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Vivitar EF35

Item is a basic fixed focus point and shoot camera for photographs on 35mm film. Includes built-in flash, motorized film transport, and 38 mm lens.

Fujifilm ZoomDate 1000

Item is an automatic point and shoot camera for photographs on 35mm film. The Fujifilm ZoomDate 1000 has an aluminum body and features automatic exposure and auto focus modes. It is equipped with a Fujinon 28-100mm zoom lens. The original packagin...

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.

Minolta 16EE II

Item is a subminiature camera with wrist strap. The Lens is a Rokkor F2.8/25mm, shutter speeds H (high) and L (low). Auto exposure, coupled shutter metering. McKoewn Pg. 682

Kodak Gold 35mm colour print film

Empty box of Kodak Gold 200 colour print film for bright sun and flash photography, originally contained 8 rolls of 35mm film with 24 exposures each. Kodak Canada catalogue #109 0091. The box is stamped with a develop by date of 06/2007.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Canon BC-60N Battery Charger

Item consists of a Canon BC-60N battery charger. It has an input of AC 120V 60Hz 110mA, and an output of DC 12V 350mA. There are two lights on the top to indicate if the battery is charging or if the charge is complete.

Image Arts

Nikkor 24mm 1:2.8 lens

Item is a lens is composed of 9 elements in 7 groups with a picture angle of 84 degrees at infinity. The distance scale is graduated in meters and feet up to 0.3 m and 1 foot. The aperture scale is 2.8 to 22 with a fully automatic aperture diaphra...

military medals with Stalin profile

Military medal awarded to servicemen who fought for the Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War (WWII) against Germany. The medals are gold to copper in colour, and hang from ribbons with pins on the back. The medals themselves have a profile of S...

commemorative medal with Lenin profile

medals are gold in colour and are hanging from red ribbons with pins on the back. The medals depict the profile of Lenin with dates beneath (1870-1970). These medals were awarded to Soviet workers, economists, military members and foreign communis...

commemorative military medal with Lenin and Stalin profiles

medal of gold/bronze colour hanging on a striped ribbon with pin on back.recto bears profiles of Stalin and Lenin, with incription beneath. Verso bears Russian inscriptions and dates, as well as a small star. This medal was awarded to Soviet milit...

1918 collectivization commemorative bronze medal

Commemorative bronze medal with relief of three men on recto. One man standing and two sitting at a table, one of whom is Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. On verso, relief of man standing with horse drawn plow. He is looking at tractors plowing the land in ...

50 Years of the USSR commemorative medal with red flag

Commemorative medal, composed of a metal alloy, with relief on recto of Lenin right arm raised upwards with other at his chest. Soviet flag below him, coloured in red, with laurel branch. On verso, laurel wreath around the hammer and sickle above ...

October Revolution 60 years commemorative medal

Commemorative medal, composed of a metal alloy, resting in a box of red velvet, no cover. Medal shows image relief of Vladimir Illyich Lenin looking towards a group of workers holding a flag, with lines radiating out from behind them. The flag rea...

Circular medallion of Lenin in a plastic case

Circular medallion composed of metal alloy in white plastic box. Box lid has gold writing on it, which reads "V. I. Lenin," with banner and laurel. Medallion has relief of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's face. It rests perfectly in box, an...

green note cards with drawing of Lenin

note cards depicting a drawing of Lenin from neck up. Recto is green with Russian writing, verso is white. Beneath Lenin's portrait is his name: V. I. Lenin. Scored line in centre allows the card to be folded. The artist of the portrait was N...

note cards with painting of Lenin by the sea

note cards with a reproduction of a painting of Lenin by a body of water. Shown against grey background on right side of recto. Blank verso. Scored line to allow card to be folded. The text beneath the portrait reads: V. I. Lenin. The artist of th...

folder of Lenin photographic postcards

package of postcards bearing photographic reproductions of scenes from Lenin's leadership. Each has crest with hammer and sickle and small Russian and English text on verso. All photographs are from 1919 and 1920.

Khramtsova, G.

embroidered scene of Lenin and Stalin

embroidered scene on fabric which has been mounted on particle board or cardboard. Plain black fabric covers the verso. The image depicts Lenin and Stalin shaking hands at the bank of a river, while a man waits beside them in a rowboat. The date o...

[Wooden egg with political portrait]

Wooden egg shape sculpture, hand painted with face of what may be Mikhail Gorbachev. He wears glasses, holds a microphone up to his mouth, and an earphone up to his ear. Portrait is in black and white, while the egg is painted in red-brown.

Tapestry of Lenin's 100th anniversary

Tapestry of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's 100th Anniversary 1870-1970 shows his profile woven into the material, with the dates below and intricate design on borders. Rich dark colours. Tapestry has hooks to hang. Writing on verso.

Pins series

Series consists of lapel pins, many used to designate membership in a club like the Little Octoberists or Young Pioneers. Many are duplicates.

Metal "Little Octobrists" pins

Gold-coloured metal pins, star-shaped with a circle in the middle. The face of a young Lenin is depicted in gold in the circle. The surrounding circle is white enamel and the points of the star are red enamel. A pin clasp is attached to the back o...

Graphic of Lenin in front of Soviet flag

Item consists of a poster mounted on foam core, depicting Vladimir Illyich Lenin in red and white, standing with a Russian flag flowing in background. Hook to hang poster on verso. It reads, "More and more is necessary to broaden the particip...

More light, let the party know everything...

Large poster enveloped in plastic wrap with foam core backing and one loosely rolled poster shows image of Vladimir Illyich Lenin looking stern with red background, and white writing. Hook to hang poster on verso. The title of this poster is a quo...

Sachkov, V.

V. I. Lenin in Smolny

One poster enveloped in plastic wrap with foam core backing, and three loosely rolled posters, show the image of Vladimir Illyich Lenin sitting in an armchair covered in a white sheet, writting in a notebook on his lap. On the table in front of hi...

Brodsky, I. I.

V. I. Lenin on a podium

One poster enveloped in plastic wrap with foam core backing, and three loosely rolled posters, show the image of Vladimir Illyich Lenin standing above a crowd and speaking to them, his hand at his chest. Below him are red Soviet flags and behind h...

Gerasimov, A. M.

Certificate of Merit

Certificate of merit with image of Vladimir Illyich Lenin standing above a crowd and speaking, with red Russian flag below him. Same image that appears on poster in collection (accession # 2008.005.167). White background with gold writing reads: C...

Portrait of Lenin

Ten loosely rolled posters with the same photographic portrait of Lenin. Two posters have been removed to Box LN22 because of their small size. Beneath Lenin's portrait reads: V. I. Lenin. The photographer was P. A. Otsupa. It was produced in...

Images of Lenin reading

Eight loosely rolled posters depicting Lenin reading a book at a desk. Two different interpretations.

Certificate of merit (filled out)

Folded citation card with profile portrait of Lenin on a red cover, addressed to a recipient in black ink and stamped. On verso, it reads: Certificate of Merit. Inside there is a quote by L. I Brezhnev. It also reads: Proletariat of all countries,...

Certificate of merit

Folded citation card with Kremlin clocktower image on front and drawing of Lenin inside. Very similar to 2008.005.204. On recto it reads: Certificate of Merit. Inside it reads: Proletariat of all countries, unite! Certificate of Merit. Some of the...

Citation to a new Little Octobrist

Citation cards with badge design of the Little Octobrists. It is meant to be given to a child that achieves Little Octobrist status. On recto, there is a design featuring Lenin as a child within a red star with emanating rays, a message to the new...

Lenin's memorable places in Leningrad

One fold-out poster. On recto the view of the city and small photographs of Lenin's office in Smolny. On verso: photographs of interior of Lenin last secret apartment. Written in English, German and Russian.

Portrait of Lenin on Porcelain

Hand painted profile of Lenin on oval porcelain with gold boarder. A sign or possible an artist's stemp on the base, which includes the letter "B."

Lenin portraits on stands in cases

Off-white plastic frames with stands, with metallic gold front bearing the likeness of Lenin. Housed in plastic cases with transparent lids so image is visible. The frames are boxes that open. Three of four boxes have papers inside of them that in...

Metal relief of Lenin in profile

Gold-coloured profile portrait of Lenin pressed in relief from a sheet of metal. The portrait has metal clips soldered to the back, as if it was made to be attached to a larger object.

Bust of Lenin

Bust of Lenin in ceramic, showing full length of chest, hollow interior.

Profile portrait of Lenin

Rectangular glass with impression on one side depicting the face of Lenin in profile. A reproduction of his signature is molded into the glass below the portrait.

USSR newspaper Truth

Front section of Soviet Russian newspaper containing 6 pages of text and halftone images. Identified as issue no. 313 (21282). Newspaper title is flanked by crests of Lenin and a military star type crest. The images include that of a press confere...

Lenin or Soviet themed bookplates

Various paper bookplates, printed with black ink using a woodblock process. They bear imagery of Lenin or Soviet symbolism and sometimes Russian text.

Set of Matrioshkas painted with Soviet political figures

Painted wooden nesting or Matrioshkas dolls of Russian Communist leaders. Mikhail Gorbachev is the first and largest doll, inside which in succession are the leaders: Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir I...

1917-1957 commemorative plate

Commemorative plate of Vladimir Illyich Lenin standing with one arm raised to the sky, with the other at his chest. At the top of plate are the dates 1917-1957, marking 40 years since the Great October Socialist Revolution. City scape and water in...

[fox hunt]

borderless unmounted print depicting two figures on horses, many dogs, and three children in background. Verso inscription, blue ink: "Sir Lionel and Landy Gasson M.F.H., Ootacamund Hunt, May '46."


print with white border. Depicts four main figures on horses, two more partially obscured. Verso inscription, blue ink: "Ken Leech and Lord & Lady Shannon, Ooty- May '46, Miss Jean Wise."

[horse and rider after race]

rpint with border depicting man on horse (marked #8). Horse is being tended to by a man in a turban. Racetrack, hilly landscape in background. Verso inscription, blue ink: "Quand Meme after winning the 1 1/2 mile race, Ooty Hunt Flat Races, O...

Kopil self-timer model 2

Blue and clear plastic case contains a self-timer, an adaptor, and instructions. The self-timer is metal, and has "MOD. ll" in red, and a red and ivory painted plate with the words "KOPIL, MADE IN JAPAN." The instructions are o...

Kobayashi Seiki Seisakujo Co.

Zhivoy Lenin = Lenin is Alive [moving image]

The film chronicles the life of V. I. Lenin from 1918-1921, incoporating live footage and documentary photographs of Lenin on the Khodinski (or Khodynskoe) field; around the Kremlin with V. D. Bonch-Bruevich; at the opening of K. Marx and F. Engel...

Romm, Mikhail

Soviet one ruble coins, WWII commemoration

silver-coloured coins with the image of a man carrying large sword and small child, stepping on a swastika. The reverse side depicts a crest featuring sheaves of wheat, star, globe, and hammer and sickle. Russian words on both sides, as well as on...

Soviet one ruble coin, Olympic torch design

silver coloured coin. One side depicts hand holding Olympic torch, with background of city skyline, Olympic rings and running track. Reverse side depicts crest with wheat sheaves, star, globe, sun, hammer and sickle. Russian writing on both sides ...

Cheescake pinups

Brown embossed cover, bound with green string. Photos held with black photo corners. Individual portraits show naked women in variety of settings. Themes: female nudity, sex, Chinese, Japanese, USA, Hawaii. Some photos have copyright symbol printe...

Japanese accordion album

Item is an accordion album with 50 handcoloured albumen photographs. An embossed red and gold cardboard sleeve protects the cover. Red and white woven fabric cover. White accordion folded pages. Photographs mounted with glue. Tissue interleaving. ...

Canon Dial 35-2

Item is a half-frame camera for exposures on 35mm film. Lens is 28mm, surrounded by the Cadmium Sulphide (CdS) sensor cells that make up the light meter.

Hit miniature camera

Item is a "Hit" type novelty subminiature camera for 14 x 14 mm exposures on 17.5 mm paper-backed rollfilm. This style of camera was named for the original Hit camera design that inspired many similar cameras. This design is a chrome and...

Minolta 16 Model P

Item consists of a 16mm miniature camera, the Minolta 16 Model P. It has a Rokkor f3.5/25mm lens with an aperture scale from f3.5 to f16, a 1/100 second speed shutter, a tripod socket, and a flash terminal. There is also a flash unit and clamp to ...

Ricohmatic 225

Item is a Ricohmatic 225 in case. It is a 6x6 twin lens reflex camera made in Japan by Ricoh from 1959 to 1962. It is a synthesis of all the best technologies of the time. Used no. 120 film, but an optional kit was available to allow for the use o...


Item consists of a grey Haco-44 twin-lens reflex camera and case for 4 x 4cm exposures on 127 film. Manufactured by Tougodo, a Japanese camera maker that was active from 1930 to the mid 1960s, this model was also sold under the name Toyoca-44, Kin...

Tire Camera RE47

Item is a small camera designed to resenble a tire. Used with 110 cartridge film, includes a Meniscus F11 lens, and single-speed shutter. This is a promotional item from the Birdgestone Tire company. Comes with original box, instruction guide and ...

Minolta-16 P

Item is a subminiature camera, Model P - in original case with strap. Lens is a Rokkor F3.5 /25mm.

Minolta - 16 EE

Item is a subminiature camera with Rokkor F2.8/25mm lens, which used 9mm proprietary cassette film. This model of the Minolta 16 line features a selenium light meter and shutter-priority automatic exposure.

Micro-Nikkor 55mm 1:3.5

Item is a Micro-Nikkor 55mm lens is composed of 5 elements in 4 groups with a picture angle of 43 degrees. The distance Item is scale is graduated in meters and feet from 0.241m (9.5 in.) to infinity. Tthe aperture scale is f3.5 to f32. The lens i...

Panorama Wide Pic

Item is a 35 mm, plastic point and shoot camera that takes wide panoramic style photographs on 35mm film. The exposures are masked off (cutting off the top and bottom of the 35mm frame) to produce panoramic images.

Mamiya c330

Item is a twin lens reflex medium format camera. Features on this model include a self-cocking winding crank with double exposure prevention.

Fujifilm MX-600 zoom

Item is a compact, automatic, snapshot camera for digital photographs. With a resolution of 1.5 Mega Pixels this camera was one of the first digital cameras, mass-produced for the consumer market. The Zoom lens ranged from 7.4 to22 mm, which would...

Set of Matrioshkas painted with Soviet political figures

Painted wooden nesting or Matrioshkas dolls of Russian Communist leaders. Mikhail Gorbachev is the first and largest doll, inside which in succession are the leaders: Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir I...

Magic Lantern Slide, Series II

Majority of printed images depict battles(Russo-Japanese War, Battle of Port Arthur, Second Boer War) and there a couple slides with depictions of generals, as well. Other slides depict train passing through town, people riding small animals, and ...

All-union CPSU Conference ommemorative postage stamp

Framed commemorative postage stamp with a drawing of Lenin's head in the upper left corner, the Communist Party symbolic hammer and sickle in the lower left, and the Kremlin buildings to the right. Value 50 kopeks. It reads: Revolutionary res...

Mamiya-16 Automatic

Item is a sub-miniature camera. The Mamiya-16 Automatic is much larger than the original Mamiya-16 and includes a coupled selenium meter and a hinged bright-frame finder. The lens is a f2.8/25 mm Mamiya-Sekor lens and a 2-200 shutter.

Olympus OM-2 N

Item is an Olympus OM-2 N 35mm SLR camera. Chrome model. It is based on the OM-2 model, which is the automatic version of the OM-1. Item has an Olympus OM-system Zuiko MC Auto-w 1:28 f=28mm lens. Lenses are interchangeable between all OM models. I...

Olympus Optical Company Limited

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