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Sensitized paper for photographic printing

Package of fine grain double weight bromide paper produced by Canadian Kodak Co., Limited. The envelope is stamped "Expires Feb. 1, 1933". Originally contained 12 sheets. Package has been opened.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Verichrome film pack

Box contains one pack of 8 x 10.5 cm (3 14 x 4 1/4 inches) film sheets, 12 exposures, for use in film pack cameras or in plate cameras with film pack adapter, opened and unused. Dates given reflect the lifespan of the product (exact date unknown)....

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Gold 35mm colour print film

Empty box of Kodak Gold 200 colour print film for bright sun and flash photography, originally contained 8 rolls of 35mm film with 24 exposures each. Kodak Canada catalogue #109 0091. The box is stamped with a develop by date of 06/2007.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodacolor Gold 1600

File consists of 1 indiviually packaged roll of Kodak Kodacolor Gold 35 mm film for colour prints with 1600 ISO and 24 exposures. Develop before date is 04/1991.

Munro, Allan

Photolab envelopes

Packaging for photographs, used by various photolabs or photographic developers to deliver finished prints to the consumer. All used, open and empty.

Kodak Canada Inc.

West Park hospital foundation

Item is a glass plaque with an image of a rainbow and a tree in a park that reads: "WEST PARK HOSPITAL / FOUNDATION / In the Spirit of Triumph / In Recognition of the / Official Unveiling and Dedication of / Milestone Way on Kodak Boulevard /...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Instamatic X-35F

Similar to the Instamatic X-35, this small hand held camera has black moulded plastic casing meant to look like leatherette, and two brown faux leather panel details on the front on either side of lens. A bright red plate above lens reads "KO...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Pocket Instamatic 20

Item consists of a Kodak Instamatic 20, a small hand held camera with thin, horizontal design, made for use with 110 film. Red coloured release button on top above viewfinder. Metal and black plastic design with black leatherette bottom and strap ...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Instamatic 44

Styled similarly to the Hawkeye Instamatic II, this basic snapshot camera has a flashcube socket. This all-black model was the lowest-price Instamatic produced by Kodak, and the first Kodak to be "carded" for self-service sales. A simila...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Emulsion kettle

Item is a 48 gallon copper kettle with a silver-plated liner. It was installed in building #3 of the Kodak Heights plant in 1915 for making photographic emulsion for black and white paper and was used until 1974. The kettle was used to make the fi...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Post Cards : [photographs]

Photographic album containing images of a family including snapshots of recreational activities in various locations throughout Southern Ontario. Noted locations include: Uxbridge (Victory Day), Centre Island, High Park, and Oakville. Several imag...

Kodak Canada Inc.

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