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Portrait of F. C. McClellan

Item is a cream cabinet card with brown letterpress at bottom, "J. Al. Llyod York, Neb." Handwritten in pencil below that, "Prof. McClelland". Photograph is a portrauit of a young man in suit and tie. On verso, handwritten in i...

J. Al. Lloyd

Portrait of Dr. Robert McConnaughly

Item is a cream coloured cabinet card with gold letterpress at bottom edge, "Henderson/ S. W. Corner Square/ York, Neb." Photograph of a man in high starched white collar and white bowtie with dark suit and a small pin on his lapel. On v...


Portrait of Robert Copsey

Item is a white cabinet card with scalloped details at corners and gold letterpress at bottom, "Henderson/ YORK, NEB." Photograph is a portrait of a young man wearing a stiff collar pressed into 'wings' with a wide silk tie. On...


Portrait of O. S. Higby

Item consists of a white cabinet card with gold letterpress at bottom edge with small half-sun design border. "Henderson,/ Artist/ LINCOLN AVE.,/ YORK, NEB." Handwriting in blue ink partially obscuring lettering at bottom of card, "...


Portrait of John Montgomery

Item consists of a white cabinet card with embossed silver text at bottom, "Lee" and "YORK/ NEB." with the design of an artist's palette and brushes at the centre surrounding the text "SUPERIOR/ FINISH". Photogra...

Lee Photography