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Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. Asia photographic equipment
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Fuji Neopan SS Safety Film

Item consists of 2 rolls of 36 exposure Fuji Neopan SS black & white safety film with 100 ISO. This was the most common and least expensive of all the Fuji Neopan films.

Image Arts

DL-500 Wide Date

Item is a automatic snapshot camera for photographs on 35 mm film. DL refers to "drop-in loading". Includes a 28mm/45mm standard lens. Has a display function of the date on the photos.

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.

Fuji DL-95 Super

Item is a Fuji DL-95 Super. DL for drop-in loading. 35mm film, autofocus, red-eye reduction, panorama mode options.

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.