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The Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association Unidad documental simple
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Ceremonial Spade

Wood handled garden spade with metal scoop. Was used in the ceremonial sod turning for the new Wellesley student nursing residence.
It has two plaques on handle. First one is stirling silver and says:
"Presented to The Honourable Dr. Herbert A. Bruce on the occasion of he turning of the first sod for the Nursing Residence Wellesley Division Toronto General Hospital November 5, 1951."
The second plaque is brass coloured and says:
"Donated to the Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association in recognition of their caring contribution to the people of Toronto and in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Wellesley Hospital Presented by Dean Emeritus, Susanne Williams, RN BNSc.Med Co-Chair, Wellesley Institute This 26th of May 2012."

Silver coffee urn

Large ornate silver coffee urn with spigot. Embellished handles with pine cone lid grip. Engraved on one side "Presented to the Wellesley Hospital Alumnae by Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Bruce, June 1951". Dr. Herbert Bruce was the founder of the Wellesley Hospital and would go on to become the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario between 1932-1937.

Class of 1925 and others

Sepia toned photograph of 12 members of the class of 1925 taken at the 1937 reunion and 25th Anniversary of the Hospital celebrations. In the photograph. Included with the photograph is a piece of paper indicating the people in the photograph and the ones missing from it as well.
The people in the photograph are from the class of 1925, unless otherwise indicated:
Front row - Muriel Berry O'Byrne, Elsie K. Jones LaVenture, Isobel Gillanders, Louise Richardes, Florence Smith Watson, and Avis Miller Scott - class of 1926.
Back row - Irene May Clarke - class of 1931, Kathleen Blair McCallum, Edith Maybee Dunnett, Ethelwyn Hutcheson Hyland, Edith Carson, Laura M. Lambe, Helen Holmes, and Beth Scott Dyer.

Elsie K. (Jones) LaVenture

Photograph of Elsie K. (Jones) LaVenture in a wheelchair seated beside another woman who is holding a cane. They are holding hands with another woman - possibly Mrs. M. S. Roberts (Jeanette Simpson), class of 1915 graduate. Both women are holding 60th anniversary programmes. Photograph most likely taken at the Royal York Hotel at the dinner held to cap off the 60th Anniversary week of events.
Elsie K. Jones was Wellesley class of 1925 graduate and started working at the Wellesley in 1928. She held the role of Director of Nursing at Wellesley from 1937-1964. She married Cye A. LaVenture after her retirement. Elsie K. passed away October 4, 1972, less than a month after this photograph was taken.