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North and Central America Motion pictures
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Toronto Film Society Collection

  • F 2009.004
  • Arquivo
  • 1970-1985

The collection consists of film related literature, films stills and productions packages collected over the course of the Toronto Film Society's history. The books were dispersed to Special Collections stacks or the Library general collection depending on age and condition. Film stills and packages have been catalogued and added to Special Collections. Several boxes of clipping files were also included in the collection and have been retained in Special Collections. Please consult the Library Catalogue for more information on individual titles.

Toronto Film Society

Kodak Canada In Focus mask from "The Man from Zodiac"

File consists of a Kodak Canada In Focus snapshot of a gargoyle mask . Adhered to the verso of the photograph is a label that indicates the image was for Kodak Canada In Focus, October 1980, Vol. 26 No. 8. Subject info reads: "Plastic mask used in Holly Adorantis award winning film The Man from Zodiac."

Kodak Canada Inc.

4 Paramount Video 8s

File consists of 4 8mm videos by Paramount Home Video. Films include: Beverly Hills Cop, Star Trek III: The Search for Spok, Trading Places and Witness.

Munro, Allan

Kodak Zoom 8 Reflex Model II

Item consists of a Kodak Zoom 8 Reflex Camera Model II. It has a Kodak Zoom Ektanar Lens f/1.6 and used 8mm film. It was released the same year as the previous model, in 1960.

Kodak Zoom 8 Reflex Model I

Item consists of a Kodak Zoom 8 Reflex Camera Automatic. It is a motion picture camera that shot 25 ft reels of silent Regular 8mm film at 16 frames per second. It used a clockwork motor that required winding about every 40 seconds. It allowed for about 2 minutes of filming before the reel would need to be flipped so that the other side of the film could be exposed. When released in 1960, the Zoom 8 Reflex retailed for $190.

Hawkeye 8 Movie Camera

Item consists of a Kodak Hawkeye 8 Movie Camera. The camera was patented by Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, and was made by Canadian Kodak Co. Limited. It has a Kodak Ektanar Lens 13m f/2.3 and is made of plastic. It used 8mm film and was sold for 19.99 when released in 1963.

Bell & Howell 240 Electric Eye camera outfit

Item consists of a Bell & Howell 240 motion picture camera. It is in a hard leather case also containing the manual and the case key. The camera uses 16mm film, has automatic exposure control, a 20mm lens, a self threading mechanism, has 32-fott film run and rapid winding crank, a reserve power indicator, and accepts a cable release.

Cine-Kodak Combination Case, with Magazine 8 Camera

Item consists of a Cine-Kodak Combination case. Included inside the leather case are the Cine-Kodak Magazine 8 motion picture camera, several lenses, lens hood, filters, incident light attachment, case key and camera manual. It is a clockwork-driven camera that could run at 16, 26, 32 and 64 frames per second. It is fitted with an interchangeable lens.