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Shields, Lorne
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[fox hunt]

borderless unmounted print depicting two figures on horses, many dogs, and three children in background. Verso inscription, blue ink: "Sir Lionel and Landy Gasson M.F.H., Ootacamund Hunt, May '46."


print with white border. Depicts four main figures on horses, two more partially obscured. Verso inscription, blue ink: "Ken Leech and Lord & Lady Shannon, Ooty- May '46, Miss Jean Wise."

[horse and rider after race]

rpint with border depicting man on horse (marked #8). Horse is being tended to by a man in a turban. Racetrack, hilly landscape in background. Verso inscription, blue ink: "Quand Meme after winning the 1 1/2 mile race, Ooty Hunt Flat Races, O...

Porsche 911 (car sub-series)

print with white border. Depicts a retouched photo of a car. Background has been whited out and re-photographed. Recto inscription, bottom left: "2." Verso inscription- bottom: "Porche [sic] 911- '65," top right: "$20...

[Hillman 1600] (car sub-series)

border on print. Image depicts convertible on road in front of stone structure. Car marked "Hillman 1600." liscence plate reads "179-949 Ontario 1961." Verso inscriptions include cropping markings, "Hillman 1600 Deluxe.&qu...

[horse and buggy with flowers]

platinum print mounted on grey mat board. Depicts two women with parasol in carriage drawn by horse. Carriage is decorated with flowers. Background is a fairground with gradstand and american flag. Recto embossed caption, bottom left: "Dinkle...

[horse-drawn mayflower float]

print on grey mat. Depicts forse-drawn parade float in the shape of a ship. Reads: "Mayflower 1620." Riders have pilgrim costumes on. Embossed recto caption, bottom left: "Dinkler, Chapman St. Greenfield Mass." Verso inscriptio...

California, Victoria B.C.

Six gelatin silver prints on either side of a cardboard mount. Images of the parliament building in Victoria, B.C, loggers, Beacon Hill Park Victoria, B.C., an onion farm, a sweet pea farm and a harbor. Inscriptions in pen read, 'Onion Farm, ...

Santa Barbara and Los Angeles

Four gelatin silver prints on either side of a cardboard mount. Images of Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Inscriptions in pencil read, 'Hotel delMonte, Monterrey, California' and 'Santa Barbara' and 'The Old Spanish Mission...

Steam boat

Mounted image of steam boat. Inscription in ink on envelope that was originally holding object reads, 'Quebec early 1900's $10.00' Inscription in pencil on back of mount reads, '$10.00'

Greeting Card

Mounted image of boat and and castle in background. Gold text on mount reads, 'With best Wishes of the Season'. Inscription in ink on back of mount reads, 'From Jack & (illegible)' and 'Mount (illegible) Castle Jersey&...

Palais du Champ de Mars

Mounted image of city square. Text in red below image reads, 'Palais du Champ de Mars'. Stamp on back of mount reads, 'Au Jardin des Tuileries 204 Rue de Rivoli Bte Guerard, Estampes, Gravures, Photographies, Encadrements Papeterie,...

Panoramic scene

Panoramic scene of village. Illegible pencil inscription below photograph. Inscription on bag that was holding photograph reads, 'Unknown American Circa 1905 $10.00'

man holding silver plate

unmounted DOP depicting a man with jacket and bowler hat holding an engraved silver plate. He stands in front of a white fence, crowd of people, and grandstand. Recto printed label "Phillips Ward-Price Ltd. No. 185." verso ink stamp &quo...

English church

Cyanotype image of a church on a country road, with a child standing in driveway. Gate to church is closed. Inscription handwritten in black ink on recto "English Church." Paper is very thin. Dated 1904 because same handwriting as 2008.0...

Woman with rabbit

Item is a snapshot photograph of a woman standing outside in the winter holding a rabbit. Inscription on verso reads, 'A rabbit, some trees and me. I'm the one with the German officer's coat.'


Item is a photograph of a man in uniform standing with a woman and two children arm in arm. Inscription on verso in pencil reads, 'Sept. '43'.

Alfred Thorburn Orr

Item is a professional portrait of Alfred Thorburn Orr. Inscriptions on verso read, 'I certify this to be a true photograph of: Alfred Thorburn Orr Jun. 22 1966. Hodgkiss Studios 3 Adelaide St. E. Toronto, Ont. EM 6-5342'.

Hodgskiss Studios

Couple in Miami

Item is a snapshot photograph with beveled edges featuring an image of a couple smiling and posing in front of Hialeah Park. Inscription on verso in blue ink reads, 'Jan 4th, 1950 A couple of smiling 'As' in the paddock at Hialeah r...


Item is a photograph of a lake with a boating dock in the distance. Inscription on verso reads, 'H.M.C.S. Cornwallis Main Drill Deck & Police Office Main Gate Flag Pole, Oct. 45'

Portrait of young woman

Item is a portrait of young woman wearing a dress and standing in violets. Inscription on verso reads, 'Summer 1950, Vashon Island Betty Schappert' In black stamp, 'Dayne Storey Photography'.

Two girls in traditional dress

Item is a photograph of two girls in traditional dress. Text beneath photograph reads, 'Delintraz Phot. Rue Duphot, 9.' Text on back of card reads, '9, Rue Duphot, 9 Cidevant No 15, en face l'Eg de la Madeleine a l'Entree ...

Delintraz Photographe

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