it pops back up.

Eastman Kodak Company


Folder contains 2 b&w photographs of office buildings. Photograph 1 shows the exterior parking lot of an office building and photograph 2 is an architectural model.

Canadian Architect

Tower Bridge, London, United Kingdom

This file contains photographic prints of Tower Bridge. This bridge was built by the City of London Corporation and was opened by King Edward VII in June, 1894. The photographs are from various angles and distances.

Lloyd's Building, London, United Kingdom

This file contains a photographic print of a nighttime bird's eye view shot of Lloyd's building, an example of radical Bowellism architecture. Lloyd's Building was designed by the architect company Richard Rogers and Partners

City University, London, United Kingdom

This file contains a photographic print of an architect researching using a technique developed at London's City University which uses a special camera and three-dimensional programming to create a computer model which enables viewing from all sides of the structure.

Bracken House, London, United Kingdom

This file contains a photographic print of a model of Bracken House and of Bracken House itself. Bracken House is an example of modern classicism, a movement in architecture that continues the practice of classical and traditional architecture. Architect Sir Albert Richardson designed the building to serve as the headquarters and printing works of the Financial Times.

Blackwall Yard Phase One, London, United Kingdom

This file contains a photographic print of Blackwall Yard, a business centre in London's docklands area, in its first of three phases of construction. It was designed by London-based architects, Richard Rogers Partnership, who were recognised by The Royal Institute of British Architects for the project.

Stansted Airport Building, Essex, United Kingdom

This file contains a photographic print of the Stansted Airport building, which is considered to be a symbol of architectural innovation and was given public recognition from The Royal Institute of British Architects for deserving public notice.

Canadian Embassy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

This file contains a photographic print of a model of the Canadian Embassy in Saudi Arabia, which was commissioned to Sankey Consultants Limited/Project Planning Associates Limited, a joint-venture firm set up for the purpose. A caption to the photograph is printed on paper and attached to the photo.

Russia Hotel, Moscow, Russia

This file contains a photographic print of the Russia Hotel under construction, with the 17th century church of St George in the background. The hotel was designed by architect Dmitry Chechulin and closed in 2006.


This file contains a photographic print mounted on cardboard of a model of a hotel.

Miscellaneous, Netherlands

This file contains photographic prints of various spaces in the Netherlands designed by architect Aldo van Eyck, including an apartment building in Bergpolder, Hubertus House, an Open Air School, the European Space Research and Technology Centre Building in Noordwijk, and an orphanage.

National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City, Mexico

This file contains photographic prints of the National Museum of Anthropology located in Mexico City, designed by architects Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, Jorge Campuzano, and Rafael Mijares Alcérreca. The pictures are of exhibition halls, outside courtyards, and exterior shots of parts of the building.

Osaka, Japan

This file contains photographic prints of the Canadian Pavilion building at Expo '70 held in Osaka.

C.P. Venizia stereographs

File contains photographic stereocards depicting Italian architectural sites, including St. Peters (Rome), the entrance to the Grand Canal (Venice), Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica of the Nativity of Saint Mary (Milan), the Porta Magna Arsenal (Veince), the Giants Staircase of the Doges Palace (Venice), the Roman Amphitheater (Verona).

C. P. Venezia

Bharatiya Kala Kendra, New Dehli, India

This file contains a photographic print of a Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, an Indian cultural institution which runs a noted school for music, dance and performing arts in New Delhi, designed by The Design Group.


This file contains photographic prints of various buildings, including apartments, Berliner Commerzbank, and one interior shot of a room with a table and chairs.


This file contains a photographic print of various archetechtural projects and buildins in France, including Le Viaduc in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, designed by Ricardo Bofll Taller de Arquitectura.

Helsinki, Finland, Furniture

This file contains a photographic print of Saturnas Seating, designed by Yrjo Kukkapuro. These are easy chairs and sofas with or without armrests, with a fibreglass frame and leather or imitation leather upholstery over foam rubber and dacron.

Europe, Drawings

This file contains photographic prints of an illustration of Santorini, Hell scene, Munich, 1662, and of a negative of a plan for he Hotel Continental in Stockholm, Sweden.

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